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  Shirleys of Barnet
Hertfordshire, England
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This lineage re-research and verified December 2018.

Likely (but not yet proven) son of Edward Shirley of Salisbury Hall (aka Shenley Manor) Herts, yeoman
Edward Sherley
, victualler of Chipping Barnet, Herts. Clearly related to William Rolfe Shirley of Brill Bucks (chr 1762 at Brill, s/o Edward and Mary Shirley) and Lawrence Shirley of Warwick Lane, distiller of London. Edward Sherley died in 1837

21 May 1816 Copy release of legacies; Description 1) Edward Shirley of Barnet, Hertfordshire, victualler. 2) Thomas Meux, Andrew Ried, William Wigram, George Hobson, and David Hunter of Liquor Pond Street, Middlesex, brewers. 3) William Rolfe Shirley of Brill, farmer. 4) Lawrence Shirley of Warwick Lane, Newgate Street, London, distiller. A messuage in Brill formerly divided into 3 tenements but now divided into 2, a messuage with two gardens adjoining, 2 closes of 7 acres 18 perches called Church Closes, 2 closes of 12½ acres. Buckinghamshire RO Ref No D 117/18

Married Charlotte_______; Named as the mother of children christened at Chipping Barnet Hertfordshire


2(i). Thomas Sherley, gentleman chr 8 September 1784 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley;

Evidence: Thomas Sherley's son Lewis Vincent Shirley was enumerated as a 'nephew' in Frederick Shirley's 1851 census household - See 2(iv). Frederick Sherley of the Barnet Hertfordshire Sherley family below; The father of Lewis Vincent Sherley was identified as Thomas Sherley in the son's marriage record.

Married _______

Children: (others?)

3(i). Lewis Vincent Sherley, gentleman of St. Pancras parish Middlesex; Solicitor; born 1828 at Hendon Middlesex; He was living with his uncle Frederick Sherley at Ealing in the 1851 census; living at Friern Barnet parish, Middlesex in 1861; living Roath, Glamorgan (Cardiff) Wales in 1871 and 1881. He died in 1885 (Gen'l Reg) at Cardiff Glamorganshire

Shirley family of Cardiff Archives Glamorgan Record Office - Lewis Vincent Sherley was a partner in Luard and Sherley solicitors at Castle Street, Cardiff in 1871. By 1882, Luard and Sherley had moved to new offices in Albert Chambers, 26 High Street, Cardiff. By the 1890s, the firm appears to have changed its name to Shirley and Sons. The firm finally disappears from local trade directories by the 1920s.

16 September, The Will of Lewis Vincent Shirley late of Plås Newydd Cardiff in the County of Glamorgan Solicitor who died 28 June 1885 at Plås Newydd was proved at the Principal Registry by Lewis James Shirley and Walter Rayner Shirley both of 24 High-street Cardiff Solicitors the Sons the Executors, L74,243 (re-sworn 1886 L74,978)

Married Sarah Ann Sherley, on 14 Sept 1854 at St Margaret Westminster (by license); daughter of John Sherley of Shenley, farmer (see pedigrees of Buckinghamshire for the Sherleys of Shenley and Salisbury Farm)


4(i). Lewis James Sherley born about 1858 at Barnet Hertfordshire; worked as an Articled Clerk as a young man while living in Wales. Solicitor of Cardiff; Living with new wife in 1891 Wales census (with 6 servants); living in the town of Ely Wales in 1901 (wife not in household)

Oxford University: Lewis James Shirley, 1st son of Lewis Vincent, of Barnet, Herts. gent. Non-College, matic. Mar 18, 1875, aged 17.

Married Jessie ______; born about 1870 Ross, Monmouthshire Wales


5(i). Vincent C. Sherley born about 1893 at Caerau, Glamorgan, Wales. He enlisted 1915 in British tank corps in WWI. Served in France; Discharged after 3 years of service (pension records)

4(ii). Walter Rayard [Rayner] Sherley born about 1860 at Barnet Hertfordshire; living at Holliwell parish Oxford as a student in 1881 (age 21); living as a boarder in Holy Trinity parish Worc. in 1891; Occupation Solicitor; Living Leckwith Glamorgan (Cardiff) in 1901 Wales census Occupation Solicitor

Married Eliza Agnes Walker Hood on 25 July 1886 at Penarth Glamorgan; She was born about 1863; She was born at Boxwell Midlothian Scotland


5(i). Phyllis Rina Sherley born about 1888 at Penarth Glamorgan, age 12 in 1901 census; chr 15 October 1888 at Penarth Glamorgan

5(ii). Rayner Sherley born about 1892 at Leckwith Glamorgan, age 9 in 1901 census

5(iii). Beryl Ruth Evelyn Sherley born about 1896 at Leckwith Glamorgan, age 5 in 1901 census

5(iv). Olive Sheila Maryor Shirley born about 1902 at Leckwith Glamorgan, age 9 in 1911 census

2(ii). Mary Ann Sherley chr 24 October 1785 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley; She was enumerated as 'sister' in the 1851 census household of Frederick Shirley at Ealing Middlesex, age 65, born Barnet Hertfordshire.

2(iii). Edward Sherley chr 14 March 1787 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley

2(iv). Frederick Sherley chr 4 March 1788 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley; land surveyor; Lived at Ealing Middlesex in 1851 census, unmarried; His sister Mary Ann Sherley and Nephew Lewis Vincent Sherley who was born about 1828, was living in Frederick's 1851 census household at Ealing. He died Ealing on 6 Dec 1873 age 85. Nephew Charles Sherley, grocer of Torrington Place, Gordon Square was named executor of will;

2(v). Charlotte Sherley chr 29 October1789 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley

2(vi). William Sherley chr 4 February 1791 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley

2(vii). Eliza Sherley chr 19 September 1792 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley; Born at Cotheridge Hertfordshire according to 1851 census; married a Chemist in Barnet; She lived with her sister Sophia Sherley in Chipping Barnet in 1851 census, occupation: St School Mistress

2(viii). John Sherley chr 10 March 1794 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley

2(ix). George Sherley chr 20 May 1795 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley;Lived at St George Bloomsbury Middlesex in 1851, occupation: Master butcher; Lived at St George Bloomsbury in 1871 census, occupation: retired butcher; He died March 1873.

Married Sarah Sage on 21 October 1817 at Old Church St Pancras Middlesex


3(i). Julia Sherley born about 1819 Bloomsbury, Middlesex, enumerated in parent's 1841 census household; started a ladies school and a niece worked with her; She never married; lived in Isleworth Middx.; executor of aunt Sophia Sherley's 1883 will. She died 1894 age 75 Torrington Place St Giles in the Field, spinster;

3(ii). Charlotte Shirley born about 1822, enumerated in parent's 1841 census household, age 29 in parent's 1851 census household

3(iii) Eliza Sherley born about 1824, enumerated in parent's 1841 census household; Not enumerated in parent's 1851 census household; She may have married William Lawrence on 11 July 1848 at St Mary Le Strand London

3(iv). Lawrence Sherley born about 1825 at Bloomsbury MDX, based on various census records. Enumerated in parent's 1841 census household at Bloomsbury MDX; Lived at Queens Terrace Marylebone Middlesex in 1851 census, with 3 servants in the household; occupation: butcher, age 26; Lived at Brighton Sussex in 1871 census; Lived at The Hyde, Edmonton MDX as a retired Butcher in 1881; He died 1886 age 61

Married Harriett Edwards on 17 December 1850 at Old Church St Pancras Lawrence


4(i). Sarah Sherley born about 1851, age 10 in 1861 census

4(ii). Clara Sherley born about 1853 at St John's Wood MDX, age 18 in 1871 census

4(iii). Charlotte Sherley born about 1855 at St John's Wood MDX, age 16 in 1871 census; She married John Young on 13 June 1878

4(iv). Harriett Sherley born about 1856 not found in family's 1871 census household

4(v). George Sherley born about 1859 at St John's Wood MDX, age 12 in 1871 census

4(vi). Lawrence Sherley born about 1859; living with uncle Charles Sherley in 1871 census

4(vii). Margaret Sherley born about 1861 at Pentonville MDX, age 10 in 1871 census; chr 27 February 1861 at St Barnabas, South Kennington, Surrey, dau of Lawrence and Harriet Sherley

3(v). Charles Sherley born about 1829/31 at Bloomsbury, Middlesex, age 10 in parent's 1841 census household; Lived at St George, Bloomsbury Middlesex in 1861, 1871 and 1881 census; Occupation: Tea grocer; His nephew Lawrence Shirley, age 13 (b St Johns Woods MDX) was enumerated in the household in 1871; named executor of aunt Sophia Sherleys 1883 will;

Married Sophia Charlotte _____; enumerated in 1861 and 1871 census when age 42, born Streatham Surrey

apparently no children

3(vi). Henry Shirley born about 1834 at Middlesex, age 7 in parent's 1841 census household

2(x). Charles Sherley chr 14 July 1796 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley

2(xi). Sophia Sherley chr 24 April 1798 at Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire to Edward and Charlotte Shirley; Born at Barnet Hertfordshire according to 1851 census; ran a school in Barnet; Lived at Chipping Barnet in 1851 census, sister Eliza Sherley also in household;, occupation: St School Mistress; lived in Hounslow Middlesex with uncle John Sherley in 1861 census; living in 1881 at 1 Mark Cottages, Staines Road Isleworth Middlesex; She died 28 Nov 1883. Nephew Charles Sherley, grocer, and niece Julia Sherley both of Torrington Place executors of her will; She never married;

Brother of Edward Sherley of Barnet

1.ii John Sherley of Hounslow; born about 1784-6 at Shenley, Herts; living in Hounslow Parish Herts. with niece Sophia Sherley in 1861 census; died 9 Dec 1872 age 86; He named his niece Sophia Sherley, spinster of the same address in Hounslow his exectrix of his will.


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