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  Shirley Family of
Long Whatton, Leicestershire
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James Shirley of Long Whatton Leicestershire. Born about 1796 at Heanor Derbyshire. Enumerated as Sherlow in 1861 census, age 65 (born 1796 at Heanor Derbyshire), married, Occupation cotton framework knitter. Age 85 in 1881 census (born 1796) born Heanor Derbyshire, Living at Long Whatton Leics, widower, retired worsted weaver. Preliminary research suggests that the Shirley family of Heanor Derbs are spelled "Sharley".

married Mary _____ born about 1796, age 65 in 1861 census., born Long Whatton Leics.


1(i). Samuel Shirley christened 28 July 1822 to James and Mary Shirley at Long Whatton Leicestershire. Lives in Long Whatton Leics. in 1841 census. Living with Mother-in-law at Hathern Leics. in 1851 census and 1861 census. Living at Loughborough Leics. in 1871 census

married Sarah Guttridge


2(i). Edwin Shirley born about 1844 in Hathern Leicestershire, age 37 in 1881 census. He Lived at Loughboro Leicestershire in 1881 census and then Mobberly Cheshire in 1891.

married Elizabeth Richardson (named in son's marriage record)


3(i). Walter Edwin Shirley born about 1866 in Loughboro Leics., age 15 in 1881 census

3(ii). Herbert Shirley born about 1869 in Leicester, Leics., age 12 in 1881 census

3(iii). Arthur Ernest Shirley born about 1874 in Loughboro Leicestershire England, son of Edwin Shirley and Elizabeth Richardson (named in marriage record), Migrated to Canada before 1899 when he married in Ottawa Ontario Canada. Age 46 in 1920 census. Lived in Manitoba Canada in 1911 census. Migrated from Canada to Oregon in 1916. He lived in Los Angeles in 1944 when he was naturalized as a US citizen, age 70. Middle name in naturalization document Shirleys of Manitoba Canada, Multnomah Oregon, Los Angeles California

married Margarett Ellks on 10 July 1899 at Ottawa Ontario Canada. She was born about 1880 in England daughter of David Ellks and Ellen Cadman (named in marriage record), age 40 in 1920 census (surname from daughter Edith's and son Herbert's birth record)


4(i). Arthur E Shirley born about 1900 in Nova Scotia Canada, age 20 in 1920 census. Lived in Los Angeles in 1930 and 1940

married Evelyn H _____


5(i). Arthur M Shirley born about 1931, age 9 in 1940 census

5(ii). Robert E Shirley born about 1939, age 1 in 1940 census

4(ii). Dorothy Shirley born about 1900 in Manitoba Canada, age 11 in 1911 census, not found in 1920 census

4(iii). Ernest Shirley born about 1902 in Manitoba Canada, age 9 in 1911 census, not found in 1920 census

4(iv). George M Shirley born about 1904 in Manitoba Canada, age 16 in 1920 census

4(v). Maude E Shirley born about 1905 in Manitoba Canada, age 15 in 1920 census

4(vi). Herbert Charles Shirley born 19 November 1905 at Winnepeg Manitoba Canada, age 14 in 1920 census

4(vii). Edith Maybell Shirley born 2 November 1906 at Winnepeg (birth record) Manitoba Canada, age 13 in 1920 census

4(viii). John T Shirley born about 1909 in Manitoba Canada, age 11 in 1920 census

4(ix). Margarett E Shirley born about 1910 in Manitoba Canada, age 10 in 1920 census

4(x). David Ellks Shirley born 20 May 1911 in Manitoba Canada, age 0 in 1911 census, not found in 1920 census

1(ii). Reuben Shirley christened 28 July 1834 to James and Mary Shirley at Long Whatton Leicestershire.


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