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Leek, Staffordshire
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1(i). Patience Shirley - She was alive and named in her brother's 1756 will.

children: (illigitimate?)

2(i). Hanh. Sherley chr 18 July 1740 at Leek Staffordshire (to Patience Sherley)

1(ii). Thomas Shirley of Barnyates, Leek Parish Staffordshire, husbandman; He died and was buried 7 January 1758 at Leek Staffordshire; He left a will.

1758 Office copy of the Will of Thomas Shirley of Barn Yates near Leek Staffordshire, husbandman, 25 march 1756. He left four houses standing at Barn Gates, Leek wherein he, Samuel Hulme, his son in law Samuel Toft and his sister Patience "now severally do dwell". To his wife Sarah for life. The description mentions outhouse, buildings, cowhouses, orchards, gardens, yards, etc. After her death, the house occupied by Samuel Hulme he gave to his daughter Sarah for life for her own separate use "without control of her husband". After his daughters death it was to pass to Sarah's daughter Hannah Ribson and her heirs. If their were no heirs, it was to pass to the heirs of his daughter Mary Toft wife of Samuel Toft and their heirs forever. The house held by his son in law Samuel Toft was to pass to Samuel Toft on the death of the testator's wife, for life and after Toft's death, to the testator's daughter Mary for life and after her death to her various children as tenants in common. The house in which testator's sister Patience's hands and the one he dwelt in, he gave (after his wife Sarah's death) to his son Thomas Shirley for ever. He also gave his daughter Sarah Ribson and her daughter Hannah L5 each; his daughter Mary Toft L4. Daughter Sarah was also to receive one bed with bedstocks, blankets, sheets, etc. He appointed his daughter Sarah as his executor. Thomas Shirley's will was witnessed by William and Catherine Condlyffe and Samuel Lucas. It was proved at Lichfield on 27 April 1758 on the oath of Sarah Shirley, widow, sole executrix. - Box 38 Bednall Archive, Documents Relating to Property at Barngates, Leek, Staffordshire

married Sarah _____She was alive and named in the 1756 will of her husband Thomas Shirley


2(i). Sarah Shirley christened 18 Apr 1716 at Leek Staffordshire; She was buried 7 February 1717 at Leek; Died young

2(ii). Sarah Shirley christened 4 December 1720 at Leek Staffordshire; She was named in her father's 1756 will; She married James Rippon on 10 December 1745 at Leek Staffordshire

2(iii). Mary Shirley christened 23 January 1722/23 at Leek Staffordshire (to Thomas and Margaret sic) She was named in her father's 1756 will; She married Samuel Toft on 29 June 1743 at Leek Staffordshire

2(iv). Thomas Shirley christened 17 April 1725 at Leek Staffordshire; He was alive and named in his father's 1756 will; inheriting his father's property at Barn Yates, in Leek parish.

married Ellin _______


3(i). Thomas Shirley christened 9 September 1758 at Leek Staffordshire; He was buried 16 September 1758 (infant of Barn Yates); Died young

2(v). James Shirley christened 20 May 1727 at Leek Staffordshire; He was buried 22 October 1729; Died young


1781 - Draft bond in the sum of L100 by Thomas Shirley of Leek, Staffordshire, flax dresser to John and Michael Daintry of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchants dated 26 March 1781. It cites an indenture of Feofment of the same date in which Thomas Shirley conveyed a croft known as Hunger Hill or Spooners Croft containing about 1 daywork, lately purchased from Francis Leigh, esq and late in the holding of John Prime but now of John Heywood gardiner. The lands were subject to the dower of the wife of Thomas Shirley. The bond was the Daintry's insurance against being liable for Shirley's wife's dower. - Box 40 Bednall Archive, Documents Relating to Property at Barngates, Leek, Staffordshire

Leek - Probate

1580 Richard Sherle of Leek (Staffordshire)
Richard Sherle of Leek county of Stafford dated 2 Oct 1579. Buried in churchyard of Leek. To 3 servants. To Agnes my wife. To Hugh Shirle my brother. Wit Thos Dorsy etc. Wm Broddoaks, Thos Walker.

1585 Agnes Shirely of Leek (Staffordshire) 105a


1683 Jul 1 Tho. Sherly to Tho. and Jane
1685 Apr 19 John Sherly to Thomas and Joan

07 Feb 1713/14 SHIRLEY Hannah to Thomas "and his wife"; at St Edward the Confessor
18 Apr 1716 SHIRLEY Sarah to Thomas and Sarah; at St Edward the Confessor
04 Dec 1720 SHIRLEY Sarah to Thomas and Sarah of Barnyates; at St Edward the Confessor
23 Jan 1722/23 SHIRLY Mary to Thomas and Margaret; at St Edward the Confessor
17 Apr 1725 SHIRLEY Thomas to Thomas and Sarah of Barnyates; at St Edward the Confessor
20 May 1727 SHIRLEY James to Thomas and Sarah of Leek; at St Edward the Confessor
21 May 1727 SHIRLEY Mary to John and Patience of Mill Street; at St Edward the Confessor

1 December 1750 Elizabeth Shirley to Joseph and Ellin (IGI??)

1758 Sep 9 Thomas Shirley to Thomas and Ellin (IGI??)

3 October 1832 Maryanne Sherley to Charles and Anne


13 April 1669 Thomas Shirley married Jane Roe

08 Dec 1695 Thomas Whittakers of Leek to Hannah Sherley of Leek

07 Mar 1690/91 Tho. to Ed. Jolley of Milst and Hannah Shirley of Barnyates; at St Edward the Confessor

28 Sep 1726 John Shirley (or Fenton) to Patience Whittaker

29 June 1743 Mary Shirley to Sam Toft

10 December 1745 Sarah Shirley to James Rippon

June 20, 1771 Elizabeth Shirley m. Joseph Brunt

Oct 30, 1780 Thomas Shirley m. Ellen Walvin (note: same dates Oct 30! ???)

Oct 30, 1780 Thomas Shirley m. Sarah Clulos

Oct 30, 1780 Thomas Shirley m. Mary Walvin

April 11, 1781/2 Hannah Shirley m. Francis Nixon

July 16, 1786 Mary Shirley m. Emmanuel Waywell

June 30, 1803 Ralph Shirley m. Elisabeth Truman


04 Feb 1686/87 John Sherly at St Edward the Confessor
1716 Dec 10 Jane Shurly
1717 Feb 7 Sarah Shirley infant
1724 May 12 Thomas Shirley of Barnyates
1729 Oct 22 James Shirley infant
1733 May 11 Hannah Shirly of Barnyates
1740 Aug 28 Hannah daughter of Patience Shirley
1740 Oct 8 Thomas Shirley infant (Mill Street)
1758 Jan 7 Thomas Shirley
1758 Sept 16 Thomas Shirley infant of Barnyates
1759 Nov 16 Hannah Shirley infant
1761 Mar 11 James Shirley infant of Barnyates
1762 Feb 14 Patience Shirley
1778 Jan 14 Thomas Shirley
1780 Apr 16 John Shirley
1784 Feb 20 Jonathan Shirley
1784 Mar 16 Sarah Shirley
1786 Feb 3 James Shirley of Barnyates
1786 June 14 George Shirley
1788 May 1 Sarah Shirley widow
1791 Apr 15 Thomas Sherley
1792 Sept 28 John Shirley
1809 Nov 21 Ellen Sherley 92 yrs.
31 Jan 1854 Isaac Shirley; of Union, age 71; at St Luke

"Rent and Rent at Rewlatch"
Olde Leeke (2nd Ser, Miller 1900. Reprinted from The Leek Times)

The courtesy of Mr. William Shirley of Rewlatch, Sheen, enables us to review for a period of nearly two centuries the amount paid by him and his ancestors during the lengthy period, during which the "taking" has not varied to any appreiciable extent.

The oldest rent receipt is brown with age, and bears the date of November 27 1722 adn the amount paid by Jno. Shirley was L10. In 1726 "Young John" paid a similar rent adn so on until 1735, when "Young John Shirley" paid "six poinds seventeen shillings and fourpence for his half year's rent due to Sir John Harpur, Barnt.". In 1743, the following receipt was given: "May 1st. Received of John Shurley the sum of fove poiund fifteen shilling for Holf a years Rent dew a Mickelmos Last Past, by me, S.S. Gould." On the 17th of May 1753, Widow Shirley paid L6 17s 4d. for hald f ayear's rent due to Sir Henry Harpur, Bart. at Michaelmas "Mem" an herriot Due". A similar receipt was given in the same behalf in 1766 by Wm Greaves, who also on the 24th of Mary 1774 received from John Shirley the sum of L7 12s 4d. On the receipt is the following notice to quit: "And take Notice that you are to deliver up to him, the said Sir Henry Harpur, Bart, his Hairs or Assigns, the possession of all and singular houses and other buildings, Lands, and tenements, and all other the pemes with the appurts. which you now hold under him in the Parish of Alstonfield in the county of Stafford at Old Lady day next"; but in 1789, Robert C. Greaves received for Sir Henry Harpur's benefit the sum of L16 5s 0d "for Half a year's rent due at Old Michas." The surname of the tenant from about this time was often spelled "Shurley," until 1769, when John Shirley received a statement from John Sandars, which he was enjoined to be "so good as to keep to yourself and it will much oblige," to the effect that the acreage of the "estate" was shown to be 28r. or. 33p., and that of the farm 75a, 2r. 37p., the tithe upon the former being 5s and upon the latter 15s. The name of the farm was spent "Rowlaytch."

In 1793 the rent was paid to the curate of Longnor, and the receipt was a stamped one of the value of twopence, and the amount of rent paid ten guineas. In 1806, Sir Henry Harpur received "Thirty-two pounds and ten shellings for a year's Rent, due old Lady day last." Property Tax, L1 12s 6d; and the curate received his ten guineas from the tenant just the same. Skipping over about fifty years, the receipts show that at Lady Day, 1857, the sum of L36 3s 6d was paid to J.B. Simpson the "receiver" for Sir John Harpur Crewe, Bart. for a half-year's rent. The same figure was paid in 1883-90 but in 1896 the rent was raised to L40, and that sum was paid in December, 1898 by the present tenant, Mr William Shirley.


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