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John Walter Shirley
Cornwall England

DNA Haplotype: E3b (matches large USA/Ireland/Oxfordshire lineages)

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Info from Carol Lloyd and Alan Shirley

John Walter Shirley born about 1850 He was a Soldier in the Army. From June 1866 to Oct 1867 he was stationed with the Royal Artillery at Kingston, Canada as duties were handed over to Canadian troops on independence from Britain. He came there from 5 Divn. Depot Brigade. He was promoted to Corporal Royal Artillery. They went to Gibraltar then Malta and arrived in the Plymouth/Saltash area in Apr.1874. He must have met his wife, Mary Glanville, between then & 1875. He was given a long furlough from 1st. Feb. to 10 May 1875. (This could have been for their marriage). By 1889 he was a Gen Lab possibly a Journeyman and later by 1899 he became a Mason's Apprentice. Resided in Saltash from ca 1875 to ca 1900. A cousin said  J. W. Shirley died in Cornwall aged 54 years in abt 1904/5. (This was via enquiries made by my cousin on behalf of her mother at an Adoption Agency in Detroit, Michigan, USA)

The family came from in and around Saltash, Torpoint, Landrake, Plymouth etc, ( St. German's Parish ). Some worked and married in Stoke Damerel, Devon but eventually moved back to Cornwall.

married Mary Glanville/Hosking. She died in 1895. Mary was the illegitimate d/o Ann Glanville who was born 1832 in Saltash, Cornwall. (Ann Glanville married John Hosking  in 1856 at Plymouth. He was a  fisherman , born 1811 in Saltash, Cornwall). Mary is listed as head of house and her husband as away in the census. She was enumerated at Saltash Cornwall in the 1881 census, husband not in the household


1(i). Lucy Shirley - chr 21 June 1878 at Sandown Isle of Wight, Hampshire to John Walter and Mary Shirley, age 5 in 1881 census of her mother Mary Shirley. She married Thomas Rowse in October 1899

Lucy had an illigimate son prior to her marriage:

2(i). Gerald Augustus Shirley born May 1895 at Malta. He became a Naval petty officer and served with Alfred George Shirley and John Robert Shirley. He died after an accident.

1(ii). Henry (Harry) James Shirley - chr 24 October 1879 at Sandown, Isle of Wight, Hampshire to John and Mary Shirley, age 12 in mother's 1891 census household; Member of ship's crew in 1901 census located at the town of Devonport and Hamoaze Cornwall.  Died September1906, at age 27. He was kicked by horse.

2(iii). Ethel Mary Shirley - born July 1880 at Saltash Cornwall; (birth registered at St Germans, Cornwall), age 11 in mother's 1891 census household; She married Geo.Henry Keith on March 1899 in Devonport. (John Walter, her father, was at wedding.) They lived at Saltash and had 4 children between 1900 - 1904.

2(iv). Alberta Ann Shirley born 1883 in Saltash, Cornwall, age 8 in mother's 1891 census household; She was a "Barnado's" child sent from Cornwall to Liverpool, UK, then onward to Peterborough, Quebec, Canada on the S.S. Vancouver in 1897 with a group of 137 children. She arrived in Canada 4 days later and was trained as a Domestic servant in the household of a farmer called Moses in Ontario. She was enumerated as a domestic servant in the Stephens household in Northumberland, Ontario Canada in 1901 census, age 18; Alberta moved South and got work with the Berger family (Corporate Lawyer) and they lived in Detroit, Michigan. She married Charles R. Kitchen on 10 Feb 1917 at Dearborn, Wayne County Michigan; He was the son of Walter Kitchen and wife Mary Ethel. Marriage records states her parents were Walter J. Shirley and Mary.

2(v). Alfred George Shirley born May 1889 at Saltash, Cornwall, age 1 in mother's 1891 census household; He was living in workhouse at Torpoint Cornwall in 1901 census. He was sent shortly afterwards to live & work on cousins farm. Hay Farm, Sheviock, Torpoint.  He joined Royal Navy in Jul.1909. He married and had 3 children between 1924 - 1928

2(vi). John Robert Shirley born 1891 at Saltash, Cornwall,; He was living in workhouse at Torpoint Cornwall in 1901 census. Like his brother Alfred, he was sent shortly afterwards to live & work on cousins farm. Hay Farm, Sheviock, Torpoint. He joined Royal Navy in Jul.1909 with his brother John Robert Shirley. He married and had 5 children - 2 girls, 3 boys

2(vii). Sylvia Eveline Shirley born Jan. 1893 at Saltash Cornwall; He was living in the household of her sister and brother-in-law, Thomas and Lucy Rowse in 1901 census; listed as "sister in law" of Thomas Rowse. She married Charles Bennett. She died Jan. 1962. No children.

The "Depot Brigade" was a part of the Royal Artillery and was headquartered at Woolwich Kent.

Here's the link to the history of Fort Henry at Kingston Ontario where J. W. Shirley was clearly posted during his stay.

J.W. is in either Malta or Gibralter in the 1871 census

from Carol Loyd

Our branch come from Landrake/Saltash areas.

My Great grandad was a Farmer, with a large family, unsure as yet to his christian name, probably, John or Robert Shirley.

The elder boys of my Great Grandad, hated farming, and my Grandad, John Robert (Bob) joined the "Devons" (Army). His 2 brothers joined the Navy. Don't know names yet.

My grandad, (Bob) left Army to join the Navy also. He met and married ?----------then settled in Torpoint, with my Uncle Jack's, Grandma and Grandad Willcocks ? names.

My Grandad's wife died approx 1939. So he left Cornwall to live in the Isle of Man, with his 2 young sons, Ernest Charles Robert aged 7 yrs. b.1932 d.1992 (my father) and Frank aged 5 yrs.b1930. This left my Uncle Jack b.1921--still living, Auntie May b?1923, and Auntie Rosina b.?1925 (Ex School Headmistress in Littleover, Derby) in Torpoint to complete their education,  they lived with family.
My Grandad Bob, joined H.M.S.Valkirie, a land based operation on the I.O.M.

Uncle Jack -joined the Army, met and married Elizabeth(Betty) from Wales.

Auntie May- ? unmarried- I met her once when she visited us on I.O.M in 1959 (I was 4yrs old) she was not in contact with family members, and died a few years ago, I believe.

Auntie Rosina- joined the Wrens, married Norman Bucknall, she was Head Mistress at Comprehensive School in Littleover, Derby. Where she still lives, has been married for just over 50 years.

My father- Ernie, joined Navy at 15yrs, for 15yrs.He had known my mother Brenda Marjorie Kneale-Armstrong for years (I.O.M) they married Dec 1952.

Uncle Frank- when older, joined H.M.S.Valkirie, I.O.M. then joined a Horse Regiment, as he was small in height. Married Margaret ?

Any help with family info would be appreciated.



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