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  Shirleys of IOW, England and
New Zealand

3(i). Moses Shirley chr 10 Aug 1832 at Shorwell, Hampshire. Family enumerated in the 1871 census for Shalfleet IOW. His birth is listed as at Brixton Hants. He died 2 Jul 1914.

married Mary Ann Brading on 8 August 1858 at Northwood Parish, Isle of Wight. b. 7 Oct 1838, Northwood, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England,


4(i). Charles H. Shirley born about 1859 at Northwood Hants. d. Dec 1930, (Wakapuaka, Nelson, New Zealand)

4(ii). James Shirley chr. 24 June 1860 at Shorwell Hants. d. 27 Feb 1950, Pahiatua, Manawatu, New Zealand

married Mary Ann Currin b. 1865, m. 1883, d. 22 May 1920, Maharahara, Manawatu, New Zealand


5(i). William Shirley b. 24 Aug 1884, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand, d. 20 Oct 1917, Belgium

married Isabel Gertrude Innes b. , Feilding, Manawatu, New Zealand, m. 16 Oct 1912, Buckland, Waikato, New Zealand

5(ii). Alfred James Shirley b. 1886, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

5(iii). Percy George Shirley b. 1890, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand, d. 10 Nov 1959, Newstead, Hamilton, New Zealand

married Annie Lyons b. 1895, m. 1919, d. 18 Feb 1968, Newstead, Hamilton, New Zealand

5(iv). Frederick James Shirley b. 1891, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand, d. 13 Sep 1964, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand

married Katie Elizabeth Wratt b. 1894, m. 1914, d. 6 Apr 1988, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand


6(i). Raymond Loyal Shirley b. 1916

6(ii). Keith James Shirley b. 1919

5(v). Sidney Raymond Shirley b. 1893, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand, d. 21 Apr 1932, Te Henui, New Plymouth, New Zealand

married Florence Hilda Lawrence b. 1892, m. 1921, d. 15 Mar 1969, Aramoho, Wanganui, New Zealand

5(vi). Ada Mary Shirley b. 1896, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

marriedBerth Onslow Turner m. 1919

5(vii). Lucy Jane Minnie Shirley b. 1897, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

married James Cecil Nolan Bicknell m. 1919

5(viii). Arthur Ernest Shirley b. 1900, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

married Doris Hazel Hartley m. 1924

5(ix). Elma Florence Shirley b. 1901, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

married Hannath Noel Blake Marshall m. 1925

5(x). Edith Kathleen Shirley b. 1905, Taonui, Feilding, New Zealand

married Henry McFarlane m. 1929

4(iii). Elizabeth Shirley chr. 8 February 1863 at the Primitive Methodist Church at Shalfleet Hants. d. 1932, Auburn, New South Wales, Australia

4(iv). William Shirley chr. 23 Dec1866 at Shalfleet IOW. d. 25 Nov 1948, (Clareville, Wairarapa, New Zealand)

married Jane Sophia Biddle b. 1867, m. 1889, d. 15 Jul 1942, Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand


5(i). Ethel Matilda Shirley b. 1891

5(ii). Rita Caroline Shirley b. 1900

5(iii). Elsie Kathleen Shirley b. 1910

5(iv). Alfred Thomas Shirley b. 1911, Eketahuna, Manawatu, New Zealand, d. 27 Feb 1978, Putaruru, Waikato, New Zealand

married Stephanie Cora b. 1918, d. 28 May 1980, Putaruru, Waikato, New Zealand

4(v). George Shirley chr. 7 Mar 1869 at Shalfleet, IOW. d. 13 Aug 1950, Levin, Manawatu, New Zealand

married Margaret McKillop Hall b. 1873, m. 1912, d. 10 Aug 1958, Levin, Manawatu, New Zealand

4(vi). Edward Jeremiah Shirley chr. 30 June 1872 at Shalfleet, IOW. He died 20 Feb 1931 at Te Henue, New Plymouth New Zealand. Buried at the same location

married Alice Maude Finch in 1911 in New Zealand. She remarried in 1931 to Frederick Patrick O'Brien


5(i). James Shirley born 1908 at Inglewood, Taranaki (registered as 1912). He died 15 March 1963 at Whangamata Waikato New Zealand

married Elizabeth Noble Buchanan Johnston on 20 Jan 1937 at New Plymouth Taranaki New Zealand

4(vii). Mary Ann Shirley b. 1876

4(viii). John Wilford Shirley b. 1878, d. 22 May 1969, Napier, New Zealand

married 1)Amy Martha Matilda Winter b. 1883, m. 1901, d. 1 Dec 1942, Napier, New Zealand

married 2) Dorothy Caroline b. 1894, d. 21 Nov 1978, Napier, New Zealand

4(ix). Elsie Shirley b. 1911, d. 1911

4(x). Emily Matilda Shirley b. 1880, d. 11 Jun 1929, Stratford, Manawatu, New Zealand

married Henry Beresford Kidd b. 16 Mar 1876, Tapanui, Otago, New Zealand, m. 22 Jun 1898, Featherston, Wairarapa, New Zealand


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