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  Shirleys of Alstonfield
Staffordshire England
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John Shirley of Marsh House and Rewlach Farm, Staffordshire

Research Note: Longnor was a parochial chapelry to Alstonfield Parish, Staffordshire. Also within the chapelry was Fawfield Head, Hulme End, Reaps Moor, Newtown, Wigginstall, Beresford Hall. Alstonfield had 9 townships: Alstonfield, Lower Elkstone, Upper Elkstone, Fawfield Head, Heathylee, Holinsclough, Longnor, Quarnford and Warslow.

John Shirley born about 1665 and died October 5, 1746 at Alstonfield, Staffordshire

married 1st. Ellen Salt ca. 1688 and she died May 17, 1702.

married 2nd Jane ____ She was buried Jan 5, 1731/2.

children of John Shirley and Ellen Salt:

1(i). Ellen Shirley  chr. 4 November 1690 at Sheen (twin) died 25 November 1690 at Alstonfield

1(ii). Mary Shirley  chr. 4 November 1690 at Sheen (twin). Spinster of Alstonefield Staffs. Her LW&T and inventory were probated at Lichfield 24 May 1754.

children: (illigitimate?)

2(i). Thomas Shirley born 15 August 1724 (to Mary Shirley). He died 13 May 1802 at Longnor Staffordshire

married Martha Oliver on 4 October 1753 at Alstonfield, Staffordshire


3(i). Thomas Shirley He died after 1802. Married Mary Critchlow on 29 April 1783 at Alstonfield Staffordshire

3(ii). William Shirley

3(iii). Joseph Shirley

1(iii). Catharine Shirley born 5 April 1692 at Longnor Staffordshire

1(iv). John Shirley born 2 February 1696 at Longnor Staffordshire. He died April 8, 1753 Alstonfield 

married 1st. Helen Pratt April 6, 1724 Burton on Trent, Staffordshire.  (The marriage is recorded as Johannes Shorley). She was born Oct 3, 1695. She died Dec 25, 1735.

married 2nd Mary Benison Feb 21, 1736 Alstonfield, Staffordshire.

1(v). William Shirley  born 16 June 1698 at Longnor Staffordshire

Are these his children with wife Dorothy? Dorothy may have married 2nd Joseph Wooley on 5 Nov 1734 at Alton Parish.

i Mary Shirley b 9 December 1722 Ipstones, Staffordshire; likely person who married John Brassington at Alton parish on 12 Jan 1743/4
ii John Shirley b 9 December 1722 Ipstones Staffordshire
iii Joseph Shirley b 21 October 1727 Ipstones, Staffordshire d 13 October 1789 Ipstones. May have married Ellen Shaw on 4 June 1750 at Ipstones and lived Ipstones, Staffordshire
iv Benjamin Shirley b 14 March 1728./29 Ipstones, Staffordshire. May have married Mary Robinson on 10 Dec 1754 in Ipstones and had children christened at
Bucknell cum Bagnall Stafforshire
v Ellen Shirley b 25 June 1732, Alton, Staffordshire.

1(vi). Ellen Shirley chr. Dec 27, 1701 at Longnor Staffordshire. She died 11 January 1717/18 at Alstonfield Staffordshire

children of John Shirley and Jane:

1(vii). Joseph Shirley born 17 September 1709 at Longnor Staffordshire

Previously posted: 1(vii). Joseph Shirley of Hulme; born about 1727; He died 20 June 1810, age 83, buried at Longnor Staffordshire; He is likely Joseph Shirley "of the Holmes" named as executor of the estate of his nephew Joseph Shirley in the 1810 Death Duty register.

NOTE: There is a Benjamin and Thomas on this pedigree but I have not added them as they do not really fit where listed. I will add them below and when I hear exactly where they belong on the chart above, I will add them. 

BENJAMIN  m. Ann Wardel Mar 26, 1753 Alstonfield


1. Thomas

......and then it looks like Benjamin may have married 2nd Martha

2. Elizabeth bpt. May 25, 1731

Thomas Shirley (were these folks of Hulme farm?)

married Martha Oliver Oct 5, 1753 Alstonfield


1. Benjamin Shirley chr. Sept 2, 1763 at Alstonfield (s/o Thomas and Martha)

Shirleys of The Holme/Hulme Farm, Fawfieldhead, Longnor

Freereg baptisms 1779 -

1871 Aug 27 - Sarah Elizabeth chr to Joseph Shirley and Lydia, farmer of The Hulmes at St Bartholomew Longnor

Freereg burials

1802 May 13 - Thomas Shirley of Holms at St Bartholomew, Longnor

1810 June 22 - Joseph Shirley of Holmes, age 83 at St Bartholomew Longnor (b c1727) A Joseph chr 1727 to Wm and Dorothy at Ipstones

1842 Sep 17 - Ann Shirley of Hulmes, age 85 at St Bartholomew Longnor (b c1757)

1856 Mar 19 - Joseph Shirley of Hulmes, age 70 at St Bartholmew Longnor (b c1786)

Familysearch - none

Shirley Research Burials

1787 Nov 1 Martha Shirley of Holmes

1798 Mar 27 Thomas son of Benjamin Shirley of Hulme

1798 May 2 Benjamin Shirley of Hulme (same as freereg)

1802 May 13 Thomas of Hulme (same as freereg)

1810 Jun 22 Joseph Shirley 83 yrs. of Hulme (same as freereg)


November 01 1810 Death Duty for the estate of Joseph Shirley late of Alstonfield in the county of Staffordshire, yeoman. Joseph Shirley of the Holmes in the parish of Alstonfield executor.



This was not an easy project and could contain some errors! The info was in 3 different places and didn't always agree. I used IGI to double check but not all could be found in there either.  


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