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  Daniel Shirley
Stoneleigh Warwickshire

Info sent by Linda Walker

A Joseph Shirley died at Stoneleigh Warwickshire, buried there on 17 January 1770

Daniel Shirley born about 1767

married Elizabeth Walton on 18 November 1794 in Stoneleigh Warwickshire


1(i). Mary Shirley born about 1795

1(ii). John Shirley born about 1798

1(iii). Sussanah Shirley born about 1806. She married William Smith at Stoneleigh Warwickshire on 18 January 1825.

1(iv). Thomas Shirley born about 1807

1(v). William Shirley born March 5, 1809 Kirby Corner, Warwick. Residence Canley Hill Stoneleigh Warwickshire at time of 2nd marriage; He was age 54 son of Daniel Shirley, labourer. Farm laborer in 1851 census for Stoneleigh Warws, wife Ann Shirley age 50

married 1) Elizabeth Reader ca 1816

married 2) Dinah Bates on 13 December 1864 at Westwood, Warwickshire, spinster age 37, daughter of Richard Bates of Bourne Post, Stoneleigh


2(i). William Shirley born Jan 18, 1840 Stoneleigh, Warwick, christened 1 June 1845 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire; 1851 census says born Coventry Warw.

married Catherine Hubbard who was born Dec 10, 1843 Stoneleigh.


3(i). John Shirley born about 1867

3(ii). Catherine Shirley born about 1868

3(iii). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1870

3(iv). Martha Shirley born about 1872

3(v). William Shirley born about 1873

3(vi). Richard Shirley born about 1878

3(vii). Daniel Shirley born about 1879 Berkswell, Warwick

married Minnie Thomas who was born Nov 30, 1884 Castle End, Warwick.


4(i). Frank Shirley born Dec 20, 1906 Berkswell, Warwick

married Florence Perkins who was born May 19, 1907 Honiley, Warwick.


5(i). Ronald Shirley

5(ii). William Shirley

5(iii). Gladys Shirley

5(iv). Joan Shirley

5(v). Robin Shirley

4(ii). Arthur Shirley

4(iii). Bill Shirley

4(iv). George Shirley

4(v). Thomas Shirley

4(vi). Katherine Shirley

4(vii). Winifred Shirley

4(viii). Dorothy Shirley

4(ix). Betty Shirley

4(x). May Shirley

4(xi). Madge Shirley

4(xii). Violet Shirley

4(xiii). daughter name unknown

4(xiv). daughter name unknown

 3(viii). Mary Shirley born about 1883

2(ii). Daniel Shirley born about 1842; christened 1 June 1845 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire; age 9 in 1851 census; His occupation was laborer of Westwood, Warwickshire at time of marriage, son of William Shirley, laborer.

married Jane Ariss (nee Sparrow), widow on 27 March 1864; She was the daughter of John Sparrow, blacksmith of Westwood, Warwickshire (marriage record)

2(iii). Thomas Shirley born about 1844; christened 1 June 1845 Stoneleigh, Warwickshire; age 7 in 1851 census


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