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John Shirley
of St George in East, London


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Note: This USA family has been positively identified in the 1841 England census for St. George in the East, Middlesex (London). However, several pedigrees covering this USA family name John Shirley's wife as Mary Smith, daughter of Phillip Smith and Nancy Smith of Connecticut. The problem with this connection is that it shows Mary Smith and her father as being born in Connecticut. Therefore, John Shirley would logically have married not in London (and appeared in the 1841 census with wife Mary), but in the USA.

The majority of this lineage was compiled using data submitted to by "clarkebob". The lineage has been supplemented with additional data where available.

John Shirley Born: abt 1803 Manchester England, Lived St. George in East parish Middlesex (London) England. Died: 4 Oct 1863

married Mary Smith 4 Nov 1827 at St. Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex England (source: parish records); Born: 15 Mar 1813 Died: 15 Oct 1884 in Bedford, New York, USA


2.i Catherine Agnes Shirley born 4 Jun 1829; christened 3 Aug 1829 at Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, England

2.ii Elizabeth Ann Shirley born 30 Mar 1831

2.iii John Redpath Shirley born 15 Sep 1832 in London, England; Family lived Providence Rhode Island; gas pipe fitter; He owned John R Shirley & Sons company and was enumerated in the 1911 tax list for Providence with real estate worth $8000; He died: 15 Apr 1915 Providence, Rhode Island, USA Shirleys of Providence Rhode Island USA

John REDPATH SHIRLEY (1832-1915) Born in London, England he came to this country when he was about 21 years old. A "boy prodigy" who, at the age of eight, played the violin before the King and Queen of England in the City of London Theatre. Although an expert metal worker and proprietor of "John R. Shirley & Sons" manufacturers of gas and electric fixtures of Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA he was best known for his musical talents. He spent his evenings playing and later leading the orchestras in Harrington's Opera House, the Academy of Music, and the Providence Opera House. He was a partner with "Wallie" Reeves and together they managed the Park Garden from 1878 to 1883. His most notable accomplishment here was the production in 1879 and 1880 of Gilbert and Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore" performed for the first time in any country on a real ship on the water at the Park Garden, Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island, USA" frequently attended by audiences over five thousand. He first married Josephine Jacquies in Canada about 1859 and after her death then married her sister Malvina Jacquies in Providence.

married 1) Josephine Jacquies at abt 1859 in Canada; Born: abt 1839 dau of Adolphe Jacques and Catherine Poncy; She died 11 Jun 1868 at Providence RI

married 2) Malvina Antoinette Jacques on 11 November 1870 in Providence RI; She was the dau of Adolphe Jacques and Catherine Poncy; She died 4 Feb 1911 at Providence RI

note: A John Redpath Shirley was also married at Hackney Middlesex England in Q4 1856.


3.i John Shirley born 12 Dec 1859; He died 2 Mar 1930 at Providence RI, age 72.

3.ii Adolph Shirley born 10 Dec 1860 New York Died: 9 Mar 1911 at Providence RI, age 50

married Lillian A. Daniels; (named at the time of Adolph Shirley's death)


4.i Adolph Edwin Shirley born 2 Mar 1891 at Providence RI; died 18 Mar 1891

3.iii Henry Rushton Shirley born 21 Oct 1862 in New York, USA; He is enumerated in the 1911 Providence RI tax list with real estate worth $4600; He died: 11 May 1937

married Susan Bertha White abt 1898 Born: Dec 1874 in New Jersey, USA Died: 1930


4.i Isabelle Bertha Shirley born 21 Jul 1899 in New York, USA

4.ii Katherine M Shirley born 15 Apr 1901 in New York, USA

3.iv Alfred Joseph Shirley - born 12 Oct 1872 in Providence RI; bookeeper; residence: 27 Sackett Street, Providence Rhode Island at the time of marriage; his parents are named in his 1898 marriage record.

married Edith Constance Nock on 21 Mar 1898 at Essex, New Jersey, dau of Edward Baker Nock and Annie Mae Cooper of Newark NJ


4.i Constance Shirley born 10 Apr 1902 Providence RI

3.v Melvina Mary Shirley born 1 Feb 1874 in Providence RI George Frederick Shirley born 31 Oct 1877 in Providence RI; died 30 Jul 1939 at Providence RI, age 61

married Mary L. Williams on 4 Apr 1896 at Worcester, Massachusetts; dau of William S Williams and Lyocadie Clement

married Alice Spofford 4 Mar 1900 at Somerville, Massachusetts (named at the time of George F. Shirley's death)


4.i John Earl William Shirley born 23 Sep 1897 Providence RI

4.ii Spofford Smith Shirley born 12 Mar 1903 Providence RI

2.iv Emma Jane Shirley born 8 Apr 1836 St. George in the East London; christened 1 May 1836 Saint George In The East, Stepney, London (note: the birth date for Emma used in known pedigrees for this family matches the St George parish record exactly)

2.v William Shirley b abt 1839 (in HH in 1841 and 1851 England census for St George in the East, Middlesex); Frederick Stacey Shirley M 19 Jul 1841; gas pipe fitter; family living with brother John R. Shirley in 1870 Providence RI census. Child Lillie not in HH. Shirleys of Providence Rhode Island USA

married Ellen ______ abt 1868 Born: abt 1848


3.i Lillie I Shirley born abt 1869

2.vii Alfred James Shirley born 21 Jul 1847

1841 England Census - St George in the East Middlesex

John Shirly 35
Mary Shirly 30
Elizabeth Shirly 10
John Shirly 7
Emma Shirly 5
William Shirly 2
Elizth Shirly 14 (this person is listed at the end of the family, but the name is fuzzy, but apparently not "Catherine")

1851 Endland Census - St George in the East Middlesex

John Shirley 48 born Manchester
Mary Shirley 45 born Hackney Middlesex
Elizh Shirley 20 born St. George
John Shirley 17 born St. George
Emma Shirley 15
William Shirley 12
Fredk Shirley 10
Alfred Shirley 3


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