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  Shirleys of Handsworth, W Bromwich, Staffordshire England
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Info from John E. Shirley

Robert Shirley born about 1795

married Mary Hawkes Feb 20, 1827 St Phillips, Birmingham, Warwickshire 


2(i). Jane Shirley May 19, or Dec 24, 1827 St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire (Two Jane's chr St. Martins both to Robert and one to Mary and the other to Mary Ann.  Both years 1827. Needs to be double checked?)

2(ii). William Shirley Dec 14, 1829 St. Lawrence, Birmingham, Warwickshire; Living in W. Bromwich, Handsworth Staffs. in 1871 census; He was a metal roller

married Maria ___?


3(i). William Shirley Aug 29, 1852  Handsworth, Staffordshire

3(ii). William Henry Shirley  June 4, 1854 Handsworth, Staffordshire 

3(iii). Maria Shirley Aug 3, 1856 Handsworth, Staffordshire

3(iv). Walter Shirley 1859

3(v). Alfred Shirley Sept 8, 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire

3(vi). John Shirley 1865

3(vii). Herbert Shirley 1867 

3(viii). Roland Shirley 1870

2(iii). Henry Shirley  June 24, 1833 St Phillips, Birmingham, Warwickshire; He was a furnaceman and a copper roller. He could not read or write.

married Maria Allen.


3(i). Harriet Shirley Dec 3, 1850 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

3(ii). Robert Henry Shirley 1852 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire d. age 24 of TB

3(iii). Thomas Shirley 1854 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

3(iv). Mary Ann Shirley 1857 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

3(v). Joseph Shirley  June 9, 1861 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire; He worked as head roller at copper works.

married Emma Hammond.


4(i). Elizabeth Shirley 1880 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

4(ii). Robert Henry Shirley 1885 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

4(iii). Elijah Edwards Shirley 1893 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

4(iv). Florence Shirley 1898 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire

4(v). George Thomas Shirley 1887 W. Bromwich, Staffordshire


2(iv).  Eliza Ann Shirley  Nov 6, 1834 St Phillips, Birmingham, Warwickshire 

2(v). Joseph Shirley July 23, 1837 Smethwick Staffordshire

married Catherine ___? He worked as a metal roller.


3(i). Ann Shirley 1859

3(ii). Albert Shirley 1862

3(iii). Fred Shirley 1870

3(iv). Melinda Elizabeth Shirley 1879

3(v). Henry Shirley 1872

3(vi). Arthur Shirley 1880

2(vi). Richard Shirley Feb 2, 1840 Smethwick, StaffordshireHe worked as a furnaceman and copper roller

married Elizabeth Horton.


3(i). Jesse Shirley

3(ii). Jane Shirley

3(iii). Lucy Shirley

3(iv). Harry Shirley

3(v). William Shirley

3(vi). Joseph Shirley

3(vii). Caroline Shirley

John Shirley wrote the following:

About two years ago, following the death of his grandmother, a small parcel of documents and medals were given to him concerning the death of his grandfather. All that was known up to then was that he was killed on active service in Greece in the 1914-18 War. John decided to investigate and contacted the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Maidenhead. They were very helpful.

Corporal E. E. Shirley #16954 of the 9th Gloucestershire Regiment was killed in action on August 21st, 1916 during an engagement with the enemy near the Jugoslav border with Greece. The exact location is not known nor the original burial place although they assumed it would have been near to the scene of the action.

In 1919 the original grave was transferred to Karasouli Military Cemetery which lies about 56 K from Thessaloniki. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission were good enough to send a photograph of the cemetery and also the exact location of the grave.


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