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  Shirleys of Chertsey and
Walton on Thames, Surrey England
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Updated Jan 2018 - The following lineage was constructed using wills and parish records. Omissions are highly likely

1. William Shirley of Chersey, waterman - his will was probated in 1748

1748 Will of William Shirley of Chertsey Surrey Waterman - Dated 16 Mar 1748. To wife Frances Shirley, daughter Sarah Shirley spinster land and messuages, daughter Ann Bath, son William Shirley, son Joseph Shirley, son Thomas? Sherley, daughter Elizabeth Taylor, grandson Richard ___, grandson William Bath, grandson John Shirley. Wit James Bertram George Watts. Proven Aug 1748 [PROB 11/764 254]

married Frances Simons on 2 February 1695 at Chertsey Surrey. She was the daughter of Woolley Symons of Chertsey, waterman.

Commissary Court of Surrey - Testator: Woolley Symons of Chertsey, waterman, sick; Date of Will: 28 February 1712/13; To my daughters Elizabeth wife of John Butler and Frances wife of William Shurley one shilling each; to my son Daniel Board and his wife Mary (my daughter) my freehold messuage in the occupation of William Blake of Chertsey for life and then to my grandson Woolley Butler; to my daughter Margaret Symons my copyhold messuage etc in Chertsey adjoining the freehold tenement in my occupation paying to my daughter Ann wife of John Butterfield ten pounds; residue to my daughter Margaret, Executrix. Witnesses: Thomas Millett; John Barber; Richard Hastler Proved: 19 May 1713 DW/PC/5/1713/27


2(i). Sarah Shirley - chr 31 Dec 1709 at Chertsey Surrey; spinster. Named in father's 1748 will

2(ii). Ann Shirley - chr 21 March 1696 at Chertsey Surrey; married George Bath 21 APR 1725 at Chertsey . Named in father's 1748 will

2(iii). William Shirley - chr 14 May 1699 at Chertsey Surrey

2(iv). Maria Shirley - chr 18 Sep 1701 at Chertsey Surrey

2(v). William Shirley - chr 17 Nov 1703 at Chertsey Surrey; Named in father's 1748 will

married Ann Berriman 7 Sep 1735 at Chertsey Surrey


3(i). John Shirley, chr 3 Oct 1737 at Chertsey Surrey, son of William Shirley of Chertsey; likely the person known also as 'of Chertsey waterman'. named in his grandfather William Shirley's 1748 will. Named in cousin Joseph Shirley, waterman of Walton on Thames' 1763 will

2(vi). Joseph Shirley Named in father's 1748 will

1719 Apprenticeship: Sherley Joseph s of William of Chertsey Surrey to William Bird of Brentford Midd cooper

2(vii). Thomas Shirley Named in father's 1748 will

2(viii). John Shirley - chr 28 Aug 1708 at Chertsey Surrey;

2(ix). Elizabeth Shirley - chr 2 Oct 1715 at Chertsey Surrey; married ____Taylor. Named in father's 1748 will


1. John Shirley of Walton on Thames, Surrey - his son John Shirley named his aunts Clark of Walton on Thames, aunt Shirley of Chertsey and aunt Clark of Kingston in his 1751 will. (likely brother of William Shirley of Chertsey.)

1749 Will of John Shirley of Walton upon Thames Surrey. To wife Mary Shirley. To son John Shirley land in Sandyfield in occupation of John Goddard, land in Walton in occupation of Wm Delver. To daughter Sarah Chase. To daughter Mary Dalhey, son Thomas Shirley, son William Shirley, daughter Ann Cole, daughter Elizabeth Pearson, son Joseph Shirley dwelling house. 12 Sept 1748. Wit Wm Saunders, Mathew Cookman, Thomas Brand. Proven Aug 1749 [PROB 11/772 264]

married Mary _____


2(i). John Shirley of Walton on Thames, waterman. His will was probated in 1751.

25 May 1751 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of John Shirley of Walton on Thames, waterman, sick and weak to my friends William Wealand and William Saunders both of Walton on Thames, execs. my freehold land in Sandy Field, Walton on Thames (9 acres) in the occupation of Starmer Tickner and all estate to pay my debts and legacies; to my brother Thomas Shirley £50 due on mortgage from John Benham of West Molesey, and to said brother my chest and bureau and their contents and all my clothes; to my brother Joseph Shirley £20 part of bond from him to me for £70; to my sister Ann Cole wife of Thomas Cole £10; to my sister Elizabeth Person wife of Thomas Person £5 and to her daughter Elizabeth Person £10; to my niece Susan Dalley £5; to my sister Mary Dalley all rest of household goods Witnesses: Thomas Palmer; Mathew Cookman; John Vanner Codicil 3 Jun 1750: to execs. £10 each; to my niece Mary Dalley £5 and residue between my aunt ... Clark of Walton on Thames, aunt Shirley of Chertsey and aunt Clark of Kingston Witnesses: William Brooker; Sarah Cooper; Joseph Bignold Proved: 26 Jul 1751 to execs. [DW/PA/7/27; DW/PA/5/1751/80] (died last month, bachelor) Transcription

no wife or children named in 1751 will

2(ii). Sarah Shirley - married ____Chase

2(iii). Mary Shirley - married John Dalley of Walton on Thames on 02 DEC 1728 at Walton On Thames . Mentioned in 1763 will of brother Joseph Shirley. Mentioned in 1792 will of brother Thomas Shirley

2(iv). Thomas Shirley of Burshoot Wapping and later of Stratford, West Ham Essex. His will was probated in 1793.

PCC Will of Thomas Shirley, Joiner of West Ham , Essex. Thomas Shirley of Stratford in the parish of West Ham Essex citizen and Joiner of London whereas on the marriage of my late son John Shirley I did settle eight freehold messuages or tenements No 1,2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, and 8 part of fourteen messuages situate on the north side of King Henry yard near Burr Street in the parish of St Botolph without Aldgate MDX upon my said late son John Shirley and Rachael his late wife deceased and the heirs of their bodies with revision to my own right heirs. I confirm the same settlement and so give and devise my said revision in the said messuages unto my grand daughter Elizabeth Wigmore her heirs and assigns. Bequesth all twelve freeholds messuages 20, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 adn 43 situate on the south side of King Henry Yard leased to Messrs Goodwiyn Perry and Co Brewers and also 6 freehold messuages no. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 situate near the turnpike at Stratford aforesaid...Pope's Head alley unto my son Thomas Shirley of Coleman Street London merchant and divide the rents at his discretion to my granddaughters Elizabeth Wigmore, Mary Newdick, wife of William Newdick of Cheshunt in the county of Hertford esq, Catherine Pamer the wife of William Palmer of Stratford aforesaid timber merchant, Susannah Stent the wife of John Stent of Stratford , miller and Mary Shirley daughter of my said late son John Shirley....[tenements to grandaughters] and after their decease then to their first and heir son and sons in tail male...messuage called the Kings Arms Inn and [ ] at Cobham Surrey...six leaseholds situate at or near Sparrows Corut Rosemary Lane and seven leasehold on the east side of Princes Street and adjoining northward the part of the same 6 messuages held by me and my said son in law Henry []ix [looks like Roix] by lease from the company of Merchant Taylors [several bequests of 1000 pounds to the same legatees]...unto the said Thomas Shirley and Ann his wife....unto Elizabeth Whittingham the widow of Whittingham and daughter of Beth[ ] Oakley my late wife's my nieces Mary Dalley and Ann Dalley daughters of my late sister Mary Dalley of Walton upon Thames Surrey...annuity unto Ann Bayley the daughter of my late brother Joseph Shirley during her life....housekeeper Elizabeth Taylor...steward Ralph Ayres of Stratford. 14 March 1792. Wit: Hugh Bantock of Stratford carpenter, Jas Clare St Cath Cloisters, Edwd Mounnkfield his clerk. 23 Aug 1792. Codicil. [involving annuity of Ann Bayley] 14 Feb 1793 Codicil. Wit Richard Ashton, Stratford Essex, Jas Clare St Catherine Cloisters, Edw Mounckfield his clerk. Proven 24 May 1793 by Thomas Shirley esq the son of the deceased Catalogue reference PROB 11/1233

married ________ sister of Beth[ ] Oakley, named in the 1793 will of husband Thomas Shirley


3(i). John Shirley - mentioned in aunt Ann Cole's 1753 will. Mentioned in uncle Joseph Shirley's 1763 will. Dead by 1792 at time of Will of father.

married Rachel_____ dead by 1792 at time of father in law's will.


4. Ann Shirley - chr 21 Jan 1777 at St Botolphs without Aldgate, London. mentioned in 1792 will of grandfather Thomas Shirley

3(ii). Thomas Shirley, esq. merchant of Coleman Street, London - born about 1734. Lived in the manor house in East Barnet. He died in his 63 year in 1797. mentioned in uncle Joseph Shirley's 1763 will. Mentioned in 1792 will of father Thomas Shirley. Wealthy Merchant of Coleman Street London.

"During the later years of the century the Manor House [of East Barnet] was tenanted by Thomas Shirley esq. merchant, of London, who died without issue at his house in Coleman St. 12 July 1797, in his 63rd year, and was buried at Cheshunt. In his will he nominates Andrew Reid esq. of East Barnet and Joseph Timperon esq. of London, amongst his trustees, and leaves the lease of his house and lands at East Barnet to his wife, Ann, with careful directions for her guidance, arising out of the experience, which he has acquired, of the general incapacity of women to manage property. The house was ultimately pulled down between the years 1820 and 1830, and the site thrown into the Rectory garden." - East Barnet By Frederick Charles Cass

married Ann______. She married 2) Mark Robinson, esq rear admiral in H.M.N. "she was the widow of Thomas Shirley (d. 1797) of Coleman Street from whom she inherited a large fortune on condition that upon remarriage she would leave no more than L2000 to her second husband". Her will was signed 17 Dec 1810 and probated PCC 29 Nov 1814

No children

3(iii). daughter Shirley - married Wigmore

3(iv). daughter Shirley -

3(v). daughter Shirley -

3(vi). daughter Shirley -

2(v). William Shirley of London March - mentioned in 1749 will of father. Mentioned in brother Joseph Shirley's 1763 will.

1725 Apprenticeship: Shirley William s of John of Walton Thames Surrey to John Pike of St Martin in Fields upholsterer

2(vi). Anne Shirley - married Thomas Cole 7 October 1747 at Walton on Thames. mentioned in 1749 will of father

23 Jun 1753 Surrey Archdeaconry Court - Will of Ann Cole of Walton on Thames, widow to brother Joseph Shirely, waterman £20; to sister Mary Dalley 1 guinea for ring and to her daughters Mary and Susanna Dalley guinea each for rings; to Benjamin Dalley guinea for ring; to James Dalley guinea for ring; to Ann Dalley guinea for ring; to Thomas Shirely, carpenter guinea for ring; to William Shirely guinea for ring; to John Shirely son of Thomas guinea for ring; to Thomas Shirley, jnr. [from here Shirley] guinea for ring; to Elizabeth Shirley guinea for ring; to Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Shirley guinea for ring; to Mary Shirley guinea for ring; to Ann daughter of Joseph Shirley guinea for ring and large silver spoon marked AS; to Ann Cole pink coloured silk gown, red white linen gown and crepe gown and £2 2s at 21, also pair of stays, two quilted coats and two under coats; to Elizabeth wife of Joseph Shirley guinea for ring; to Mary Dalley, jnr. laced cap and handkerchief; to Susanna Dalley a laced cap and handkerchief; to Thomas Pearson of Walton on Thames, carpenter, exec. house of three tenements etc. in occupation of John Johnson, Rachel Holiday and John Goswel in Walton on Thames Witnesses: George Stone; Mathew Cookman; John Hunter Deposition of John Hunter of Weybridge, schoolmaster sent for by testator to make her will about 23 Jun last and changes made by him at testator's direction Proved: 11 Jul 1753 to exec. [DW/PA/7/28; DW/PA/5/1753/21] (died last month)

2(vii). Elizabeth Shirley - married Thomas Pearson of Walton on Thames, carpenter on 7 November 1743 at Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey mentioned in 1749 will of father. Thomas Pearson inherited property from wife's sister Anne Cole in 1753 will.

2(viii). Joseph Shirley, waterman of Walton on Thames. Named in the 1753 will of his sister Ann Cole. Will probated July 1763.

PCC Will of Joseph Shirley, Waterman of Walton upon Thames , Surrey. 6 July 1763. to my friend Mr William Werlland of the parish of Walton aforesaid, farmer and Mr William Remnant of Chantry Lane London plumber in trust for the constant maintenance of Elizabeth my wife...stocks on government security..rents and profits of my real estate maintain my daughter Ann Shirley [not age 21]. To my nephews John Shirley son of my brother Thomas Shirley of Burshoot Wapping carpenter messuages now in my own occupation in Walton. To my neice Ann Dally daughter of my sister Mary Dally my copyhold meadow in Walton and freehold house in Walton in occupation of Edward Adams carpenter. To my brother William Shirley of London March. To Thomas Shirley son of my brother Thomas Shirley to Susannah Dally daughter of my sister Mary Dally and to my cousin John Shirley of Chertsey waterman all my personal estate share and share alike. Mr James Tickner, farmer in Walton and my brother Thomas Shirley will accept trusteeship if one dies. to Mr Cuthbert Green parker to the Earl of Lincoln. To Mrs Mary Gilgrist at the sign of the Globe at Hungerford Stairs London and to Mrs Payne wife of Mr George Payne potter at Lambeth a mourning ring. To Georg Barth and William his son. To the widow Clark all of this parish. Wit: Wm Field, Thomas Marsh, Murdock Middleton, Proven 29 July 1763 Catalogue reference PROB 11/890

married Elizabeth ______


3(i). Ann Shirley - married _____Bayley. Mentioned in 1753 will of aunt Ann Cole. Mentioned in 1792 will of uncle Thomas Shirley. Mentioned in 1763 will of father Joseph Shirley.



Walton on Thames Christenings
Ann Shirly 25 May 1709 d/o John Shirly
Edward Keen Shirly 15 Nov 1789; birth 6 Oct 1789 s/o Edward Shirly and Sally Mae Goslin
Elizabeth Shirly 7 Feb 1702 d/o Abraham Shirly
Elizabeth Shirly 22 Feb 1712 d/o John Shirly
John Shirly 3 Nov 1703 s/o John Shirly
Joseph Shirly 26 Jun 1715 s/o John and Sarah Shirly
Mary Shirly 29 May 1706 d/o John Shirly
Sarah Shirly 4 Mar 1704 d/o John Shirly
Thomas Shirly 20 Nov 1707 s/o John Shirly
William Shirly 11 Jan 1710 s/o John Shirly
Ann Shirley 28 Jul 1751 d/o Joseph and Elizabeth
John Shirley 3 Jan 1728 s/o John and Ann
Sherly Female 31 Jan 1676 s/o Edward Sherly
Abraham Sherly 19 Oct 1682 s/o Abraham and Elizabeth Sherly
Anne Sherly 18 Mar 1670 d/o Edward Sherly
Edward Sherly 23 Dec 1697 s/o Abraham Sherly
Edward Sherly 29 Dec 1666 s/o Edward Sherly
Elizabeth Sherly 12 Feb 1664 d/o Edward and Elizabeth Sherly
John Sherly 30 Nov 1690 s/o Abraham and Elizabeth Sherly
William Sherly 22 Oct 1668 s/o Edward Sherly
William Sherly 2 Nov 1699 s/o Abraham Sherly
Sherley [male] Feb 1686 s/o Abraham Sherley
John Sherley 25 Jan 1673 s/o Edward and Elizabeth Sherley
Jossua Sherley 13 Nov 1684 s/o Abraham Sherley
Thomas Sherley 2 Apr 1693 s/o Abraham Sherley
Elizabeth Shurley 2 Jan 1686 d/o Abraham Shurley

Walton Upon Thames Marriages

Elizabeth Shirley m. Thomas Branch 11 May 1729
John Shirley m. Ann Hales 19 Mar 1725
Mary Shirley m. John Dalley 2 Dec 1728
Edward Shirly m. Elizabeth Welbelove 26 Jun 1702

Chertsey Marriages

Gulielmus Shirley m. Francisca Simons 2 Feb 1695
William Shirley m. Ann Berriman 7 Sep 1735
Georgius Bathe m. Anna Shirley 21 Apr 1725

Chertsey Christenings

Sarah Sherley 31 Dec 1709 d/o William Sherley
Elizabetha Sherly 2 Oct 1715 d/o William Sherly
Anna Shirley 21 Mar 1696 d/o William Shirley
Gulielmus Shirley 17 Nov 1703 s/o William Shirley
Gulielmus Shirley 14 May 1699 s/o William Shirley
John Shirley 3 Oct 1737 s/o William Shirley
Maria Shirley 18 Sep 1701 d/o William Shirley
John Shurly 28 Aug 1708 s/o William Shirley


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