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  Shirleys of Wolverhampton
Staffordshire England
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Wolverhampton parish is located in the south end of Staffordshire near Shropshire/Worcester border, adjacent Brewood parish

William Shirley
born say 1738. Lived in Wolverhampton parish, Staffordshire

married Elizabeth _______ named in baptism records of children


1(i). Thomas Shirley baptized 13 August 1758 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. Buried 1 Nov 1758 at Wolverhampton, d. infant

1(ii). Edward Shirley baptized 19 June 1760 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. Buried 22 Oct 1760 at Wolverhampton, d. infant

1(iii). Jane Shirley baptized 10 August 1761 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire

1(iv). Christain Shirley baptized 4 January 1765 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. She married Walter Munday on 5 Dec 1784 at Wolverhampton

1(v). Sarah Shirley baptized 12 March 1767 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. Buried 27 Sep 1767 at Wolverhampton, d. infant

1(vi). Elizabeth Shirley baptized 24 July 1768 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. Buried 30 Nov 1768 at Wolverhampton, d. infant

1(vii). George Adams Shirley baptized 17 April 1770 at St Peter Wolverhampton Staffordshire. Buried 16 Feb 1783 at Wolverhampton, d abt age 13




Wolverhampton St Peter Marriages

1744 Sep 3 Margaret Shirley m. Daniel Darbey
1748 Dec 11 Elizabeth Shirley m. Charles Eginton
1763 Dec 23 William Shirley m. Elizabeth Hanson
1784 Dec 5 Christian Shurley m. Walter Munday
1786 Jan 11 John Shurley m. Ann Winfield
1790 Sep 27 Mary Shurley m. Samuel Mason

Wolverhampton Burials

1758 Nov 1 Burial Thomas SHERLEY s/o Wm Shirley
22 Oct 1760 Burial Edward SHIRLEY s/o Wm Shirley
20 Dec 1760 Burial William SHIRLEY
27 Sep 1767 Burial Sarah SHIRLEY d/o Wm Shirley
30 Nov 1768 Burial Elizabeth SHIRLEY d/o Wm Shirley
4 Jan 1774 Burial John SHIRLEY
2 Mar 1778 Burial Jane SHIRLEY
16 Feb 1793 Burial George SHURLEY s/o Wm Shirley
2 Nov 1783 Burial William SHIRLEY


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