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Berkshire Lineages

1. Henry Shurley of Reading Berkshire, died 1667.
2. Thomas Shirley of Thacham Berkshire, maulster, Will probated 1672
3. Ferrers Shirley born about 1709, In 1742, He transferred his family's residence from St Lawrence Reading to Hurst, Berkshire. They lived Sonning, Berks Co. He died prior to 1782 when his wife Elizabeth was buried as a widow.

Buckinghamshire Lineages

1. Shirley Families of Ludgershall Buckinghamshire. Shirley families are found in Ludgershall as early as the 1500s. This page tries to untangle of their lineages. Updated (again) Dec 2017
2. Thomas Shirley of Salisbury Farm, Hertfordshire. His wife was Ann. This lineage includes Edward Shirley of Salisbury Farm and the William Rolfe Shirley family of Berkshire and Staines Middlesex.
3. Shirley Families of Brill and Oakley Buckinghamshire Michael Shirley d 1723 at Brill. Significantly updated and extended lineage
4. Shirley Families of Brill and Quainton Buckinghamshire. John Shirley b 1802 at Brill Bucks, married Selena Bunting, lived in Quainton Bucks and also in Wales for a time New
5. Shirley Families of Worminghall Buckinghamshire. Family moved to Kentish Town, St Pancras MDX New
6. Shirley Families of Wotton Underwood Buckinghamshire; Recorded in Wotton as early as 1636, families christened there and left wills in early 1700s New
7. Shirley Families of Oving and North Marston Buckinghamshire. Michael Shirley born about 1761 lived at Oving and held land at North Marston, married Sarah King
at Oakley Bucks New
8. Shirley Families of Little Missenden Buckinghamshire. John Shirley died Dec 15, 1761 m. Elizabeth Hale. Haplogroup R
9. Jonathon Shirley b. 1810  Buckinghamshire, England, died Dec 29, 1893 Owego, NY.  Haplogroup R
10. William Shirley b. ca 1825 Buckinghamshire England. Lived Maury Co. Tennessee Haplogroup R
11. Shirley Families of Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire. James Shirley of Marsh Gibbon married Mary Mansell 1744. Undoubtedly related to Bucks lineages above. Includes other stray Shirley lineages of Marsh Gibbon. Haplogroup E
12. Shirley Families of Slough and Upton cum Chalvey Buckinghamshire. Several members of this family left PCC wills.
13. Shirley Families of Calverton Buckinghamshire. Several members of this family migrated to the London area in the mid-1800s
14. Shirley Families of Ashendon Buckinghamshire.

Cambridgeshire Lineages

1. John George Shirley christened Jan 6 1822 Chippenham Cambridgeshire. Family of St. Marylebone Parish, London. He married Ellen Shiletto November 12, 1846 at Barrow, Suffolk Co. England. Lived New South Wales. Haplogroup R

Cornwall Lineages

1. John Walter Shirley 1850 Cornwall England Haplogroup E

Derbyshire Lineages

1. John William Shirley born April 2, 1841 Radbourne, Derbyshire, England died 1918 in Iowa USA. This family originated in Dalbury Lees, Derbyshire (see next pedigree)
2. John Shirley m. Anne Pickfork on April 24, 1735, Mackworth, Derbyshire; Lived Dalbury Lees, Derbyshire
3. Shirley families of Marston-upon-Dove parish. Villages in the parish include Hilton and Hoon.
4. Shirley families of Hartington parish. These Shirleys appear to be related to the Shirleys of Alstonfield parish Staffordshire
5. Christopher Sharley of Heanor Derbyshire. He died and was buried on 27 May 1801 at Heanor Derbyshire. Family also lived Measham Derbs and Edingthorpe Norfolk
6. Shirley families of Ashbourne Parish. These Shirleys left wills in the late 1500s, early 1600s. There is some indication the surname was alias Cook. Not well traced as yet. NEW

Dorset Lineages

1. Thomas Shirley natural son of Mary Sharvile - Green of Seven Oaks Kent. Lived and buried Stalbridge Dorset 1797

2. William Shirley d 1545. held lands at Bagbere, Sturminster Newton, and Lydlinche Dorset. Family also lived in London.

Essex Lineages

1. Daniel Shirley, grazier of Barking, Essex, gentleman; died 1776. This family also extended to Mile End and Whitechapel Middlesex.

Gloucestershire Lineages

1. John Shirley of Moreton-in-Marsh, Glouc.; churchwarden; died 1775.

2. Shirley family of Little Compton. Very large and prosperous family as early as the 1500s (now in Warwickshire)

Hampshire and IOW Lineages

1. Thomas William Shirley b. England. Married Harriet Ann Hawkins Mar 6, 1828 in St Mary's Parish, Portsea, Hampshire England.
2. Thomas Shearly of Ringwood, Hampshire, England; His occupation was listed as a sojourner.married Cherry (Charity) Falkner on Nov 14, 1769 Ringwood , Hampshire, England. Some of the family moved ot Horsington Somerset, and then on to New Zealand
3. Shirley Families of Alverstoke Hampshire. These families are surely related to other Shirley families in nearby Gosport and Portsea?
4. John Shirley born about 1774; Living at Shorwell Hampshire in 1841 census. Some descendants moved to Canada.Haplogroup I

Herefordshire Lineages

1. The ancient Shirley family of Presteigne and Stockton (Leominster) Herefordshire. Members of Parliament. This family is also likely connected to the Shurleys of Isfield, Sussex

Hertfordshire Lineages

1. Edward Shirley of Shenley, Hertfordshire (see #1 Buckinghamshire Lineages of Thomas Shirley)

2. Edward Shirley of Chipping Barnet; undoubtedly connected to the Sherleys of Shenley and Brill (Bucks)

3. John Shirley of Rickmansworth Herts. Family moved to Bermondsey, Surrey.

Kent Lineages

1. Edward Shirley b. early 1600's lived Sutton Valence, Kent
2. William Shirley born about 1728; lived in Chatham and Rochester Kent; This family were members of the Independent Baptist Church at Rochester.
3. Nicholas Shearley born about 1720; lived in Bexley Kent.
4. William Shirley married in 1834 at Maidstone Kent. A few descendants migrated to Elgin Ontario Canada.
5. Shirleys of Stockbury Kent. A Robert Shirley (d 1631) had children in this parish; A William Shirley died here 1686. This family may be the ancestors of the Shirleys of Chart Sutton Kent.

Lancashire Lineages

1. Robert Shirley married Anne Kelley 1852 St. Nicholas Parish, Liverpool Lancashire  Haplogroup R
2. Samuel Shirley, gent. His son Samuel Francis Shirley born 1816 in Holborn MDX operated Shirley & Co cloth merchants in Manchester, Lancashire. Haplogroup I


1. Shirley Family of Long Whatton Leics. Descendants migrated to Manitoba Canada, USA (Oregon then, Los Angeles)


1. Shirley Family of Grantham and Caistor Lincolnshire. This family were notable makers of windsor chairs

Middlesex and London Lineages

1. Captain James Shirley who died in command of the Dolphin 20 on the East India station in 1774. Family was of Islington Middlesex
2. John Shirley born Manchester, Lancashire but married at St. Leonards Shoreditch MDX and lived at St George in East, Stepney MDX. Family moved to New York and Rhode Island USA.
3. Ferrers Shirley - b. ca 1735 England, wife Ann. Was "of London". He lived in  Massachusetts and New York
4. James Shirley born about 1790; grocer, lived in Highgate Middlesex. Haplogroup R
5. Capt. Thomas Sherley, of Ratcliff Stepney Middlesex. Member of the Royal Africa Company commanding the East India Merchant in 1693. He died off the coast of Africa that year.

Norfolk Lineages

1. William Shirley (b1764) and wife Mary of Hindolveston Norfolk.
2. John Shirley (b 1795) of Little Dunham Norfolk; Family lived in Shouldham, Norfolk. Some migrated to New Zealand Haplogroup R

Northamptonshire Lineages

1. Shirley Families of Upper Boddington Valentine Sherley left a will in 1644 in Northamptonshire naming his family and brother William Sherley and his family

2. Shirley Families of Loddington William Sherley left a will in 1634 in Northamptonshire naming his family

3. Shirley Families of Woodford William Sherley left a will in 1636 in Northamptonshire naming his family

4. Shirley Families of Titchmarsh Various Sherley family members left wills at Titchmarsh Northamptonshire beginning with Nicholas Sherley in 1568

Nottinghamshire Lineages

1. Richard Shirley of Kingston-on-Soar, Nottingham in 1682  

Oxfordshire Lineages

1. Shirleys of Deddington Oxfordshire A John and William Shirley raised families at Hempton Deddington in the early/mid 1800s.
2. Joseph Shirley pre- 1777, died . Wife Ann Clanvill. Family lived Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire.
3. William Shirley 1745 m. Ann Buttell of Barford St. Michael Oxfordshire. Includes a 2nd pedigree of Barford St Michael for another William born abt 1798 Haplogroup I
4. Richard Shirley married 1774 in Northleigh Oxfordshire. Family lived in nearby Kidlington DNA of his descendants match the DNA of the main USA E3b branches. Haplogroup E
5. Thomas Shirley born 1764 Family lived Witney, Ascott under Wychwood and Hailey Oxfordshire and Hounslow Middlesex. Plus, another Shirley family of Witney Oxon.
6. Shirleys of Lower Heyford Joseph Shirley born about 1777 at Lower Heyford, Oxford according to the 1851 census; He lived in Oxford, Oxfordshire in the 1820 and was a sawyer; He died 1861/1862 Oxford St. Giles, Oxford Updated 2020
7. Shirleys of Cropredy (and Bourton). Lineages of William Shirley died 1602 and Edward Shirley who died in 1791. May be related to Shirleys of Stratford on Avon Warwickshire
8. William Shirley b 1842 Adderbury, Oxfordshire; he died 9 June 1906 at Clunes, Victoria, Australia. Emigrated from Adderbury, Oxfordshire to Australia about 1863
9. Shirleys of Cogges - This family was at Cogges are early as the mid 1500s, left wills into the 1700s
10. Shirleys of Churchill, Sarsden, and Kingham - Shirleys appear in these parishes in the 1500s through 1800s
11. Shirleys of Aston Rowant - Shirleys appear here in the late 1500s, likely related to Shirleys of Ludgershall Buckinghamshire
12. Shirleys of Launton - Large Shirley family living here as early as mid 1700s; This parish is adjacent Bicester Oxon as well as Marsh Gibbon, Bucks.

Somerset Lineages

1. Thomas Shirley of Ringwood, Hampshire. Married Charity Falkner Nov 14, 1769 Ringwood. Family in Horsington, Somerset Co. England, and later in New Zealand. Haplogroup group not determined yet.

Staffordshire Lineages

1. John Shirley of Marsh House & Rewlach in Staffordshire. He was born about 1665 and d. 1746.  He married Ellen Salt about 1688. Family to Bristol, Somerset, Canada, and New York
2. Benjamin Shirley born about 1740; His children born at Bucknall, Staffordshire in the 1760s; wife Mary
3. William Shirley b. ca. 1760 Hanley, Staffordshire; He died 1808 at Bucknall; married Hannah. Descendants immigrated to Baltimore Maryland and to California. A merchant family involved in china and pottery. Haplogroup I
4. Robert Shirley 1795 Staffordshire. m. Mary __. Family lived Birmingham, Warwickshire, Hansworth, W. Bromwich, and Smethwick in Staffordshire.
5. Charles Shirley 1816 Bucknall, Staffordshire m. Alice Williamson; Also Charles Shirley of Abbots Bromley, Staffs.
6. William Shirley b. ca.1795 Staffordshire; Family lived at Hanley and Stoke on Trent; He married Prudence Plant 
7. Jesse Shirley b 1791; involved in Pottery manufacturing in Hanley Staffordshire. Sons Jesse and Henry Benjamin famous for operating Jesse Shirley & Son's bone mill in Etruria, Stoke on Trent.
8. William Shirley b ca. 1846 married Louisa Hillman. Family lived in Burslem and Wolstanton, Staffordshire. Some descendants moved to Canada
9. Shirley family of Tamworth, Staffs (and Warw). Shirleys appear in Tamworth parish as early as the 1500s. There may be a link to the Shirleys of Freyburg Maine USA
10. Shirley family of Cheddleton. John Shirley born 1826 Cheddleton, Staffs; Died December, 1886 Stoke on Trent; married Harriett Plant
11. Shirley family of Burton Upon Trent. Edward Shirley whose descendants lived in Maine USA. Joseph Shirley, gent and Richard Shirley all lived Burton upon Trent.
12. Shirley family of Bradley, near Stafford. This is an ancient family with records potentially dating back to the 1300s
13. Shirley family of Leek Staffordshire. This family exists in Leek to modern times; Clearly related to the Shirley family of Alstonfield
14. Shirley family of Brewood Staffordshire
15. William Shirley born c1738 of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
16. John Shirley born about 1770, raised his family in the parish of St Mary, Stafford, Staffordshire.

Surrey Lineages

1. William Whitney Shirley b. Jan 31, 1843 m. Charlotte Cranfield Mar 14, 1864 at All Saints, Upper Norwood; Family clearly members of the ancient Shirleys of Croydon, Surrey Updated Aug 2011
2. Joseph Shirley ca 1788 m. Mary Cox in 1814 London, lived Lambeth, Surrey.
3. William Shirley of Godstone Surrey. born about 1742; part of the ancient family of Godstone, Surrey. This family is probably distant relatives of the Shirleys of London, goldsmiths
4. William Shirley of Chertsey Surrey, waterman and brother John Shirley of Walton on Thames Surrey, waterman. Family lived at Chertsey, Walton on Thames, Stratford (West Ham) Essex and London. Lineage includes the wealthy Thomas Shirley merchant of Coleman Street London
5. Shirley families of Oxted and Titsey Surrey. These families are clearly connected to the ancient Shirley family seated at Croydon Surrey and to the Shirleys of London, goldsmiths.

Sussex Lineages

1. Shirley families of Worth, Bolney, Slaugham and other nearby parishes in Sussex. This family may be connected to the Shirley family of Oxted and Titsey parishes in Surrey (?)

2. Shirley family of Brighton and Steyning Sussex. The Shirley ancestry of this family is difficult to determine and at this point only dates back into the mid-1800s. New Haplogroup E

Warwickshire Lineages

1. William Shirley b. 1788-90 Oxfordshire, m. Ann Berry  May 14, 1817 Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire. 
2. James Shirley of Meriden, Warwickshire. Operated a bicycle shop there in the late 1880s. Was supposedly born in the London area. Likely related to Shirleys of Foleshill Warwickshire, see #5 below
3. Thomas Shirley, button maker of Birmingham, Warwickshire. Married 1759. Some family to Canada in 1912 Haplogroup I
4. Daniel Shirley 1767 married Elizabeth Walton in Stoneleigh Warwickshire in 1792
5. William Shirley of Foleshill, Warwickshire, married Martha Cooper on 9 Jan 1803 at St Lawrence Foleshill; buried 4 Sept 1809 St Lawrence Foleshill, Warw. Family includes the founders of the American Salvation Army.
6. John Shirley born Jan. 26, 1789 christened at Great Wolford parish, Warwickshire, England; came to New York in 1826 and resided in Utica, Oneida Co NY; died May 12, 1868 at the age of 80
7. John Shirley born about 1574, living St Nicholas parish in Warwick, Warwickshire. Also other Shirley families of Warwick Warwickshire
8. George Shurley born say 1677, died prior to 1730. He raised a family in Priors Marston Warwickshire
9. Shirleys of Brailes Warwickshire. This family is prominent in Brailes in the late 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s.

Worcestershire Lineages

1. Shirley Families of Worcester. John Shirley was a tailor in Worcester. His family had connections in London and in Hampshire
2. William Shirley 1798 m. Rebecca Freeman Nov 3, 1818 Blockley, Worcestershire Haplogroup I

Yorkshire Lineages

1. Thomas Shirley of Wickersley, Yorkshire. A prominent family which was supposedly originated from Chapel en le frith, Derbyshire in the 16th century. Bore the arms of Shirley of Ettington.

Ancient Shirleys of Ettington, Warwickshire

The 7 lineages listed below are for the main branch of the Shirley family dating back to 1086.  They have been presented as separate branches although these 7 are all part of one very large branch.

1. Shirleys of Ettington, Warwickshire  Haplogroup R (ancient to 1650)
2. Shirleys of Staunton Harold Hall, Leics., Lineage of the Earl Ferrers
3. Shirleys of Astwell, Northamptonshire
4. Shirleys of Wiston, Sussex
5. Shirleys of West Grinstead, Sussex
6. Shirleys of Preston, Sussex
7. Shirleys of Ote Hall, Sussex





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