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Brailsford Manor


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Historical Collection of Staffordshire Vol 17, p 105
De Banco. Easter 3 H. VI.

Derb. Ralph Shirley, of Braylesford, armiger, and four others, described as husbondmen, of Braylesford, were attached to answer the plea of Henry Kniveton that they had broken into his close at Bradeley, in 10 H. V [1422], and depastured cattle on his grass and underwood vi et armis.

Ralph appeared by his custos [i.e. guardian], and stated that the place in question was a large waste called Bradeleyhay, and one Joan, late wife of John Basset, knight, was formerly seised of the manor of Braylesford in demense as of fee, and that she and all her ancestors, lords of the said manor, had common of pasture in the waste for all manner of cattle and in all seasons as appendant to that manor; and Joan afterwards died, and the manor descended to one Ralph, her kinsman and heir, viz, son of Joan, daughter of Thomas, son of the said Joan, formerly wife of John, and he was under age; and as the manor was held of the late King as of his Duchy of Lancaster by military service, the King had taken into his hands the custody of it, and by his Letters Patent had granted to Ralph Shirley, knight, and Beatrice, late wife of Hugh Shirley, knight, the custody of it during the minority fo the heir, rendering for it 40 marks annually, and he held the status of the said Ralph Shirley and Beatrice at the date of the alleged trespass, and still holds it in a messuage and a virgate of land, parcel of the said manor , and therefore he could not answer without the King (rege in consulto) . The other defendants used the same plea, and the suit was adjourned to the Octaves of Holy Trinity for the King's decision. A postscript shows that at the term the King sent a close writ to the Justices to proceed with the trial, and to do justice between the parties. Dated 28th June 3 H. VI. m. 112. [1425]

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