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  Shirleys of Croydon
Surrey England
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The Shirleys of Croydon date back to medieval days. The following is the earliest proven lineage. More work needs to be done to extend the lineage further.

William Shirley, cornfactor and seedsman of Croydon, Surrey, PCC will probated 1794

1794 Will of William Shirley, Cornfactor and Seedsman of Croydon , Surrey 04 February 1794 PROB 11/1242 (page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7) I give to the use of all others my sons and daughters living at my decease (except my son John Shirley) their respective heirs forever equally to be divided between them other than my said daughter Elizabeth...To my daughter Mary Hayne wife of John Hayne....hundred pounds unto each of the six children which my said son William no whath by his said wife Sarah (that is to say, William, Mary, Sarah, George, Martha, and Jane)...grandaughter Ann Newton, grandson William Newton, grandaughters Elizabeth and Mary Haines, to my daughter Elizabeth Newton (wife of William Newton of Croydon, cornfactor and seedsman.), to my daughter Mary Haines (wife of John Haines). John Brooks, Francis Meager, and Robert Meager Executors. Dated 16 July 1793 <s> Wm Shirley, Wit: James Demster, Robt Osborn, Tho Baker atty Croydon

1794 Dec 13 - London Gazette (pg 8) - Croydon Common, Dec 15 1794; All persons who have any demands on the estate of the late Mr. William Shirley, of Croydon in the county of Surry, corn dealer, deceased are desired to deliver their accounts in order to their being settled to John Brookes esq, of Croydon Common in the county of Surry; and those who are to the said estate are requested to pay the same to the said John Brookes, executor to his will.

married _____________


1(i). William Shirley of Croydon, Surrey; named in the 1794 will of his father; possibly the William Shirley buried at Croydon on 1 October 1807.

"Insolvent Debtors; Prisoners in Ludgate, City of London; Third Notice; William Shirley, formerly and late of Croydon, in the County of Surrey, Taylor." London Gazette, published on the 1 July 1809. Page 20

married Sarah ______


2(i). Mary Shirley born 1 Oct 1782; chr 3 Oct 1782 Croydon, Surrey, England; named in the 1794 will of her grandfather William Shirley; She married Thomas Head on 11 Sept 1804 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey.

2(ii). William Whitney Shirley of Croydon, Surrey; born 22 Feb 1784; christened 29 Feb 1784 Croydon, Surrey, England; named in the 1794 will of his grandfather William Shirley.

married Sarah _____


3(i). William Whitney Shirley - christened Dec 15 1815 at St. John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey;

married Ann_____


4(i) William Whitney Shirley - christened Jan 31, 1843 at St. John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; Lived at Carshalton parish Surrey in 1891 census.

married Charlotte Cranfield Mar 14, 1864 at All Saints, Upper Norwood, Surrey.


5(i). Emily [Emma Anne] Shirley - b 11 Feb 1866 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; christened 25 Mar 1866

5(ii). Charlotte Harriett Shirley - b 27 Apr 1868 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; christened 19 Jul 1868

5(iii). William Shirley born about 1871, age 0 in 1871 census.

5(iv). Albert Shirley

5(v). Fred Shirley

5(vi). Horace Charles Shirley christened Feb 18, 1884 Croydon, Surrey.

5(vii). Horace Charles Shirley christened 1 March 1885 at Carshalton Surrey son of William Witney Shirley and wife Charlotte

married Amy Paice May 27, 1911 All Saints Church, Carshalton, Surrey.


6(i). Henry Charles Shirley born about 1916

5(viii). George Henry Shirley

married Charlotte Ede on 12 September 1898 at Carshalton Surrey

5(ix). Frank Shirley

4(ii) Ann Shirley She married Edward Lander Mar 7, 1869 All Saints, Upper Norwood, Surrey

3(ii). George Shirley - christened 11 Nov 1818 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey; He lived on Myrtle Street Croydon in 1851; Occ: painter journeyman; age 52 in 1871 census

married Amelia ______ age 52 in 1871 census


4(i). Amelia Shirley born about 1846, age 5 in 1851 census

4(ii). Ellen Shirley born about 1848, age 3 in 1851 census

4(iii). Mary Ann Shirley born about 1851, age 0 in 1851 census

4(iv). Thomas Shirley chr 29 September 1859 at Christ Church, Croydon Surrey; parents George and Amelia Shirley resident of nearby Addington Surrey

4(v). George A Shirley born about 1855 at Croydon Surrey, age 16 in 1871 census, age 26 in 1881 census; Occ: Green grocer at 18 Broad Green, Croydon; Niece Amelia Baker age 9 living in HH in 1881

married Katherine _____ She was age 30 in 1881, born Gravesend Kent

4(vi). James Shirley born about 1857 at Croydon Surrey, age 14 in 1871 census

3(iii). John Shirley - christened 23 Aug 1820 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey

3(iv). Jane Shirley - christened 15 Oct 1824 St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey [to "Cale William Whitney Shirley and Sarah]

2(iii) Sarah Anne Shirley born 30 May 1786; chr 18 Jun 1786 Croydon, Surrey, England; named in the 1794 will of her grandfather William Shirley; She married John Horner [?Winn] 25 Nov 1810 at St John the Baptist, Croydon, Surrey

2(iv). George Shirley born 7 Nov 1788; chr 23 Nov 1788 Croydon, Surrey, England; named in the 1794 will of his grandfather William Shirley

2(v). Martha Shirley born 26 Nov 1790; chr 18 Dec 1790 Croydon, Surrey, England; named in the 1794 will of her grandfather William Shirley

2(vi). Jane Shirley named in the 1794 will of her grandfather William Shirley

2(vii). John Shirley born 19 Jul 1794; chr 4 Aug 1794 Croydon, Surrey, England

1(ii). Elizabeth Shirley named in the 1794 will of her father; married William Newton of Croydon, cornfactor and seedsman

1(iii). Mary Shirley named in the 1794 will of her father; married John Haines

1(iv). John Shirley named in the 1794 will of his father; nothing more known


?Siblings of William Shirley of Croydon, cornfactor

A. Elizabeth Shirley, spinster of Croydon, Surrey; her PCC will probated 1787

1787 Will of Elizabeth Shirley, Single Woman of Croydon , Surrey 15 November 1787 PROB 11/1159 - 3% South Sea Stock to my brother in law Henry Wicks and to my sister Mary Wicks his wife; after their decease to my sister Ann Williams; also to my sister Sarah Chandler; Stock to be equally divided between my nephews and neices , namely my nephew William Shirley, also my neice Mary Witney, also my neice Ann Shirley, also my neice Eliabeth Shirley also my neice Jane Shirley also my neice Rebecca Davis, neice Elizabeth Gardner, neice Hannah Chandler, neice Salvine Chandler, nephew John Williams, neice Rebecca Williams. appoint sister Mary Wicks executrix. Dated 24 Mar 1785 <s> Eliz Shirley. Wit: John Belchamber, Ann Belchamber, Wm Phillips

B. Mary Shirley - named in her sister Elizabeth Shirley's 1785 will; she died prior to administering her sister's will; married Henry Wicks

C. Ann Shirley - named in her sister Elizabeth Shirley's 1785 will; married ____Williams; she may be the Ann Shirley who married William Williams 6 Aug 1768 in Caterham parish Surrey

D. Sarah Shirley - named in her sister Elizabeth Shirley's 1785 will; married _____Chandler; she may be the Sarah Shirley who married Job Chandler 25 Mar 1758 in Caterham parish Surrey.

Carshalton Baptisms

10 January 1752 William Shirley chr to William Shirley and Martha
25 February 1756 Anne Shirley chr to William Shirley and Martha
26 August 1753 Mary Shirley chr to William Shirley and Martha
10 January 1759 Elizabeth Shirley chr to William Shirley and Martha
23 May 1760 Thomas Shirley chr to William Shirley and Martha

Croydon Marriages

1765 Dec 25 Anne Shirley married William Beames at St John the Baptist
1804 Sep 11 Mary Shirley married Thomas Head at St John the Baptist
1810 Nov 25 Sarah Anne Shirley married John Horner [Winn] at St John the Baptist
1823 Sep 21 William Shirley married Kezia Jane Ware
1849 John Shirley married Sarah Mayne
1851 Jane Shirley married _______
1861 William Witney Shirley married ______
1886 Edward Shirley age 25 s/o Edward Shirley married Rosalie Benway, d/o Joseph Benway
1860 June 23 John Shirley s/o John Shirley married Emma Bull, d/o James Bull at Christ Church, Croydon
1870 October 9 Elizabeth Shirley d/o William Shirley married Daniel Nichols, s/o Daniel Nichols at Christ Church, Croydon

Croydon Burials

1799 Jan 6 Thomas Shirley
1807 Oct 1 William Shirley
1838 Richard Shirley
1839 William Shirley
1840 Samuel Shirley
1853 James Shirley
1853 Elizabeth Shirley
1853 Ellen Shirley
1854 Richard Shirley
1855 Jan 12 Richard Shirley (St James District)
1855 May 24 Elizabeth Shirley (St James District)
1857 Sarah Shirley
1859 James Shirley
1859 November 4 Thomas Shirley
1867 John Shirley age 87 (b 1780)
1866 William Shirley age 71 (b 1795)
1874 Apr 25 George Shirley (St James District)

1841 Croydon Census

Sarah Shirley F 50-54 Surrey (Market Street)
Eliza Shirley F 26-30 Surrey
William Shirley M 25-29 Surrey
George Shirley M 22-26 Surrey
Eliza Kilmister F 4 Surrey

John Shirley M 32-36 (Palace)
Sarah Shirley F 29-33
John Shirley M 5 Surrey
Geo Dewbury M 40-44
Harriet Dewbury F 31-35 Surrey
Charles Dewbury F 1 Surrey

Isaac Betts M 20-24 (Church Street)
Jane Betts F 20-24
Stephen Shirley M 17-21

Elizabeth Shirley F 65-69 (Barrack Field)
Richard Shirley M 33-37
Mary Foster F 35-39
William Foster M 12
Elijah Foster F 8

James Shirley M 35-39 Surrey (St James Road)
Ann Shirley F 35-39 Surrey
Mary Shirley F 20-24 Surrey
Margaret Shirley F 15-19 Surrey
Thomas Shirley M 12 Surrey

Thomas Oule M 70-74 Surrey (George Street)
Sarah Oule F 70-74 Surrey
Mary Oule F 15-19 Surrey
Matilda Oule F 43-47 Surrey
Emma Oule F 7 Surrey
Julia Shirly F 18-22 Surrey

1851 Croydon Census

William Shirley b 1815 Croydon
Ann b 1808 London MDX
William b 1843 Croydon
Kitty b 1846 Croydon
John b 1847 Croydon
Henry b 1850 Croydon

John Shuby [sic] b 1808 Denham Buckinghamshire
Sarah Shirley b 1812 Westminster MDX
John b 1837 Croydon
Sarah b 1843 Croydon
(others: Eliz and Emma Robinson)

James Shirley b 1825 Carshalton Surrey
Helen b 1828 Norwood Surrey

John Shirley b 1833 Lindfield Sussex (bro-in-law in John Constable HH)

George Shirley b 1820 Croydon
Amelia b 1819 Croydon
Amelia b 1846 Croydon
Ellen b 1848 Croydon
Mary A b 1851 Croydon

Elizabeth Shirley b 1775 MDX
Richard Shirley b 1809 MDX son
(others William and Elizabeth Foster)

Sarah Shirley b 1791 Hanwich Essex
Eliza b 1814 MDX
Jane b 1823 Croydon

Edward Shirley b 1780 Swinderby Lincolnshire married occ: draper. at hospital

James Shirley b 1769 Croydon (boarder in Beadle HH)
Elizabeth b 1770 Croydon

1861 Croydon Census (list cross-checked with FindMyPast)

John Stirley Head M 57 Denham, Buckinghamshire
Sarah A Stirley Wife F 48 Westminster, Middlesex
Sarah Stirley Daughter F 18 Croydon, Surrey
Mary A Palmer Boarder F 72 Cotham, Kent
John Shirley Father M 80 Poulner, Buckinghamshire

Sarah Shirley Head F 70 Harwich, Essex
Eliza Shirley Daughter F 47 City, Middlesex
Eliza E Nighy Granddaughter F 2 Croydon, Surrey 

Amelia Shirley Servant F 15 Croydon, (William Heath HH)

Louisa Shirley Servant F 34 London, Middlesex (Hockhold HH)

Mary Ann Shirley Visitor F 10 Croydon, Surrey (Geale HH)

Rebecca Shirley Servant F 40 Barking, Essex (Donne HH)

John Sherley Head M 24 Croydon, Surrey
Emma Sherley Wife F 26 Croydon, Surrey
Hannah R Parlett Boarder F 23 Croydon, Surrey

1871 Croydon Census

John Shirley Head M 35 Croydon, Surrey
Emma Shirley Wife F 36 Croydon, Surrey
George Shirley Son M 7 Croydon, Surrey
Ellen Shirley Daughter F 5 Croydon, Surrey
Annie Shirley Daughter F 3 Croydon, Surrey
Albert Shirley Son M 1 Croydon, Surrey

William Shirley Head M 29 Croydon, Surrey
Charlotte Shirley Wife F 27 Burnham, Essex
Emma Shirley Daughter F 5 Croydon, Surrey
Charlotte Shirley Daughter F 3 Croydon, Surrey
William Shirley Son M 0 Croydon, Surrey

George J Shirley Head M 21 Cape Colony
Maria Shirley Wife F 24 Faversham, Kent
Louisa Bailey Servant F 17 Uxbridge, Middlesex
George Shirley Son M 0 Croydon, Surrey
Ann Brough Visitor F 79 Shoreditch, Middlesex

John Shirley Head M 62 Denham, Buckinghamshire
Sarah Shirley Wife F 60 Westminster, Middlesex
Frederick Shirley Grandson M 9 Croydon, Surrey

William Shirley Head M 56 Croydon, Surrey
Ann Shirley Wife F 61 London, Middlesex
Ann Landor Daughter F 25 Croydon, Surrey
John Shirley Son M 24 Croydon, Surrey

Louisa Rymer Daughter F 6 Croydon, Surrey
Amelia Rymer Daughter F 4 Croydon, Surrey
Grace Rymer Daughter F 1 Croydon, Surrey
Amelia Shirley Servant F 26 Croydon, Surrey
Virginia Thorncroft Servant F 16 Plumstead, Essex
Emily Beven Servant F 16 Croydon, Surrey

George Shirley Head M 52 Croydon, Surrey
Amelia Shirley Wife F 52 Croydon, Surrey
George Shirley Son M 16 Croydon, Surrey
James Shirley Son M 14 Croydon, Surrey

Sarah Shirley Head F 80 Norwich, Norfolk
Eliza Shirley Daughter F 57 London, Middlesex

George Shirley Head M 61 Southwark, Surrey
Ann Bumstead Visitor F 72 Rotherhithe, Surrey
Jane Kent Servant F 20 Aston Abbots, Buckinghamshire 

1881 Croydon Census

John Shirley b. 1809 (72yrs), Denham, Buckingham Co., Master Carpenter, 63 Wadden New Rd, Croydon
Sarah 69 yrs, Westminster, Middlesex Co.
Frederick J. Shirley 19 yrs, Croydon, Teacher in Public Elementary School
Samuel Knight 11 yrs, Chertsey, Surrey, scholar
John Knight 11 yrs, ditto, ditto
1 lodger

George J. Shirley b. 1849 (32yrs), Cape Town, ___. Wine and Spirits merchant, 19 London Rd., Croydon
Maria 33 yrs, Faversham, Kent Co.
George 10 yrs, Croydon, scholar
Lizzie 9 yrs, ditto, ditto
Annie 8 yrs, ditto, ditto
Walter 6 yrs, ditto, ditto
Visitor: George Shirley 71 yrs, Widower, Southwark, Surrey Co., Annuitant
1 other visitor and 1 servant

George A. Shirley b. 1855 (26yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., Green grocer, 18 Broad Green, Croydon
Katherine 30 yrs, Gravesend, Kent Co.
Niece: Amelia Baker 9 yrs, Birmingham, Warwick Co.

William Withly Shirley b. 1843 (38yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., Plumber, 10 Stanley Rd., Carshalton
Charlotte 35 yrs, Barnham, Sussex Co.
Emma Annie 15 yrs, Croydon, Surrey Co.
William 10 yrs, ditto
George 8 yrs, Beddington, Surrey Co., scholar
Albert 6 yrs, ditto, ditto
Frank 2 yrs, ditto

William Shirley b. 1814 (67 yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., Zinc worker, 7 Smiths Yard, Croydon
Ann (wife) 74 yrs, ditto
dau: Ann Lauder 36 yrs, ditto, Laundress
gr-dau: Emma Lauder 10 yrs ditto
gr-son: John Lauder 4 yrs, ditto

William Shirley b. 1835 (46yrs), Brixton, Surrey Co., Licensed Vitualler, 55 High St., Croydon
S. (wife), 40 yrs, Lambeth, Surrey Co.
Son: S.W.J.P. 17 yrs, Brixton, Surrey Co.
Father-in-law: J. Pittock 80 yrs, Lambeth, Surrey Co.

John Shirley b. 1837 (44yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., Carpenter, #8 Parker Rd.., Croydon
Emma 46 yrs, ditto
George 17 yrs, ditto
Annie 13 yrs, ditto, scholar
Lizzie 9 yrs, ditto, ditto

George Shirley b. 1836 (45yrs), London, London, Middlesex Co., Zinc worker, Church St. Post Office Yard, Croydon

James Shirley b. 1857 (24yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., Pinter, 3 Grace Rd, Croydon
Elixa (Eliza?), 27 yrs, ditto
George 10 months, ditto

Charlotte H. Shirley b. 1869 (12yrs), Croydon, Surrey Co., servant for Walter W. Frost, Croydon

Eliza Shirley b. 1814 (67yrs), London, Middlesex Co, Tailoress, 19 Harrisons Rise, Croydon; Boarder at: James Larrard

Anna Shirley b. 1854 (27yrs), Bars____ugh, York Co., Cook, SErvant to Baldwin Lasham, Park Hill Rise, Croydon


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