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  Shirleys of Shinfield Parish
Berkshire, England
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May be connected to St Martin in Fields London Parish?

1. i Daniel Shirley mentioned in 1666 Will of brother Henry Shirley as having sold land in Shinfield Berks to him.

1. ii Henry Shirley He died about 1667, of Shinfield Parish

1667 Shurley, Hy [Henry] yeoman Shinfield 1667. W. Inv. 120/161 (Printed Will Transcription and Inventory) - Berkshire Probate Records 1653-1710 - 22 Jan 1667 Will of Henry Shirley of Shinfield Berkshire - Dated 4 Dec 1666. Henry Shurley of Shinfield Berks yoeman. To Rose my wife messuage Backside and Close lying in Hartley Battell in the parish of Shinfield that I had purchased of my brother Daniell Shurley. Also coppice of woodground 8 acres known as Sheet purchased of Robert Westmorland in Shinffield. 4 1/2 acres shooting down to a mead called M. Woodcock Meade being parcell of the sd land called Sheete unto John Shurley my son. To my son Daniell Shurley after wife's decease the coppice of woodground called Sheet and one close of land 6 acres lying with in Sheet gate and one other land adjoining containing 6 acres next to certain land called Plowmans land. To oldest son Henry Shurley 12 pence. To daughter Alice 12 pence. To daughter Katherine 12 pence. To daughter Rose Shurley 20 pounds after she attain age 21 years. All residue of estate to Rose my wife and make full executrix <s> Henrie Shurley, Wit John Hall, William Page, James Hall Senior.

married 1st Sarah Bennet on April 8, 1630 St. Giles, Reading, Berks Co.

married 2nd Rose _____

2. i Henry Shirley buried 11 Oct 1684 at Shinfield Berkshire; eldest son, named in the 1666 will of his father Henry Shirley.

married ?Marianna _______ about 1667

3. i Henry Shirley chr June 24, 1668 at Shinfield, Berks Co.

3. ii Martha Shirley chr July 23, 1669 at Shinfield Berks; she was buried July 7, 1669

3. iii Mary Shirley chr July 23, 1669 at Shinfield Berks; she was buried July 7, 1669

3. iv Mary Shirley chr July 31, 1670 at Shinfield Berkshire; She married William Collins 1696

3. v Elizabeth Shirley chr Jan 22, 1671 at Shinfield, Berkshire

3. vi John Shirley chr Mar 19, 1675 at Shinfield, Berkshire; He was buried June 11, 1732 at Ruscombe Berks; They lived Ruscombe, Berks Co.

married Elizabeth ___


4. i John Shirley chr March 7, 1705 At Ruscombe Berks

4. ii William Shirley chr Sept 10, 1707 at Ruscombe Berks; they lived Wargrave, Berks. Co.; He died 1780,

1739 Settlements- Rushcombe, July 18, 1739 William Shirley and wife Elizabeth to Hurst.

married Elizabeth Giles on Oct 18, 1730 at Wargrave Berks.


5. i Elizabeth Shirley chr Dec 3, 1731 at Wargrave Berks

5. ii John Shirley chr June 16, 1734 at Wargrave Berks; He was buried Sept 24, 1815 at Long Whittenham (Wargrave PR)

married Sarah Taplin on Dec 24, 1758 at Wargrave Berks


6. i Martha Shirley chr Oct 10, 1776 at Wargrave Berks

4. iii Henry Shirley chr April 30, 1709 at Ruscombe Berks (some think his name is also Ferrers Shirley, but no proof)

4. iv Thomas Shirley chr March 18, 1710; He was buried Mar 30, 1783 at Wargrave Berks

4. v Mary Shirley chr July 7, 1712, She died the same day

2. ii John Shirley named in the 1666 will of his father Henry Shurley; inherited land in Shinfield Berks

1695 Consistory Court of Salisbury - Inventory and will of John Shurley, yeoman, of Shinfield Berkshsire - P1/S/598

married Mary Portsmouth on 13 May 1681 at Shinfield Berkshire

2. iii Daniel Shirley - Lived Hurst, Berks. Co. named in the 1666 will of his father Henry Shirley; inherited land in Shinfield Berkshire

married 1st ________ about 1677

married 2nd? Anne Munday Oct 18, 1694 Bisham, Berks. Co.


3. i Abraham Shirley chr Mar 25, 1678 at Hurst; he was buried 29 Mar 1679 at Hurst Berkshire

3. ii Henry Shirley chr April 2, 1680 at Hurst Berkshire

3. iii Elizabeth Shirley chr April 5, 1681 at Hurst Berkshire

3. iv Daniel Shirley chr Dec 4, 1682 at Hurst Berkshire; They lived at Finchampstead Berkshire

1734 Will of Daniel Shurly or Sharley alias Shurley, Yeoman of Finchampstead, Berkshire 22 January 1733 PROB 11/656 - Dated 11 Jan 1732. Daniel Shurly of Finchamstead Berks yeoman. To my sister Rose the wife of John Warde all my house and land being ten acres lying in the parish of Finchampstead Berks to help maintain her during her natural life and after I give to her eldest son . To my cousin George Biddle junr an his sister Elizabeth 33 pounds that I paid of the land at Shinfield and the use for it ever since my father died to be paid by my brother Abraham Shurly. To Sarah Savage, wife of George Savage upon bond and mortgage in Swallope in Wilts. All brothers and ssters not named that pretends to have any right to anything of mine I give one shilling. All the rest I give unto my brother John Warde and his wife and eldest son (executors) <s> Daniel Shirley. Wit Edward Turner, Eliseth Simpson John Bushnell

married Elizabeth Boxell on 14 Nov 1716 at Finchampstead Berkshire


4. i Mary Shirley she was buried 8 Jan 1718 at Finchampstead Berkshire

3. v Mary Shirley chr Feb 19, 1684 at Hurst, Berkshire

3. vi Jane Shirley chr Mar 31, 1687; she was buried 2 Apr 1687 at Hurst Berkshire

3. vii Ann Shirley chr Sept 14, 1688 at Hurst Berkshire; She was buried 18 Sep 1688 at Hurst

3. viii John Shirley chr Sept 14, 1688 at Hurst; Berkshire; He was buried 18 Sept 1688 at Hurst

3. ix Rose Shirley chr June 18, 1690 at Hurst Berkshire; named in her brother Daniel Shirley's 1732 will; She married John Warde.

3. x Sarah Shirley chr Mar 9, 1691 at Hurst Berkshire

3. xi Ann Shirley chr Dec 28, 1695 at Hurst Berkshire; named in her brother Abraham Shirley's 1741 will; She married John Pidgeon. She inherited most of brother Abraham Shirley's estate.

3. xii Abraham Shirley chr April 10, 1698 at Hurst Berkshire; named in his brother Daniel Shirley's 1732 will. He inherited much of his grandfather Henry Shirley's land that was willed to his father Daniel in 1666.

1743 PCC Will of Abraham Shirley of Hurst , Berkshire 30 May 1743 PROB 11/726 LW&T dated 31 Mar 1741. To nephew John Bedwell, son of late John Bedwell. Land in Shinfield parish Berks three closes by the name of Sheets, called pond close adj to Plowmans Land by estimation 8 acres, close called Copps close adj to Mr Woodcrofts Mead 5 acres gound adj to Geo Bridgewate's ground 7 acres; John Bedwell shall pay to my neices Ann Bodwell, Eliz Bodwell. To my nephew John Piggon son of John Piggon a house and barn 2 acres of land lying in parish of White Waltham Berks aaj Littlewish Green now in occ of John Roads. John Piggon paying to his sister Ann. Tenement in Twyford. To my sister Ann Piggon and after to her daughter Ann Bedwell. Appoint Ann Huggens and Eliz Bedwall her dau my sole executors Dated 3 March 1741 <mark> Abraham Shirley. Wit: Walter [ ] Richard Drew, John Maynard. Proven 1743 by Elizabeth Bedwell (PCC 11/726 sig 180)

3. xiii Joyce Shirley chr June 29, 1701 at Hurst Berkshire; She married J'n Pidgeon 1 Feb 1722 at Hurst Berks.

3. xiv Thomas Shirley chr Feb 2, 1706/7 at Hurst Berkshire

Apprenticeships: 1724 Sherley Thomas s of Daniel to Francis Halson of Hurst cordwaner

2. iv Alice Shirley born about 1642; named in the 1666 will of her father Henry Shirley of Shinfield Berkshire; She married Thomas Round on 13 Nov 1662 at Shinfield Berkshire

2. v Katherine Shirley named in the 1666 will of her father Henry Shirley of Shinfield Berkshire;

2. vi Rose Shirley (dau. of 2nd marriage) named in the 1666 will of her father Henry Shirley of Shinfield Berkshire;




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