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  Shirleys of Blockley
  Worcestershire, England

DNA Haplotype I

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Editor: This family certainly moved around, baptised children in all sorts of parishes

William Shirley Birth: 1798 in Great Barford, Oxfordshire, possibly the son of William Shirley and Anne Maul of Barford Oxfordshire.

Marriage 1 Rebekah Freeman b: 1796 in Hidcote, Gloucestershire, England


2.i John Shirley bapt July 9, 1820

2.ii George Shirley bapt July 4, 1822 in Blockley Gloucestershire,

2.iii Charlotte Shirley bapt Jan 9, 1825

2.iv Job Shirley b: 1827 bapt 10 Apr 1827 in Blockley, Gloucestershire, Death: 1914, Loxley Warwickshire

Marriage 1 Anne Anderton 4 DEC 1848 in Wellesbourne; b: 1829 in Ilmington, Worcestershire, England


3.i Elizabeth Shirley b: 4 APR 1849 in Warwickshire

3.ii Ann Shirley b: 1852 in Old Stratford, Warwickshire

3.iii William Shirley b: 5 FEB 1862 in Old Stratford Warwick, Gloucestershire Police Dec 7, 1886 as a 6th class constable. He died April 4, 1910. He was a sergeant in charge of Littledean Station, Courtroom, and Jail.

Marriage 1 Sarah Ellen Holtom 12 JUN 1883 in St Nicholas Church Loxley Wark; b: 1868 in Loxley Warwickshire, England


4.i William Henry Shirley b: ABT 1884 in Loxley Warwickshire,, England

4.ii George Holtom Shirley b: ABT 1887 in Loxley Warwickshire, England

4.iii Frank Shirley b: ABT 1892 in Loxley Warwickshire, England

4.iv Lily Ellen Shirley b: 26 OCT 1893 in Tidenham, Gloucestershire, England

4.v Daisy Annie Shirley b: 26 OCT 1893 in Tidenham, England Albert Shirley b: 1896 in Tidenham, England

4.vii Charles Lovell Shirley b: 1900 in Tidenham, England

3.iv Joseph Shirley b: ABT 1869 in Old Stratford Warwick Death: 26 MAR 1951

Marriage 1 Alice Bennett 21 JUL 1890; b: ABT 1865 in Loxley, England


4.i Lilian Alice Shirley b: ABT 21 MAY 1892 in Loxley Warks, England

2.v Elizabeth Shirley bapt Nov 8, 1829 in Blockley, Gloucestershire William Shirley b: ABT 1832 Aston Magna, Death 5 March 1912 Age 80 At Combrock Warwickshire

Marriage 1 Susannah Johnson DEC 1855 in Shipston; b: ABT 1835 in Blackwell, Worcestershire, England


3.i William Shirley b: ABT 1857 in Aston Magna, Gloucestershire,

3.ii Joseph Shirley b: ABT 1858 in Aston Magna, Gloucestershire,

m. Elizabeth__ 1859 Solihull, Warwickshire


4.i William Shirley 1885 Aston Magna

4.ii Elizabeth Shirley 1899 Aston Magna

4.iii Clara Shirley 1891 Aston Magna

4.iv Fredrick Shirley 1888 Selly Oak, Worcestershire

3.iii John Shirley b: ABT 1860 in Blockley, Worcestershire,

3.iv Herbert Shirley b: 1864 in Chastleton, Oxfordshire, In the 1901 census they were living Balsall Heath, Birmingham, Warwickshire. Herbert is recorded as a cycle maker and worked at home on his own account. Death Abt 1942 Solihull West Midlands Ancestor of DNA participant

Marriage 1 Emily Martha Wise b: ABT 1866 in Warks,


4.i Clifford Shirley b: ABT 1880 [1892?] in BIRMINGHAM West Midlands England; Death Abt 1976 Blackpool Lancs.

4.ii Herbert William Shirley b: ABT 1885 in Warks, England; cycle maker

4.iii Albert Shirley b: ABT 1885 in Warks, England

3.v Sarah Shirley b: ABT 1866 in Chastleton, Oxfordshire, George Shirley b: ABT 1867 in Evenlode, Worcestershire,

3.vii James Shirley b: ABT 1869 in Evenlode, Worcestershire,

m. Emily ___, 1867 Gaydon, Warwickshire


4.i Evelyn Shirley 1899 Selly Oak, Worcestershire

4.ii Lillie Shirley 1901 Selly Oak, Worcestershire

3.viii Ellen Shirley b: ABT 1871 in MORETON-IN-MARSH Gloucestershire

3.ix Charlotte Shirley b: ABT 1872 in MORETON-IN-MARSH Gloucestershire

3.x Mary A Shirley b: ABT 1874 in MORETON-IN-MARSH Gloucestershire

2.vii Reubin Shirley b: 1835 in Blockley Glos

Marriage 1 Elizabeth b: ABT 1836 in BIRMINGHAM West Midlands


3.i Anna Shirley b: ABT 1866 in King's Norton, Worcestershire,

3.ii Ada Shirley b: ABT 1868 in King's Norton, Worcestershire,

3.iii Elizabeth Shirley b: ABT 1871 in King's Norton, Worcestershire,


Email from:  Ben Tharaldson on September 24, 1998  and  Robyn Kinne December 1999    Additional info from Frank Shirley and Dennis Shirley has been added in December 2005 and Jan 2006 including a few items by Betty Shirley. 


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