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  Shirleys of St Nicholas Liverpool


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(note: 25 marker DNA of descendant matches exactly descendants of USA Branch #19 Walter Shirley)

George Shirley - farmer (named as father in marriage documents of son Robert) Nothing more known

married ______________


1(i). Robert Shirley, listed in marriage documents as a mariner; father as a farmer. Died between 1858 and 1861. Nothing more known.

married Anne Kelley Jan 14, 1851 in St. Nicholas Parish, Liverpool, Lancashire. She is found in 1861 census in Liverpool living with mother. Widow with 2 children named.


2 i. George (Robert) Shirley - born April 18, 1852 (named Robert in census records). Dead by 1901. Ancestor of DNA participant #44023

married Elizabeth _____ age 25 in 1881 b Liverpool


3.i Mary Shurley age 5 in 1881 b Liverpool

3.ii John Shurley age 1 in 1881 b Liverpool

3.iii Elizabeth Shurley age 1 mo. in 1881 b Liverpool

3. and others

2 ii. John Shirley - born about 1858. Age 3 in 1861 census



1861 Liverpool Lancashire Census - Scotland Civil District

1 Princes Walk

Bridget Kelley age 80 b Ireland Needlewoman
Bridget Byrnes age 28 b Ireland dau
Ann Shirley age 30 b Ireland dau
Robert Shirley age 7 b Liverpool grandson
John Shirley age 3 b Liverpool grandson
Joseph Rymer age 5 b Liverpool grandson

1871 Liverpool Lancashire Census - Scotland Civil District

29 Sherwood Street

Andrew White age 45 b Ireland Laborer at Dock
Sarah White age 45 b Ireland
Sarah White age 12 b. Liverpool daughter
Andrew White age 9 b Liverpool son; scholar
Robert Shearley age 18 b Liverpool nephew; carter
John Shearley age 13 b Liverpool nephew

1881 Liverpool Lancashire Census - Scotland Civil District

2 Ivy Terrace

Robert Shurley age 28 b Liverpool; carter
Elizabeth Shurley age 25 b Liverpool
Mary Shurley age 5 b Liverpool
John Shurley age 1 b Liverpool
Elizabeth Shurley age 1 mo. b Liverpool
James Leigh age 50 boarder b Liverpool

1891 Liverpool Lancashire Census - Scotland Civil District

16 Ascot Street

Robert Sherley age 39 b Liverpool carter
Elizabeth Sherley age 35 b Liverpool
Mary Sherley age 15 scholar b Liverpool
John Sherley age 12 scholar b Liverpool
Elizabeth Sherley age 9 scholar b Liverpool
Ann Sherley age 5 b Liverpool
James Sherley age 3 b Liverpool

Looking for this family in 1851 Census

Robert and Ann Shirley not found

Is this the Mother's household in 1851?

82 Grosvenor Street (All Saints Parish) Liverpool
(note: the info is marked through and names switched in the enumeration, therefore the relations are more likely children of Bridget Kelly, not sister or brother)

Bridget Kelly age 69 b Ireland hardware dealer
Honowo? Kelly age 45 sister
Mary Kelly age 36 sister
John kelly age 28 brother
Bridget Kelly age 18 niece
Sarah Kelly age 16 niece
Michael Kelly age 8 nephew

(next door to Michael Raymer/Rayner- see above)


Hello Betty Thanks for your email,we shall see what happens with the other
13 markers,its getting interesting.With regards to Robert Shirley who married Ann kelly
ihave found her on the1861 census living at 1 Princes Walk Liverpool with
her mother and 2 children and she is a widow.The 2 childrens names are
Robert[ who was actually christened George ,Ihave his birth certificate 18
04 1852] the other child is John aged 3.The spelling was given as Sherley.
I shall now try to find out when he died. Bye for now.

- Tony

August 10 2007

Hi Betty, Sorry for the delay in responding! I don't use the e-mail account you sent to much these days and I only had occasion to check it just now. As far as the research goes, well... it doesn't go unfortunately. Myself and my relation Tony Shirley, also from Liverpool and who I believe you've also been in contact with, have been meeting quite reguarly to try and work on it, with no result. Basically we're still stuck at the Robert Shirley m. Anne Kelly in 1851 in Liverpool. His father is listed as George Shirley, a farmer. Where he was a farmer is the thing. We've been unable to find them anywhere on the 1851 census so we don't know whereabouts he's from. And by 1861 Anne Shirley (Kelly) is listed as a widow. In the intervening 10 years there is simply no death certificate for him. Nor in the death's at sea register's (he's listed as a mariner on his marriage certificate). We've tried so many endless lines of inquiry, the merchant navy records don't even have any record of any such man ever being a sailor. It's rather dispiriting to hit a brickwall only so recently in the past. We just need something with his place of birth on it. What's so frustating is to have all the positive DNA matches with the American brances #19 and #62. Obviously our ancestor is a relation to the Walter Shirley who went to America and founded those branches. What we're really hoping for at this point is a DNA match with someone else in Britain, so we can have some clue as to where our branch is from, before Robert Shirley decided to come to Liverpool. Obviously all the parish records we need to trace back to Walter Shirley are there, but in what parish! Plus I've just very recently moved to Massachusetts so I'm out of touch with all the primary records back home. So that's the news really, no news. Hopefully something will turn up one of these days.

- Andrew

August 11 2007

Hi Betty, I'm sorry! I didn't realise anyone was going to be looking into this, I could have sent all this info to save the effort. I've also got loads and loads of baptism and marriage entries from the Catholic parish registers to back it all up. The main problem is finding them on the 1851 census, not trusting the search engine very much I took the address off their marriage certificate (only given as a street, no house number) and searched all the census returns at Liverpool Record Office. Which are much easier to search by street than ancestry, but no luck. And since the census was taken only two months after they were married I thought they may well have been there. Anyway, everything on your e-mail is accurate. This is the 1901 census for the main branch you were following if it's of any use:

-1901 Census
36 Summer Street; CP: Liverpool; EP: St. James the Less; Ward: North Scotland
Elizabeth Shirley - Head - 44 - Widowed - Liverpool, Lancashire - Fish Hawker - Own Account
Ann Shirley - Daughter-in-law - 19 - Married - Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Shirley - Granddaughter - 1 - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire
Robert Shirley - Grandson - 6 months - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire
Ann Shirley - Daughter - 14 - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire
James Shirley - Son - 13 - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire
Joseph Shirley - Son - 5 - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Whitelaw - Boarder - 69 - Married - Scotland - Pensioner
Elizabeth Whitlelaw - Wife - 61 - Married - Ireland
Jane Todd - Servant - 19 - Single - Liverpool, Lancashire

Oh, something else, when your assistant says "Anyway, my new find for the 1871 census gives us an "uncle" named Andrew White. Either he's mother Ann Kelly's sister's husband (maternal uncle to the 2 kids), or he's father Robert Shirley's brother in law (paternal uncle to the 2 kids)." It's definitely Ann Kelly's sister's husband. Here's their marriage info:

-Marriage Register
Our Lady and St. Nicholas, Liverpool
When Married: January 2nd, 1854
Name: Andrew White - Sarah Kelly
Age: Full - Full
Condition: Bachelor - Spinster
Rank or Profession: Mariner
Residence at time of Marriage: Saltney St. - Saltney St.
Father's Name: Andrew White - Peter Kelly
Rank or Profession of Father: Shipwright - Farmer
In the presence of: John Ledger, Elizabeth Sullivan

Interestingly they put the same address (Saltney Street) as Robert Shirley and Anne Kelly on theirs three years earlier. Which makes why I can't find them in 1851 all the more annoying. We've definitely tried every variation of Shirley possible. Me and Tony have been at this for so many years. When you get back so many centuries on other branches of your family but can't get anywhere on the Shirley's (which all things considered I'm the most interested in) it's very frustrating. I really, really, really hope you can come up with something new, but like I say me and Tony (we're both from Liverpool, he's my mother's first cousin) have been banging our heard against this particular wall for ages. Sigh... :-( Oh yeah, this is the marriage info for Robert Shirley and Anne Kelly, which is basically all we have to go on, thanks again for all your help, I so wish I could trace the line back to Walter Shirley who goes to America, take care,

- Andrew.




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