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  Shirleys of Barking Essex 
and Whitechapel Middlesex
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1(i). Daniel Shirley, gentleman of Barking Essex. He was buried at Barking, Essex 14 Jul 1776. Will probated PCC 9 July 1776.

1776 Will of Daniel Shirley, Grasier of Barking , Essex 09 July 1776 PROB 11/1022 (2nd document) - to be buried in the parish church of Barking Essex in the same ground with my late dear wife. I give my messuage wherin I now at Barking unto my nephew Daniel Shirley son of my brother Thomas Shirley to hold forever [with household furniture, 1000 pounds East India stock.]. Appoint Charles Frisbey of Mark lane London wine merchant and John Pendy of Goods Close Smithfield Lonon gent trustees for my sd nephew until he shall attain his sd age of 21. I bequeath 1000 pounds bank stock unto my brother Michael Shirley and my sister Martha Hullbird equally to be divided between or among them to share alike. I give 1000 pounds bank stock to my niece Martha Norton wife of Brice Norton late of Barking malster, Henry Hullbird of Woodstock, butcher and Ann Miller wife of Thomas Miller of Gold street london silk throister equally to be divided between them. I give two thousand pounds 3% bank annuities unto my niece Lydia Frisbey wife of the said Charles Frisbey and Sprigg Shirley of White Chappel butcher and Dorothy Shirley daughter of my late brother Thomas Shirley equally to be divided between them. I give unto my brother Thomas ?Goter of Barking and Mrs Ann Humineby 50 pounds a piece and to each of my servants 20 pounds. And whereas by articles made and entered inot previous to the marriage of my late wife Dorothy, heretofore Dorothy Humlby, Widow bearing dated 11th Sept 1751, 1800 pounds being the portion of the said Dorothy in govt securities. The residue of my monies, securities and other personal estate I give to my nephew Thomas Shirley of White Chappel butcher [named sole executor] Dated 9 Feb 1775 <s> Dan'l Shirley. Wit: Jno Spencer of Fourwich street London, W. Wiggins clerk to Messr Hutchinsons of Leather sellers Hall London, John Shepman of Barking, gardner.

Pursuant to a decree of the High Court of Chancery, the creditors and legatees of Daniel Shirley, late of Barking in the County of Essex, Gentleman, deceased are to come in and prove their debts and claim their legacies before John Hett, esq one of the masters of the said court at this chambers in Symond's Inn chancery Lane London on or before the 14th day of December next or in default thereof they will be preemptorily excluded the benefit of the said decree - London Gazette, 31 Oct 1778.

married 1) _________; deceased by 1751

married 2) Dorothy ______, widow of Nummely on 15 Sep 1751 at Saint Katherine Coleman, London; It appears she was buried at Barking 8 Jan 1775

1(ii). Michael Shirley - In 1768 he lived in Aldgate High Street and was a butcher by trade but was a grasier and sold hides; He was named in his brother Daniel's 1775 will. See Old Baily Proceedings below

1(iii). Martha Shirley - named in her brother's 1775 will; married Henry Hullbird of Woodstock, butcher on 9 Apr 1744 at Westminster, Middlesex.

1(iv). Thomas Shirley - Butcher of Whitechapel, Middlesex. Lived Aldgate High Street in 1768; He was buried 25 Apr 1773 at St Botolph Aldgate; named in his brother Daniel Shirley's 1775 will as deceased; named as the father of Sprigg Shirley in christening record See Old Baily Proceedings below

1773 Will of Thomas Shirley, Butcher of White Chapple , City of London 29 April 1773 PROB 11/987 - I give the same and every part thereof of what nature or kind unto my dear wife Ann Shirley forever. Wife Executor. Dated 4 Oct 1762 <s> Thomas Shirley. Wit Chas Hunter, Thomas Pancourt. Proven by wife Ann.

married Ann ________


2(i). Sprigg Shirley - chr 8 Aug 1755 at St Botolph Without Aldgate, London; Hide Salesman of St Dunstans Stepney, MDX; named in the 1775 will of Daniel Shirley (unidentified); he was buried 12 Apr 1786 at St Sepulchre, London (another record 13 Jul 1786, age 32)

1786 Will of Sprigg Shirley, Hide Salesman of Saint Dunstan Stepney , Middlesex 26 July 1786 PROB 11/1144 of Prospect Row in the parish of St Dunstan Stepney Middlesex, Hide Salesman. And whereas I am in possession of 5 freehold houses situate in Marsh Street Walthamstow, Essex. I give to my wife Ann Shirley rents until my daughter Ann attain her age of 21, otherwise to my sd wife Ann Shirley, otherwise to my brother in law John Stradling, Dorothy his wife and Charles and to their two children. I give to my brothers Thomas Shirley and Daniel Shirley to be divided between them to dispose of my freehold estates above mentioned. To friend John Smallwood of Greenfield Street of Mile End cabinet maker and John Stradling executors. To Edward Wright Whitcomb. Dated 14 Jun 1786 <s> Sprigg Shirley. Wit: J. Taylor, Wm Smallwood, Jno Smith [ ]

married Ann Whitcomb on 5 Mar 1780 at St Sepulchre, London

1788 Will of Ann Shirley, Widow of Stepney , Middlesex 18 June 1788 PROB 11/1167 of Greenfield Street, Mile End, Middlesex. To brother Richard Whitcomb. To daughter Ann Shirley; Dated 13 June 1788 <s> Ann Shirley. Wit: H. Browne, W. Browne. Proven by Edward Wright Whitcomb [ ] Whitcombe the father and Richard Whitcomb the brother.


3(i). Sprigg Shirley - chr Nov 1781 at St Mary Whitechapel, Stepney, London

3(ii). Ann Shirley - named as legatee in 1786 will of her father

2(ii). Thomas Shirley - of Whitechapel, Middlesex; named as executor and residual legatee in uncle Daniel Shirley's 1775 will; named as brother of Sprigg Shirley in his 1786 will; He was of St Dunstan, Stepney at the time of his death; buried 1 Nov 1811 at St Botolph, Aldgate.

1811 Will of Thomas Shirley, Widower of Saint Dunstan Stepney , Middlesex 05 December 1811 PROB 11/1528 (page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7) - to be buried in the vault of Saint Botolph; Aldgate; named son Thomas Shirley, and daughters Sophia, Harriet, Elizabeth, and Mary Shirley.

married Sophia _______

3(i). Thomas Shirley chr 19 May 1805 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney; of Mile End Middlesex.

1824 PCC Will of Thomas Shirley of Bath, Somerset - 3 Nov 1824 - of Mile End Middlesex but was at Bath for the benefit of my health; to my cousin Anne He[tlot]; my cousins male [hecwald] children of my aunt Dorothey Stradling deceased ; stock in the hands of the Bank of England; to my three sisters Sophia Shirley, Harriet Kennedy and Mary Anne Peppercorne; my two sisters Elizabeth Mary Harris widow...and after death of E.M. Harris to her children Elizabeth Thomas and Samuel during their lives. Four sisters executrixes. [several codicils granting money to friends and servants "of my father"] to my cousin Sarah Marks widow late Sarah Stradline; to cousin Kitty Stradling; [1832 codicil signed at Cheltenham] [Oaths taken by sisters including Sophia Higgins, nee Shirley...that the said Thomas Shirley deceased died a bachelor without [ ] leaving behind him her the deponent, Sophia Higgins spinster wife of John Louie Higgins, Harriet Kennedy widow, Mary Peppercorne wife of James Peppercorne esq. [Proven by the three sisters] 01 April 1834 PROB 11/1830

3(ii). Sophia Shirley chr 25 Sep 1803 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney; She married John Lane Higgens on 2 Sep 1828 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney

3(iii). Harriet Shirley married John Hadfield Kennedy on 25 Nov 1815 at Saint Dunstan, Stepney

3(iv). Elizabeth Shirley married William Harris on 10 Oct 1801 [sic] at Saint Dunstan, Stepney

3(v). Mary Shirley married James Peppercorne, esq

2(iii). Lydia Shirley named as sister in the 1811 will of Thomas Shirley; named as a neice of Daniel Shirley in his 1775 will; married to Charles Frisby on 17 Apr 1771 at St Botolph Aldgate. She died in 1811, age 59 according to Gent. Mag.

2(iv). Daniel Shirley, gent. - chr 11 Nov 1759 at St Botolph without Aldgate; of Lime Street; named in History of Rochford Hundred; named in his uncle Daniel Shirley's 1775 will as son of Thomas Shirley; named as brother of Sprigg Shirley in his 1786 will. Daniel Shirley, gent was in partnership with Francis Lucas at 11 Lime Street London, wine merchants (also at Tower Street).

"Great Brays extends into Ashingdon, Hawkwell and Little Stambridge, but the residence is in Rochford. Previous to 1819 it belonged to Thomas Keyes and others, and was sold in that year to Daniel Shirley, of Barking, Grazier, who left it to his son [sic] Daniel, of Lime Street, who bequeathed it to his son Thomas Shirley, of New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, Wine Merchant, whose assignees sold it on 22 October 1834 to William Prevost, of Kings Road, Bedford Row, Middlesex - The History of Rochford Hundred Vol 2, pg 846

London Nov 19, 1821, The partnership lately subsisting between Daniel Shirley and Thomas Shirley, of Lime Street in the City of London, wine merchants is this day dissolved by mutual consent. London Gazette, pg 221

1 Oct 1830 Daniel SHIRLEY esq late of Lime Street died at Brighton in his 71st year

1831 Will of Daniel Shirley of Barking , Essex 04 April 1831 PROB 11/1784. I give to my wife Elizabeth Shirley absolutely. I have already provided for my children by my late wife. I give all properties at the time of my death in trust unto my son Thomas Shirley. Dated 1822 <s> Daniel Shirley Wit Jono Brundrett, Wm Simmons, Jno Randall. Proven by Elizabeth Shirley, widow.

married 1) "Miss Wansey"

Dec 1783 - Daniel Shirley esq merchant, Tower Street, to miss Wansey of Epping Forest - New Christian Magazine Vol 2

married 2) Elizabeth _______


3(i). Thomas Shirley of New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London; named as son of Daniel Shirley in History of Rochford Hundred book; named in father's 1822 will. In 1830, his business property Crescent Place New Bridge Street wine and brandy merchant was insured by Sun Fire Insurance (also at 11 Lime Street). In 1835, an order of bankruptcy was issued against Thomas Shirley

Old Bailey Proceedings, 6th April 1826 - THOMAS SHIRLEY. I am in partnership with James Smith - we are wine-merchants , and live in Crescent-place, Bridge-street, Blackfriars . The prisoner Meredith came sometimes to our counting-house, to see his brother, who is in my employ. We have a number of stamps for use in our business, and I very frequently missed some. I accordingly put a private mark on those left in my drawer - they were 3s. 6d., 4s. 6d., 5s., 6s., and 8s. 6d. bill stamps. I made a small mark in the stamp, by which I should know them from all others. From five o'clock in the evening of the 13th of March, till nine in the morning of the 16th, I missed a considerable number - on the evening of the 17th I missed some more; Meredith had been atmy office that evening, and in consequence of something said by me to his brother, he was sent out, and returned; I saw him in the street, and he was taken to an opposite office - I asked him for the stamps - he denied having any, but I insisted upon having them, and said I had no doubt he had them on his person, and I would search him unless he would give them up - he then gave them up. I took him to my house in Chatham-place, and afterwards to the Mansion House. In consequence of information he gave us we went that evening to Zamira's house, in Duke's-place, but did not go in; we went there again on the evening of the 18th, and part of my stamps were found there. I never sell stamps in any way whatever - here are what I found on the prisoner Meredith when he was taken, and here are those found at Zamira's on the 18th - they are what I had lost on the 13th or 14th.


8 Oct 1806 (or possibly the week before) the Rev. J T Hutchins to marry Jane second daughter of Daniel Shirley esq. at St Dunstan's East, Middlesex/London - Monthly Magazine and British Register, Vol 22

24 Dec 1822 at Christchurch, Surrey - Captain John Allen RN to Mary youngest dau of Daniel Shirley esq.

2(v). Dorothy Shirley - chr. 25 Nov 1757 at Botolph without Aldgate; named in her uncle Daniel Shirley's 1775 will as dau of Thomas Shirley. Named in her brother Thomas Shirley's 1811 will saying she lived at St Georges in the East parish; married John Stradling according to the will of brother Sprigg Shirley

2(vi). Mary Shirley - chr 25 Nov 1757 at Botolph without Aldgate;

2(vii). Patty Shirley - chr 12 Sept 1762 at Botolph without Aldgate

Old Bailey Proceedings, 7th September 1768

512. (L.) James Wallace was indicted for stealing a canvas bag, value one penny, and 60 l. in money numbered, the property of Michael Shirley , in the dwelling-house of Thomas Shirley , August 13 . ++

Michael Shirley . I live in Aldgate High-street ; I am a butcher by trade, but I am in the grasing business, and sell hides ; the prisoner was an apprentice to my brother Thomas Shirley , where I live; he was a turn-over, and had been there about two years; I missed 60 l. in a canvas bag, on the 20th of August, out of my bureau; I found my bureau locked as usual; the prisoner had been guilty of some little things before, was the occasion of my suspecting him; I challenged him with it, he freely confessed he had taken it.

Q. How did he say he took it?

Shirley. The false keys were found upon him, which he said unlocked the bureau with.

Q. Have you got any of the money back?

Shirley. No, I have not, he said he had it, and had paid it away.

Q. How old is he?

Shirley. He is about 20 years of age.

Q. What did you say to him to induce him to confess?

Shirley. I said, James, how came you to use me so ill; at first he said he did not; I said, I am certain you did; then he cried, and said he did take it; this was the same day I missed it.

Thomas Shirley . My brother the prosecutor came down stairs on the 20th of August in the morning, and said he had lost 60 l. out of his bureau; I asked him when he saw it last; he said on the 13th of the month; I said, my man James has been a sad fellow, I wish he has not had it; my brother said, I will accuse him with it; he did, and I heard him confess to my brother he had taken it; I said, where is the money; he said it was gone; I said, which way could you make away with it; he said he had paid the debts which he owed with it; I said, where is the bag; he said it was up stairs in his pocket; he went up, and I with him; he took it out of his mourning coat right hand pocket, and said, this is it that had the money in it; I said, where had you it; he said, from out of Mr. Michael's bureau; I took the bag, and we went down stairs; I showed my brother the bag, my brother said he would swear to the bag; I said to the prisoner, Jemmy, how did you open the bureau; he said, by the help of a key that lay there; I said, when did you take it; he said, that day that Mr. Michael and you went to the Marsh; I said, Jemmy, this will not do, I must charge an officer with you; he desired I would acquaint his mother; while he was writing to his mother the constable came in; I told the constable that was his man, he took him in charge; I asked him what he had wrote to his mother; the letter was, his acknowledging his taking the money, and begging money to make it up, or he must die according to law; I took the letter to her; she said she could do nothing for him; I came home, and told him what she said; I then said to him, you never could have made a hand of all this money, what have you done with it; he sat down in the presence of the officer where he had paid away and spent to the amount of 47 l. 1 s. 10 d.

Q. Suppose the mother had raised the money, what then?

Shirley. I would not have taken it, I'll assure you.

Q. Did you or your brother agree to take the money?

Shirley. No, we never did; after this I went to the prisoner in the Poultry Compter, and he gave me an account of 52 l. 7 s 5 1/2 d. which he had paid away of this money, and gave me the names of the persons to whom he had paid it to; I went to them, and found he had paid as he mentioned.

Prisoner's defence.

They offered to take the money if I could bring it.

The prosecutor and his brother both said, if the money had been raised they never intended to take it.

Guilty . Death .

Barking Essex Parish


17 Dec 1768 Isaac Shirley
8 Jan 1775 Dorothy Shirley
14 Jul 1776 Daniel Shirley
3 Aug 1794 Mary Shirley
18 Nov 1850 Alice Shirley, age 80


18 Oct 1789 George Shirley to John and Mary Shirley
26 Jun 1791 Thomas Shirley to John and Mary Shirley
22 May 1791 William Morgan Shirley to Isaac and Susan Shirley
4 Sep 1796 John Shirley to Thomas and Alice Shirley
27 Nov 1796 Elizabeth Shirley to William and Mary Shirley
16 Jun 1799 William Shirley to William and Mary Shirley
6 Oct 1799 Mary Ann Shirley to Thomas and Alice Shirley
5 Oct 1800 Elizabeth Shirley to Thomas and Annis Shirley
04 Jun 1837 William Robert Shirley to William and Rebecca Shirley


19 Dec 1768 Mary Shirley to Isaac Marburn
14 Sep 1788 John Shirley to Mary Andrews (intended marriage)
7 Aug 1793 Sarah Shirley to John Rutter


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