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  Shirleys of
Noke and Deddington Oxfordshire
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info from Brian Mobley

Daniel Shirley

married Catherine Lester of Preston, Bucks. in 1799, Beckley, Oxfordshire. 


1(i). William Shirley chr May 24, 1801 Noke, Oxfordshire, England

married 1) Hannah Moorby in 1835 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England,

married 2) Mary Ann Mason in 1852.


2(i). Elizabeth Shirley chr. Mar 27, 1836 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

2(ii). Henry Shirley chr Oct 15, 1837 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

married Emma _______


3(i). William Shirley born about 1863 Fencott, Oxfordshire, England

3(ii). Harry Shirley born about 1867 Fencott, Oxfordshire, England

3(iii). Rebecca Shirley born about 1868 Fencott, Oxfordshire, England

3(iv). Emma Shirley born about 1871 Fencott, Oxfordshire, England

3(v). Alice Shirley born about 1877 Fencott, Oxfordshire, England

2(ii). Richard Shirley chr. Aug 25, 1839 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England died 1927

married 1) Ann Vincent

married 2) Sarah Wilkins


3(i). George Henry Shirley born about 1862 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

married Emily Wade Oct 18, 1886 Thame, Oxfordshire, England

3(ii). Martha Shirley born about 1865

married Martin Randall

3(iii). William Shirley born about 1867 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England 


4(i). Louise Shirley born about 1891; She married Will Hall in 1921

3(iv). Thomas James Shirley born about 1868 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

married Edith _______


4(i). Thomas Shirley born about 1894

3(v). Mary Ann Shirley born about 1869 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

married Frank Maule in 1902

3(vi). Edward Vincent Shirley born about 1877 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

3(vii). James Ernest Shirley born about 1881 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

married Rose Wheeler in 1905

2(iv) Thomas Shirley born about 1840

married Sarah ___ (she was born 1856 d. 1911)

2(v). John Henry Shirley chr Jan 29, 1843 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

married Rachel _______


3(i). William Shirley born about 1894 

married Mary Hirons

3(ii). Alice Shirley

3(iii). Emma Shirley

married Josh Barton in 1905

3(iv). Harry Shirley born about 1886 d. 1929 

married Ellen Drinkwater in 1891


4(i). John Harry Shirley born about 1891 d. 1892

2(vi). Charles Shirley chr Jan 10, 1847 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

2(vii). Ann Shirley born about 1848

married George Calcutt 

2(viii). William Shirley chr Feb 9, 1850 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

1(ii). John Shirley chr Aug 19, 1804 Noke, Oxfordshire, England, died in 1870,

married Ann Newport 1830 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England


2(i). William Shirley chr April 1, 1832, Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

married Sarah ______


3(i). Albert W. Shirley born about 1868 Cropredy, Oxfordshire, England

3(ii). Elizabeth A. Shirley born about 1870 Cropredy, Oxfordshire, England

2(ii). Thomas Shirley chr Aug 17, 1834 Oxfordshire, England

married Ann Bartlett


3(i). Thomas Edward Shirley born about 1859 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England, died 1940,

married Sarah Green (she was from Chipping Norton)


4(i). Harry Shirley born about 1882

married Caroline ______

4(ii). Edwin Shirley born about 1889

married Emily Bliss

4(iii). Edith Shirley born about 1890

married Albert Morris (They lived Swindon Wiltshire)

4(iv). Percival Shirley born about 1895 d. 1890

4(v). Kate Shirley born about 1901

married Edward Mobley

3(ii). John Shirley born about 1862 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

3(iii). Alfred Shirley born about 1868 Hempton, Oxfordshire, England

2(iii). John Shirley chr Oct. 17, 1836 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England d. 1893

2(iv). Ann Elizabeth Shirley chr Mar 7, 1843 Deddington, Oxfordshire, England

married William Gunn in 1866

2(v). Mary Shirley born about 1846

married Richard Haynes in 1870

There were at least one family by the name of Shirley in Cropredy in the 16th and 17th century who were of the working class. "THE LOWER MILL IN CROPREDY, SOUTH OF CROPREDY BRIDGE, WAS HELD OF THE BOOTHBY ESTATE BY THE SHIRLEY FAMILY; IN 1696 THE SHIRLEY'S TENANCY PASSED (probably by marriage) to John Allen of Cropredy, miller (d. 1743), whose son was William Shirley Allen." WILLIAM SHIRLEY WHO DIED IN CROPREDY IN 1695 MAY HAVE BEEN THE SHIRLEY WHO HELD THE TENANCY OF THE LOWER MILL. (from History of Oxfordshire, page 167).


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