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Shirleys of
Birmingham, Warwickshire


Thomas Shirley he was a button maker

married Mary Anne Forsebrook on Feb 26, 1759 St. Phillips, Birmingham. She was chr. Apr 25, 1737 St. Martins, Birmingham  


1(i). Thomas Shirley chr. Apr 8, 1765 St. Phillips, Birmingham, He was a button burnisher

married Mary Brookes on 25 Aug 1783


2(i). Thomas Shirley chr. Dec 29, 1784 St. Phillips, Birmingham

married Susanna Marston on May 5, 1806 at St Martin, Birmingham; She is living with son George Shirley in 1861 "mother in law"


3(i). George Shirley chr. July 27, 1807 St. Phillips, Birmingham; Enumerated at Aston Manor, Aston, Warwickshire in 1871; He was a silver plate worker

married Elizabeth Harrison on May 5, 1829 at St. Marys, Handsworth, Staffordshire


4(i). Selina Shirley b: 1831 living in parent's household in 1871

4(ii). Elizabeth Shirley b: 1834 living in parent's household in 1871

4(iii). William Shirley b: 1836; William Shirley born 1835/6 the son of George Shirley and wife Selina (Rhode Island death certificate); He and his son William Thomas Shirley were silversmiths in Rhode Island. born 1855 at St Mathias Birmingham Eng son of William and Emily Shirley and who immigrated to Boston Mass in 1880; He lived in Providence Rhode Island. William Thomas Shirley married Ann Maria Round Sept 1880 at Aston Warwickshire. In 1911, William and wife Anna Maria (named) are taxed in Providence RI

4(iv). Jane Shirley b: 1841

4(v). Mary Ann Shirley b: 1843

4(vi). John Shirley b: 1845 at Kings Norton

married Sarah Ann McGuire on May 26, 1866 Mt. Zion Chapel. She was b: 1846 Halesowen


5(i). Alonzo John Shirley b: 1865

5(ii). Christopher Shirley b: 1868

5(iii). Florence Shirley b: 1870

5(iv). Lilian Shirley b: 1871

5(v). Eveline Shirley b: 1871

5(vi). Frances Shirley b: 1873

5(vii). Albert Shirley b: 1874

5(viii). Frederick Shirley b: 31 Jan 1876 Districts of Aston & Erdington, Birmingham, Immigrated to Canada in 1912

married Mary Jane Armstrong on Oct 10, 1901 Weslyan Chapel. She was b: 1881 Smethwick -


6(i). Frederick Shirley b: 1903 Birmingham

6(ii). Joseph Shirley b: 1906 Birmingham

6(iii). Raymond Shirley b: 1920 Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada, d. 1981

married Donelda Spencer on Aug 7, 1948, Parents of member Jay Shirley and wife Karen.

5(ix). Bertram Shirley b:1882

3(ii). Mary Anne Shirley born Sept 9, 1809, chr Mar 6, 1810 Saint Phillips, Birmingham

3(iii). Hannah Shirley born Nov 3, 1811, chr. Sept 25, 1812 Saint Martin, Birmingham

3(iv). Thomas Shirley born April 7, 1814, at Summer Lane, Birmingham; chr. Jan 2, 1815 St. Phillips, Birmingham

married Jane Young on June 1, 1834


4(i). Thomas Shirley b: Sept 5, 1834, regimental gunsmith 82nd Sth Lancashire Regiment


5(i). Thomas Shirley 1854

4(ii). William Shirley b: July 6, 1836, jeweler,

married Ann Caney

4(iii). Jane Shirley b: 1838

4(iv). Samuel Shirley b: 1840, jeweler,

married Martha _____

4(v). Frederick Shirley b: 1842, gunfinisher

4(vi). Hannah Shirley b: 1854

4(vii). Frances Shirley b: 1857

3(v). John Shirley b: 1816

3(vi). William Shirley b: 1820

3(vii). Harriet Shirley chr 30 May 1828 at St Phillips, Birmingham

3(viii). Emma Shirley b: 1822

3(ix). Jane Shirley b: 1824

2(ii). Elizabeth Shirley chr Feb 28, 1789 St. Phillips, Birmingham

2(iii). Mary Shirley chr Aug 25, 1788 St. Phillips, Birmingham

2(iv). John Shirley

1(ii). Elizabeth Shirley chr. July 18, 1774 St. Phillips, Birmingham

1(iii). Mary Shirley chr. July 18, 1774 St. Phillips, Birmingham

1(iv). John Shirley chr, Oct 2, 1767 St. Phillips, Birmingham


More family info... from Karen and Jay Shirley

George age 44 Silver Plate Worker -living at Bridge St. West, Birmingham. (1851 Census)
Elizabeth age 46 Wife
Selina age 20 Hand Burnisher
Elizabeth age 17
William age 15 Silver Plate Worker
Jane age 10 scholar
Mary Ann age 8 scholar
John age 6 scholar

William (John's brother) age 44 Jeweller -living at 105 Wheeler St. in Birmingham. (1881 Census)
Ann age 43 Jewellers Wife
Annie age 22 Engraver Artz
William age 16 Jeweller
Emma CANEY age 12 -niece
George (John's father) age 74 W Silver Brazier -living at No 107 Wheeler St. Aston, Birmingham (1881 Census)
Selina age 50 Silver Polisher U
Elizabeth age 47 U
John - Electro Plater m: 26 May 1866 Sarah Ann McGuire in the Mount Zion Chapel (baptists)
-her parents are Michael and Sarah McGuire
-Michael, a Chelsea Pensioner was born in Canada

John age 36 Painter and Glazier -living at 125 New Spring St., Birmingham (1881 Census)
Sarah A. age 36 Wife
Alonzo John Ward age 16 painter c: 1 Oct 1865 Saint Mark, Birmingham
Christopher age 13 errand boy c: 14 June 1868 Saint Mark, Birmingham
Florence age 11 scholar c: 14 June 1868 Saint Mark, Birmingham
Lilian age 10 scholar c: 12 Dec 1869 Saint Mark, Birmingham
Evelyn age 9 scholar c: 25 June 1871 Saint Mark, Birmingham
Francis E. age 9 scholar
Albert E. age 7 scholar
Frederick J. age 5 scholar b: 31 Jan 1876 -in the Districts of Erdington and Aston, Birmingham
Bertram b: 20 Jan 1882 c: 24 Feb 1884

Alonzo m: 1886 Birmingham to Ada Ella Docker (1901 Census)
Children: Alick A. b: 1887
Bertram F. D. b: 1889
Mary F. b: 1895
Florence m: Sep 1901 to William Barrows -Florence was a housekeeper for William
Albert E. m: in Birmingham to Edith -immigrated to Regina, Saskatchewn in 1912
Frederick James b: 31 Jan 1876 in Birmingham d: 22 Apr 1939 Port Arthur, ON
m: 10 Oct 1901 Mary Jane Armstrong in the Wesleyan Chapel in Erdington, District of Aston, Birmingham
Frederick James (Jr.) b: 10 Jan 1903 Aston and Erdington, Birmingham d: 1944 Port Arthur, ON
Joseph Henry (Harry) b: 3 Oct 1906 Aston and Erdington, Birmingham d: 1978 Thunder Bay, ON
Raymond b: June 1920 Port Arthur, ON d: 28 Aug 1981 Thunder Bay, ON

Frederick joined The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry at Bodmin, Cornwall, 1 Dec 1891. You can see clearly where his age had been changed from 16 to 18 yrs old. Next of kin was left off. He transfered to the Royal Field Artillery as a Driver and was sent to India for three years. We have his Army Temperance Medals from India. "Watch and Be Sober" is on the backside of one medal. On his return to Leeds Chapeltown Barracks, he was transferred to the 94th Battery RFA and sent to Clonmel, Ireland, Dec 1899. He was completely discharged 30 Apr 1903.

Frederick and Mary Jane immigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1912, with their two sons. Frederick joined the 46th Battalion Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force on 31 Mar 1915. He was discharged Sep 1915 as medically unfit. Chronic Rheumatism in legs and feet and unable to walk, the result of climatic conditions and exposure whilst on Active Service. Frederick was given a one year pension of $132 Cdn. They then moved to Port Arthur, Ontario in 1916.



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