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Shirleys of Lambeth
Surrey England

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Info from Ted Shirley

Joseph Shirley born ca 1788, d. Sept 30, 1840 Lambeth, Surrey Co. England,

m. Mary Cox Aug 25, 1814 New Gate St. London.


1. Joseph Eugene bapt Nov 10, 1816 St. Clement Danes Parish, Westminster, London Co, d. Jan 26, 1884 m. Elizabeth Guy July 12, 1846 St. Mary's Newington, Surrey. She was the daughter of Jasper Guy and Eliza Trim of Shaftsbury, Dorset. Joseph became an organist and Professor of music.                      


(1). Charles Eugene May 14, 1847 Lambeth, Surrey, m. Mary Ann Marsh Mar 24,1867 St. Thomas Stepney, Middlesex. She was born Dec 5, 1845 Bermondsey, daughter of Richard and Ann Marsh. Update: Charles was christened at St James Shaftesbury, Dorset on Aug 15, 1847


A. Charles Eugene Nov 25, 1867 Bromley Bow, London, Middlesex m. Alice Lavina Wiles Aug 13, 1902, daughter of Charles Wiles.

B. George William Feb 14, 1870 Bromley Bow, London, Middlesex, d. May 1, 1940 (cancer), Whipps Cross Hospital, Essex, m. Emma Eliza Auty April 21, 1889 St. John's Stephney London, Middlesex. She was the daughter of Edward Robert Auty and Mary Ann Priscilla Neal.


(a). Emma Eliza born May 6, 1889 London, Middlesex m. James S. Weller June 22, 1916 Folkstone Kent. He was the son of Thomas Valentine Weller.

(b). Edith Maud Sept 17, 1891 m. William Thomas Philpot Oct 30, 1915 The Weslyan Central Hall, East Hall. 

(c). Millicent Mary Ann July 16, 1893 m. 1st. Frederick Rowe June 24, 1916, m. 2nd John James Jones May after 1918

(d). Grace Beatrice 1895 d. 1952 East Ham Essex m. Sidney Christoper William Partridge Nov 14, 1915 St. Bartholomew's, East Ham,  Essex

(e). George William Sept 1, 1897 London, Middlesex m. Sarah Baldwin Aug 28, 1921 St. John's Church Poplar. She was the daughter of John Baldwin.

(f). Horace Herbert Mar 26, 1899 m. Doris Nellie Davies May 21, 1921 West Ham. She was the daughter of Henry Davies.

(g). Frances Mabel Nov 10, 1900 East Ham, Essex d. July 5, 1985 West Ham, m. Hector Gall Thomson Mar 5,  1921. He was born Mar 8, 1901 d. Dec 12, 1985 son of William Gall Thomson and Matilda Hart.

(h). Frederick Charles April 2, 1902 East Ham d. June 26, 1950 Hornchurch m. 1sr. Jane Elizabeth Kilby Jan 3, 1925. She was the daughter of John Charles Kilby. Frederick m. 2nd May L ____.

(i). Leonard Edward Dec 14, 1903 East Ham, Essex d. Feb 2, 1992 Basildon, Essex, m. Queenie Agnes Marie Hyde Stevens July 13, 1929. She was the daughter of William Edward Stevens and Rose Edith Marie Hyde Fosh.

(j). Stanley Archibald Sept 9, 1905 m. Daisy Rose Scutton Mar 30, 1928. She was the daughter of William George Scrutton.

(k). Ernest Victor Mar 18, 1907 d. Dec 18, 1927 East Ham    

(l). Edward George April 9, 1910 d. June 17, 1981 Dagenham Essex, m. Ruth Edith Stack April 7, 1932 West Ham.

C. Ada Eugenia born and died ca. 1871

D. Frederick ca 1873 Bromley Bow, London Middlesex

E. Josephine Frances April 15, 1874

F. Edith Marion ca. 1879  Bromley Bow, London Middlesex, d. ca 1885

(2). Elizabeth Ann ca 1849 Bermondsey, Surrey  m. William Henry Beswick Oct 7, 1866 St. Leonards, Bromley Bow, London, Middlesex. He was the son of William Henry Beswick and Elizabeth Burnett.

(3). Frederick William July 13, 1851 Bermondsey, Surrey

(4). George Augusta Sept 13, 1854 same

2. Thomas Frederick bapt Feb 11, 1819 Westminster Middlesex, died young

3. Thomas Frederick bapt Nov 18, 1821 same, died June 27, 1849  at sea in North Atlantic ship disaster, m. Hannah Maria Peters Feb 11, 1844 Stepney, Middlesex. She was the daughter of William and Hannah Peters.

From item published in the Shirley News by the Shirley Association several years ago.... 

Thomas Frederick Shirley formerly of Carlisle Lane, Westminster Road, Surrey, England, died with his wife Hannah and children, Emma and Hannah, as passengers on the American ship "Charles Bartlett" when she was run down on passage to New York by steam ship "Europa".    

Limited administration to Joseph Eugene Shirley, September 1849.

4. Emma Shirley bapt’ 23 Apr 1825 St Matthew’s Brixton Surrey.

5. Harriett Shirley bapt’30 May 1827 St Matthew’s Brixton Surrey.

6. Matilda Shirley bapt’ 23 Jun 1830 St Matthew’s Brixton Surrey.

7. William Charles Shirley 05 Oct 1834 St Matthew’s Brixton Surrey.married S PITTOCK abt 1862


The American brig  left the Downs for America on June 14th, 1849, with 162 emigrants, one cabin passenger and a crew of 14 under Capt. Bartlett. She carried a general cargo of about 450 tons. On June 27th the vessel ran into thick fog. At 3:30 in the afternoon, there being nearly 100 passengers on deck at the time, the British and North American Royal Mail Steam ship EUROPA suddenly appeared out of the fog and struck the CHARLES BARTLETT on her port side between fore and mainmasts. There was little time for either captain do anything to avert the disaster as the EUROPA  was steaming at about 12 knots, although she stopped her engines immediately.

Many of the unfortunate emigrants were killed instantly and in four minutes the ship had foundered taking with her 135 persons. Capt. Bartlett saved himself by jumping for the bows of the EUROPA as she struck his ship.

Every effort was made by Capt Lott and the officers of the EUROPA to save life and 42 persons were rescued. The EUROPA sustained little damage and there were no injuries to any of those on board.


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