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Shirley Family of Rickmansworth

Supposedly, DNA Kit #65156 Haplo: R-M269 orginates in this family (more research and contact needed)

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John Shirley born about 1782-86, enumerated at Rickmansworth Hertfordshire, Residence: The Town Two Stones in the 1841 census. A child, William Williams age 4 is enumerated in the household. A John Shirley, possibly the same, road laborer, widower age 70 (born 1781), born Fulmer Bucks was enumerated as a lodger in the Joseph Winchester household in Rickmansworth Herts in the 1851 census.

married Maria Row on 17 January 1830 at Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. A Maria Shirley's death is registered at Watford in 1844. Possibly the same?


1(i). James Shirley chr 3 April 1831 to John and Maria Shirley at Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, age 4 in the 1841 census (sic). Enumerated at St Marks Regents Park parish, London, born 1831 Rickmansworth in the 1861 census. Enumerated at St Olave Southwark, Bermondsey in the 1881 census, born Rickmansworth, 1831

married Martha Wall on 3 June 1854 at Rickmansworth Herts, age 24 in 1861 census


2(i) John Shirley born about 1856 at Rickmansworth Herts, age 5 in the 1861 census, age 25 and living with parents in 1881 census, married. Living at Bermondsey in 1891 census. Living at St Ann's Bermondsey in 1901 census and in 1911

married Matilda ______ identified as 'daughter in law' in the household of James and Martha Shirley in 1881 census


3(i). John Shirley born about 1883 at Bermondsey, age 18 in 1901 census; likely the John Shirely enumerated at St Olave, Bermondsey in 1911, age 28

3(ii). Florence L. Shirley born about 1885 at Bermondsey, age 16 in 1901 census

3(iii). Albert Shirley born about 1887 at St Olave, Bermondsey, age 4 in 1891 census, not in family household in 1901 census. Living with parents in 1911 census

3(iv). Sidney Shirley born about 1890 at Bermondsey, age 11 in 1901 census

3(v). Frederick Shirley born about 1893 at Bermondsey, age 8 in 1901 census; Living with parents in 1911 census

2(ii). James Shirley born about 1857 at Rickmansworth Herts, age 4 in the 1861 census; not living with parents in 1881 census

2(iii). Theresa Shirley born about 1864 at St Pancras MDX, age 17 in 1881 census

2(iv). George Shirley born about 1866 at Bermondsey Surrey, age 15 in 1881 census

2(v). Edward Shirley born about 1870, at Bermondsey Surrey, ate 11 in 1881 census; possibly the Edward Shirley age 42, wife Jane living in Bermondsey "London" in 1911 census


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