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  Haplogroup I
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"The Haplogroup I, I1, and I1a lineages are nearly completely restricted to northwestern Europe. These would most likely have been common within Viking populations. One lineage of this group extends down into central Europe."

Haplogroup I

"Haplogroup I, sometimes referred to as the "Viking" haplotype, found in Scandanavia and parts of Ireland, Scotland, and England, where it's thought to denote descent from the Viking invaders of England, Scotland and Ireland."

Spread of Neolithic haplogroups
(from 8,000 years ago)

Update: this external source no longer exists, but the above URL links to the archived page on Top part loads instantly, the maps load slowly, takes a minute.

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Our DNA project host, FTDNA has recently instituted a number of data privacy changes. That means project administrators now have limited information on our project members - which of course, greatly impedes DNA research in genealogy.

Worse, DNA participants are now able to hide their public results while having their results still appear to project administrators (This is why you now see zero results for some categories on our DNA results page at FTDNA). Again, inexplicable for operating a DNA project for genealogy purposes. You researchers need to see the vast array of DNA results. It doesn't help when certain (sometimes critical) results are hidden.

We have always hidden the names of DNA participants (the test takers) in our public presentation at FTDNA, and only indicate generally where they "fit" on our Shirley branch pages at - usually 2 generations removed (at minimum)

I do not know what to do about these new changes. I may ban participants from the project if they do not "toggle" and choose to disseminate their results publically. But banning results is not a great solution. Every result has the potential to solve a family riddle - that's why we do DNA in the first place!

Of the last 27 DNA participants in the Shirley surname project, 85% have now chosen to hide their results from public view. (Again, no names are ever shown publicly)

Why should those who selfishly hide their Shirley results be able to benefit from those DNA participants who publicly disclose their Shirley marker patterns?

Should I shut the whole project down?

Below: Family Branches shown with the same color have matched DNA

Haplogroup: I

Shirley Family Branches

[no branch] Earl Shirley Sr b 1909 of Granger TX 11344
[no branch] Earl Shirley Sr b 1909 of Granger TX 57371 
Branch #38 - Berryman Shirley of Haber. Co GA 10365
England Branch - Thomas Shirley b 1721 Birmingham Eng. To Canada 12575
England Branch - William Shirley b. 1745 Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire married Ann Butwell 42833
Branch #44 - Abiather Shirley Oswego NY/Ohio 10833
Branch #20 - Robert and Susannah Baker Shirley   18905
Branch #85 - Edward W. Shirley b 1833 lived Botetourt VA  118891
Branch #58 - Thomas Shirley . 1797 NH   99162
Branch #20 - Robert and Susannah Baker Shirley   23521
Branch #20 - Robert and Susannah Baker Shirley thru son Joseph Shirley then James Fulmer Shirley 162000
Branch #25 - James Shirley b NH lived Warren Co PA > Franklin > Elmer E > Harry Shirley 162000
Branch #20 - John Smith Shirley b 1861 of Clarion PA thru son Frank  41077
Branch #98 - Benjamin Shirley of Berrien Co. MI, early 1900's 11686
England Branch - John Shirley b Hanley Staff. to Baltimore MD 15017
England Branch - Wlliam Shirley of Alstonfield Staffordshire to Australia 1912 20430
England Branch - William Shirley of Hanley via Benj Shirley (m. Gilliam Sept 2, 1827 Kent) 67158
England Branch - Shirleys of Rewlach Staffordshire 72670
England Branch - Samuel Francis Shirley b. ca1817 MDX d Prestwich Lancs.  76256
Branch #34 - Ferrers Shirley via Ezekiel Shirley b1804   449526
England Branch - Henry Shirley born 1851, at Hyson Green Nottingham of Kingston on Soar 18513
Caribbean Branch - Henry Shirley of Hyde Hall, Jamaica  24145
Caribbean Branch - Bernard Shirley of Jamaica > Canada  33306
Branch #35 - Phillanders Shirley b1803 NY died Fayette Co NY 172594
England Branch - John Shirley b1774 of Shorwell, Hampshire and IOW 386207

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