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  William Shirley, immigrant
of Clunes, Victoria, Australia
(originated Adderbury, Oxfordshire)
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This lineage was constructed by a descendant named Peter McGregor from birth, marriage and death records. The oldest lineages are from online sources (such as IGI)

Elizabeth Shirley (single woman); she christened her illigitimate child William Shirley at Adderbury, Oxfordshire


1(i). William Shirley chr 1 Sep 1794 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire; died 1831 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire

married Sarah Taylor (according to their child John's parish christening record)

2(i). William Shirley chr 1 Aug 1819 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire

2(ii). John Shirley chr 22 Aug 1817 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire

married Mary Ann Flint in 1839 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire; she was chr 26 Jan 1819 at Adderbury


3(i). John Shirley chr 29 Sep 1843 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire

3(ii). William Shirley b 1842 Adderbury, Oxfordshire; he died 9 June 1906 at Clunes, Victoria, Australia. [death certificate] Emigrated to Australia about 1863 to Melbourne, Australia

married Grace Ann Ferguson on 22 Jan 1868 at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia [marriage certificate]; she b 1849 Newcastle, Durham England and died 20 Oct 1896 Clunes, Victoria Australia; She emigrated to Melbourne, Australia from Liverpool England on 3 Nov 1857.


4(i). William Jubilee Shirley born 4 Dec 1887 at Clunes Victoria, Australia; died 17 Jul 1955 at Broken Hill, New South Wales

married Elsie Edith Miller on 9 Apr 1913 at Broken Hill, NSW Australia; she was born 1889 in Broken Hill , NSW and died 19 Jun 1961 at Broken Hill.


5(i). Dorothy Elsie Shirley b Nov 30, 1913 at Broken Hill, NSW; died 21 Nov 1974 at Adelaide, South Australia

married Sidney Martin McGregor on 28 Jan 1933 at Broken Hill, NSW; he was born 25 Dec 1909 at Gawler, South Australia and died 25 Nov 1971 at Adelaide, South Australia.

Another Australian lineage supposedly originating in Adderbury Oxfordshire

William Shirley was born circa 1798 at Oxfordshire, England; Appeared in the 1841 census (enumerated 7 June 1841) at Boddicott, Oxfordshire, England. The household also included Thomas Shirley, James Shirley, Mary Shirley, George Shirley and Sarah Shirley.12 William Shirley was an agricultural labourer. He died before 1849

married Mary ______ about 1825


1(i). Thomas Shirley was born circa 1825 at Adderbury, Oxfordshire, England. He was a carpenter. He was living at Green Street, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England at the time of his marriage. Appeared in the 1851 census (enumerated 30 March 1851) at 4 Ann's Place, Hammersmith, Middlesex, England. Thomas Shirley and Mary Ann Webster Bennett and Thomas Shirley and Frederick Shirley arrived at New South Wales, Australia on 21 October 1854 on board "Anglo Saxon". He died on 1 August 1896 at New South Wales, Australia, at age 73 years. He was buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Shirleys of New South Wales Australia

married Mary Ann Webster Bennett, daughter of Charles Webster Bennett and Jane Brotheridge, on 1 July 1849 at Church of St. Peter, Walworth, Surrey, England. Mary Ann Webster Bennett was 19. The marriage was witnessed by William Shirley and Eliza Jane Webster Bennett. She died on 21 August 1878 at New South Wales, Australia


2(i). Thomas Shirley was born in 1850 at Hammersmith, Middlesex. He died on 17 December 1911. Buried at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

2(ii). Frederick Shirley was born in 1852 at Hammersmith, Middlesex

2(iii). Emily Shirley was born in 1854 at New South Wales, Australia.

2(iv). William Shirley was born in 1857 at New South Wales, Australia. He died on 28 January 1896 at New South Wales, Australia

2(v). John Shirley was born in 1861 at New South Wales, Australia.

2(vi). Augustus Shirley was born in 1863 at New South Wales, Australia. He died on 23 May 1931 at New South Wales, Australia

married Velina Jane Tritton in 1886 at New South Wales, Australia

2(vii). Frederick Charles Shirley was born circa 1865. He died on 8 August 1885 at New South Wales, Australia

2(viii). Alfred E Shirley was born in 1870 at New South Wales, Australia. He died in 1922 at New South Wales, Australia.

2(ix). Edith Isabella Shirley was born in 1873 at New South Wales, Australia. She died in 1940 at New South Wales, Australia

2(x). George Shirley was born in 1875 at New South Wales, Australia.

1(ii). James Shirley was born circa 1830 at Oxfordshire, England

1(iii). Mary Shirley was born circa 1832 at Oxfordshire, England.

1(iv). George Shirley was born circa 1834 at Oxfordshire, England.

1(v). Sarah Shirley was born circa 1837 at Oxfordshire, England



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