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  Thomas Henlon Shirley 
of Prospect, Trelawny Jamaica

Thomas Henlon Shirley born say 1837, lived at Prospect, Trelawny Parish in 1882. Named in his son's marriage record. He died prior to the time of his son Henry's marriage in 1893.

married ___________


1(i). Henry Henlon Shirley born about 1857 (age 25, bachelor at time of his marriage, father named), resided at Prospect, Trelawny Parish at time of his marriage in 1882, laborer. Lived Pimento Hall then at Duncans, Trelawny after his first marriage. Lived at Prospect at the time of his 2nd marriage in 1893, widower.

married 1) Caroline Cooper, spinster on 30 August 1882 at Duncans Trelawny, witness Ann Shirley, John Graham, Ann Maria Buchanan; She was daughter of Joseph Cooper, deceased (in 1882) of Pimento Hall, Trelawny Parish. She died 28 April 1891 at Durham Trelawny, age 34 years, wife of Henry Shirley.

married 2) Albertina Euphemia Boyd on 26 July 1893 at Weslyan Chapel, Duncans Trelawny. Witness: Ann Shirley. She was age 19, spinster, daughter of Henry Boyd of Prospect Trelawny


2(i). male child born 13 June 1883 at Pimento Hall, Trelawny Parish. He died 16 June 1883, age 2 days

2(ii). Thomas Simon Shirley born 18 May 1885 at Prospect, Trelawny Parish. He was a planter at Durham, Trelawny, age 25, bachelor, at the time of his marriage

married Tabitha Letisha Larmond on 6 January 1915 at Spring Garden, Trelawny. She was 23 at time of marriage, spinster, daughter of John Larmond

2(iii). Ann Marie Shirley born 18 May 1887 at Duncans, Trelawny Parish. She died 25 February 1888, age 1 year

2(iv). Isaac Benjamin Shirley born 13 Jul 1888 at Duncans, Trelawny Parish. He was a cultivator at Durham, Trelawny and married first at the age of 40

married Loretta Clementine Brown on 5 December 1934 at Spring Garden, Trelawny. She was age 19 at marriage, daughter of James Brown.

2(v). Joseph Shirley born 14 May 1890 at Duncans, Trelawny Parish, may have died young?

2(vi). Samuel Shirley born 24 August 1893 at Prospect, Trelawny Parish (by second wife). He died 8 June 1910, age 17 at Allsides Trelawny, son of Henry Shirley. Informant was his brother Isaac Shirley

2(vi). David Uriah Shirley born 1896, He died 17 January 1897 at Prospect, Trelawny Parish, son of Henry Henlon Shirley, age 1

2(viii). Joseph Alfred Shirley born 10 December 1896 at Prospect, Trelawny Parish (by second wife)


father and brother?

Thomas Henlon Shirley born say 1818, named in the marriage record of his son Joseph.

married ___________


1(i). Joseph Henlon Shirley born about 1838 (age 70 at his 2nd marriage in 1908). He was a laborer of Semprous Trelawny Parish, son of Thomas Henlon Shirley, widower in 1908

married 1) Charlotte Brown, aka Charlotte Henlon Brown, aka Charlotte Earle Shirley Brown. She was named in son Joseph's and daugher Agnes' birth record. She died prior to 1908

married 2) Rhoda Elizabeth Ferguson on 5 November 1908 at Semprous Trelawny Parish. She was age 60 at marriage, widow of Clark's Town Trelawny, daughter of Edward Barrett


2(i). Leah Bertha Shirley born about 1868, age 22 at time of marriage in 1890 (father named in marriage record)

married Samuel Stewart 17 September 1890 at Simpson Trelawny, son of Augustus Stewart of Piedmont Trelawny

2(iii). Lucy Ann Shirley born about 1871, age 40 at time of her 2nd marriage in 1911 (father named)

married 1) __________ Minto

married 2) James Henry Brown on 28 January 1911 at Dry Hill, Trelawny. Witness Rebecca Louise Henlon. he was 35 at time of marriage, son of Joseph Brown.

2(ii). Agnes Shirley born 14 September 1878 at Brandon Hill, Trelawny

2(ii). Phillip Shirley born 21 March 1880 at Clark's Town, Trelawny (parents named in birth record)

2(iii). Joseph Shirley born 10 January 1883 at Duncans Trelawny Parish (parents named in birth record)


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