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Henry Shirley, esq
of Hyde Hall Jamaica

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More information about Hyde Hall including Henry Shirley's list of slaves (c1817)

DNA Haplotype I


Henry Shirley (aka Sherdley) of Chambery France (Haute Savoy), partner in the Compagnie Anglais, British diplomatic envoy to Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia and Savoy.

married Maria De Vliger


1(ii). Bernard Shirley see here

1(iii). Edward Shirley

1(iv). James Shirley - he died in British, East Florida after some controvery

1(i). Henry Shirley, esq. christened 1745 in Chambery Savoy (now France). Charges d' Affaire at the court of Catherine the Great in Moscow Russia; Proprietor of Hyde Hall Jamaica; He died 1813 London, England 

married Hannah Spencer, daughter of John Spencer, esq, proprietor of Petersfield estate, Jamaica WI. She married 1st Thomas Rock.

1797, Sat., Dec. 9. Monday last died at. her lodgings in Bath, Mrs. Shirley, wife of the Hon. Henry Shirley, one of the Members of the Colonial Council in Jamaica.

illigitimate children  (mother: Sally Skiers, a free mullato woman of Petersfield estate, Jamaica 

2(i). Mary Edmund Shirley born 14 November 1791. Baptised 25 June 1793; Died as an infant in 1793.

2(ii). Edmund Skiers Shirley  baptized on October 15, 1794 in Kingston, Jamaica,

married Mary Ivey Mann on August 18, 1812  Portland  Jamaica


3(i). Elizabeth Ivy Shirley born October 14, 1813 Portland, Jamaica; christened 12 March 1817 at St George, Jamaica

3(ii). Bernard Ivy Shirley born July 16, 1815 Portland, Jamaica, christened 12 March 1817 at St George, Jamaica

married Elizabeth Young Harrison  

3(iii). Edmund Lilley Shirley  b.1820 Portland, Jamaica; christened 19 August 1820 at St George, Jamaica

married Mary Rebecca Harrison


4(i). Theresa Shirley born October 19, 1837 Portland, Jamaica; christened 11 March 1838 at St George, Surrey, Jamaica to Edmund Lilley and Mary Shirley

She could be the daughter of Edmund Lilley Shirley instead

4(ii). Matilda Rebecca Shirley born 1839'; christened 23 February 1840 at St George, Surrey, Jamaica.

4(iii). Edward Shirley (possible son)

4(iv). Richard Carby Shirley christened 22 May 1842 at Saint George Parish, Surrey, Jamaica, son of Edmund and "Margaretta" Shirley

3(iv). Richard Mann Shirley b. 1820 Portland, Jamaica; christened 19 August 1820 St George, Jamaica

married Margaret Hall

3(v). David Robert Harrison Shirley  b. April 10, 1823 Portland, Jamaica; christened 29 November 1823 at St George Parish, Jamaica. A David Shirley, age 70 [b 1823], married, laborer, died on 12 June 1893 at Doman Pasture, Trelawny. His daughter Amelia Scarlett was the informant An Isabella Shirley widow of David Shirley, laborer, died at Doman Pasture Trelawny on 17 February 1895, age 50. Son Robert Shirley was the informant.

3(vi). Peter Cairns Shirley b. December 24, 1824 St George, Portland Jamaica 




NOTE: There are several Shirley families who may have had additional children. The child was not named in the birth records. Sometimes the parents were not listed, just the name of the child. Other times just the mother's name and no father was listed.






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