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  Shirleys of Waterfall
Staffordshire England
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3(ii). Joseph Shirley of Waterfall, grocer; born: 8 May 1770 at Longnor, England; died: 13 Apr 1842 at Waterfall, England. He was a Methodist. Shirleys of Waterfall, Staffs.

Will of Joseph Shirley, grocer: Premises to wife Susannah for life. Contents to Susannah absolutely. 7 pounds per annum to son John; small amounts to: Mary, wife of Thomas Whieldon, daughter Susannah Buxton, wife of John Buxton, son Emmanuel Shirley, "Standales" in Calton to William Shirley & son-in-law Thomas jointly. This Will was written 18/2/1834, proved 1842.

Memorial Inscription at SS James & Bartholomew's Churchyard Waterfall parish church: Joseph Shirley, 13 April 1842, 71; Susannah, wife, 15 Jan 1865, 82; John, son, 27 July 1865, 50

married Susanna Brunt on Jan 10, 1799 at Alstonfield parish, Staffordshire


4(i). Mary Shirley chr 11 Oct 1799 at Alstonefield, Staffs; died: 2 Jun 1877 at Ipstones, Staffs; She married Thomas Whieldon in 1826.

4(ii). Sarah Shirley chr Mar 18, 1801

4(iii) Joseph Shirley chr May 23, 1802 at Waterfall, Stafford died: 20 Apr 1808 at Alstonefield

4(iv). William Shirley chr Aug 12, 1804 at Waterfall; Living with parents in 1841 census; died: 9 Oct 1876 at Waterfall

7 February 1876. The Will of William Shirley late of Waterfall. in the County of Stafford Yeoman who died 3 October 1876 at Waterfall was proved at Lichfleld by Enoch Shirley of Cauldon in the said County Farmer the Nephew one of the Executors, L600

4(v). Martha Shirley chr  Dec 22,1807 at Waterfall; Living with parents in 1841 census; died: 1888 at Waterfall

4(vi). Susannah Shirley chr Dec 22, 1807 at Waterfall; died: 2 Nov 1868 at Christchurch, New Zealand; m. 1829 to John Buxton

There is a suburb of Christchurch NZ called Shirley named after Susannah Shirley Buxton who arrived on The Mermaid in 1862. She was born 1806 Susannah Shirley in Waterfall Staffordshire and married a Buxton. She emigrated to follow her son who had come earlier and brought the rest of her family with her. She died a few years later but her son had done well as a sadler and farmer and she asked him to dedicate some land to a Methodist Church bearing the Shirley name, in her memory. He did this and now today the whole area is known as Shirley.

4(vii). Elizabeth Shirley chr 3 December 1809 at Waterfall; Living with parents in 1841 census; died: 1893 at Waterfall

4(viii). Thomas Shirley born abt 1811; died: 14 Dec 1811 at Alstonefield

4(ix). Edith Shirley chr 11 April 1813 at Waterfall; died: 1847 at Waterfall

4(x). Samuel Shirley chr 11 April 1813 at Waterfall Staffordshire; He died: 17 Jul 1873 at Waterfall;

married Lucinda Coxon in 1836 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. She died a week after the birth of Honore

Memorial Inscription at SS James & Bartholomew's Churchyard Waterfall parish church: Lucinda, wife of Samuel Shirley, 9 July 1841, 24 Honore Susanna, daughter, 20 Nov 1841, 6 mths


5(i). Enoch Shirley chr 3 Mar 1838 at Waterfall Parish; Living with Shirley grandparents in 1841 census age 3; Living at Waterfall Staffordshire in 1871 census. He was a farmer of 47 1/2 acres at Mill House, Cauldon in 1881; the family employed 3 servants in the household. He died 1912 at Ashbourne Derbyshire.

married 1st Mary Ellen Hall on 27 February 1867 at Waterfall, Staffordshire

married 2nd Hannah Lees in Okeover in 1888 and had two children. 


6(i) Mary Ann Shirley born about 1868 in Waterfall parish, Staffs., age 13 in 1881 census. She is not in the family residence in the 1871 census

6(ii) William Shirley born 10 April 1869 in Waterfall, Staffs.; age 11 in 1881 census. William and his family came to Brisbane Queensland on the Ship Themistocles, arriving on 10 April 1911 with four children. He and his wife Jessie had another five children once in Queensland. He died in Queensland Australia in 1961, age 92 Shirleys of Queensland Australia

married Jessie Hayes of Calton in Mayfield, Staffordshire on 12 February 1901 at Blore Staffordshire. She died in 1949 in Queensland Australia. She was the daughter of Joseph Hayes and Elizabeth Percival.


7(i). William Shirley born 1902 in England, arrived in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 10 April 1911

7(ii). Enoch Joseph Shirley born 1904 in England, arrived in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 10 April 1911

7(iii). Edgar Shirley born 1906 in England, arrived in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 10 April 1911

7(iv). Dorothy Edith Shirley born 1909, christened 20 August 1909 at Blore parish, Staffordshire England, arrived in Brisbane Queensland Australia on 10 April 1911

7(v). Frederick Clifford Shirley born 1912 in Queensland Australia. He was killed by a train at a local railway station in 1918, age about 6

7(vi). Robert Cecil Shirley born 1914 in Queensland Australia

Ancestor of DNA Participant - Kit #20430

7(vii). Eric John Shirley born 1917. He died in 1943 in a Prisoner of War Camp in Burma

7(viii). Jesse born in 1918. His nickname was Blue. He died in 2003. Occupation: House Painter

7(ix). Stephen Shirley born in 1924. He died in 2013. He worked with horses most of his life, for example, breaking them in

6(iii) Lucy Shirley born about 1872 in Waterfall Staffs., age 9 in 1881 census

6(iv) Samuel Shirley born about 1877 in Cauldon Staffs, age 4 in 1881 census; Died in England

married Mary Elizabeth Hayes on 18 December 1900 at Blore Staffordshire. She was the daughter of Joseph Hayes.

6(v) Alfred Shirley born after 1871 census

5(ii). Mary Shirley chr 16 Jul 1839 at Waterfall Staffordshire

5(iii). Honour Susanna Shirley chr 31 May 1841 at Waterfall Staffordshire. She died 20 Nov 1841, age 6 mos

4(xi). John Shirley chr Sept 22, 1814 Waterfall Staffordshire; Living with parents in 1841 census. He died: 27 Jul 1865 at Waterfall

4(xii). Emmanuel Shirley chr 9 Jul 1816 at Waterfall Staffordshire; He was a saddler and collar maker in 1881 census; He died after 1914;

married Sarah Oakley; She was born at Calton in Blore


5(i). Harriott Susanna Shirley chr 25 Oct 1840 at Waterfall parish, Staffs.

5(ii). William Oakley Shirley chr 19 Jun 1842 at Waterfall parish, Staffs. The 9 January 1874 London Gazette reported his bankruptcy operating as a saddler, dressmaker and milliner at Brighouse Yorkshire. He was living at Burnley Lancashire in 1911 census, age 68. He was buried at Burnely on 21 February 1922

married Sarah Ann _____. She was buried next to William Oakley Shirley at Burnley Lancashire on 13 July 1912. (this may be William's Sister?)

5(iii). Edith Hannah Shirley chr 25 Dec 1844 at Waterfall parish, Staffs.; died 1849

5(iv). Sarah Ann Shirley chr 1851 at Waterhouses, Staffs., age 29 in 1881 census

5(v). Joseph Shirley chr 6 May 1854 at Waterhouses Staffs. , age 26 in 1881 census

5(vi). George Shirley chr 26 May 1857 at Waterhouses, Staffs. age 23 in 1881 census. He was a boarder in the household of John R Percival in the 1901 Waterfall census. Employee at IIlam parish Derbyshire in 1911 census, age 53.

5(vii). Arthur Shirley born 1860

4(xiii). Jesse Shirley chr 3 May 1818 at Waterfall; Living with parents in 1841 census. Lived at Ipstones parish in 1871; farmer of 180 acres at Ipstones in 1881 census; Moved his family to Alton parish Staffordshire sometime after 1881, lived at Townhead farm until his death. He was buried at St Peter Alton parish on 25 September 1888, age 70.; Jesse was a farmer

1888 August 27 Monday - Diary of John Alcock - "To Alton Towers Flower Show with Bert in Frank Tipper's trap? Cost about 7 shillings for the day's outing and a most miserable afternoon - rain without ceasing. Nowhere to get out of the rain at the Towers so went and sat at the Shrewsbury Arms till coach started. Bert and I went up to see Jessie Shirley but found the old man very ill."

Comment posted on the above blog source: "Jesse Shirley mentioned was born 1818 in Waterfall. He originally farmed at Winkhill Bank, Ipstones, but sometime after 1881 he and his wife (Mary Naylor from Wetton) and their family moved to Townhead farmhouse, Alton. Jesse died at Townhead Farmhouse shortly after this visit."

Townhead Farmhouse, Alton Parish, Staffordshire. Home of Jesse Shirley family in the 1880s.

married Mary Naylor on 6 April 1854 at Leek Parish, Staffordshire


5(i). Susanna Shirley born about 1856 at Ipstones parish, age 15 in 1871, not residing with parents in 1881 census

5(ii). Joseph Shirley chr 8 November 1857 at Ipstones parish; age 13 in 13 in 1871, age 23 in parents' 1881 census household "farmer's son".

Alton Parish MI - Joseph SHIRLEY, of Alton, 19 Aug 1932, 74; Caroline, wife, 10 March 1931, 81

5(iii). Sarah Ann Shirley chr 27 January 1860 at Ipstones parish, age 11 in 1871, not residing with parents in 1881 census

5(iv). Mary Shirley chr 12 January 1862 at Ipstones parish, age 9 in 1871, age 19 in parents' 1881 census household

5(v). Jesse Thomas Shirley chr 13 March 1864 at Ipstones parish, age 7 in 1871, age 17 in parents' 1881 census household

5(vi). Martha Elizabeth Shirley chr 22 July 1866 at Ipstones parish, age 4 in 1871, age 15 in parents' 1881 census household

5(vii). William Richards Shirley born about 1870 at Ipstones parish, age 0 in 1871, age 11 in parents' 1881 census household. He was buried at Alton parish, Staffordshire on 30 October 1902, age 32

5(viii). Edwin Shirley chr 21 July 1872  Ipstones, Staffordshire; age 9 in 1881 census. Enumerated at Holbrook Farm in 1901 census. He died on 7 October 1938 at Highfields Farm, Rocester, near Uttoxeter Staffordshire. Buried at Alton parish on 10 October 1838.

married Annie Smith on 24 May 1894 at Croxden, Staffordshire

Edwin and Annie Shirley


6(i). Mary E Shirley born about 1895 at Alton parish, age 6 in 1901 census

6(ii). Jesse Shirley born Sept 13, 1896 Fargylow, Alton, Staffordshire. He served in WWI, private S Staffordshire Regiment.

married Mabel Nash on 23 September 1918 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Uttoxeter.


7(i). Edna Annie Shirley born 1919. She died in 1990

7(ii). Edwin Henry Shirley (father of Diane Lang) born 28 March 1922. He died 29 June 1982

7(iii). Jesse Shirley born November 1931

6(iei). Sarah Shirley born about 1898 at Alton Staffordshire, age 3 in 1901 census

6(iv). Harriet M. Shirley born about 1900 at Alton Staffordshire, age 8 months in 1901 census

6(iv). Albert Edwin Shirley born 19 March 1902.

4(xiv). Harriett Shirley chr 10 October 1822 at Waterfall, Staffordshire


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