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  James Shirley of Carlow Ireland
and Bathurst Township, Lanark County, Ontario Canada
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James Shirley of Carlow County Ireland
; Supposedly died in Carlow according to descendants

married ________ She migrated with her son James Shirley to Canada in 1858. She married next "Mr Anderson" and is buried in Fallbrooke Ontario Canada

This is a Catholic family

Children (only 1 child known)

1(i). James Shirley of Bathurst Township, Lanark Co Ontario Canada born about 1835 in Ireland. He migrated with his widowed mother from Carlow Ireland to Canada around 1858. Lived at Bathhurst Township Lanark Co Ontario Canada in 1861 census, age 26, Religion Roman Catholic; age 36 in 1871 Bathurst Lanark census. age 46 om 1881 Bathurst Lanark Co census; He died 11 March 1884 in Perth, Lanark Co, Ontario and is buried St John Parish RC, Perth, Drummond Twp, Lanark County Ontario

By Rev. Lawrence Shirley - My great grandfather, James Shirley was married in County Carlow, Ireland and died there early in life. His wife apparently accompanied my grandfather and his wife, Catherine McDonald, and their young son, Herman, early in 1858 to Canada. They settled in the Township of Bathurst on a homestead about 9 miles from Perth. My great grandmother soon met and married a Mr. Anderson who was running a sawmill. He pre-deceased her. She was commonly known as "Granny Anderson". From first hand information, she is buried near Fallbrooke, Ontario, about 12 miles from Perth, Ontario, Canada. My grandfather, James Shirley, was born in 1835 and died in 1884. His tombstone is in the 3rd last row (north), almost central in the old section of the Catholic cemetery about 1/2 mile north of Perth. His wife, Catherine McDonald, was born in Ireland in 1831 and died in 1917. She was buried in Perth, Ontario. During the 1870's, some of this family moved to Bay City, Michigan USA.

married Catherine McDonald in county Carlow Ireland. She was born 1831 in Ireland and died 1917 in Perth, Lanark Co, Ontario Canada. Buried St John Parish RC, Perth, Drummond Twp; She lived with son John Herman Shirley in 1891 census household


2(i). John Herman Shirley born and baptised 12 January 1856 at Leighlinbridge Catholic Church, County Carlow Ireland (parish record, death cert and 1901 census). He was 2 years old when his parents went to Canada. Age 6 in parent's 1861 census household; age 15 in 1871 census; Enumerated at Bathurst in 1891 census, age 35 with family (as Herman); His mother Catherine Shirley lived in the household; He was age 45 in 1901 Bathurst Twp Lanark Co census; He died 11 February 1924 Perth, Lanark Co, Canada, age 68. His death cert says his father's name was "Jno Shirley" (sic). Buried at St John's Parish cemetery, Perth Lanark County

12 Jan 1856 Leighlinbridge Catholic Parish Register, Co Carlow Ireland, page 53 - John Harmon Shirley baptised to James Shirley and Catherine McDonald; Sponsors Patrick McDonald, Mary Cavanagh - of Knocka[ ]

married 1) Mary Ann Nagle on 29 April 1884 at Perth, Lanark County. She was born at Bathurst, Ont. about 12 miles S.W. of Perth in 1854. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Nagel who farmed at Bathhurst; Age 36 in 1891 census household (as Muriel?) She died in Perth 20 July 1896. Buried at St John's Parish cemetery, Perth Lanark County

29 Apr 1884 Herman Shirley birth: 1856 married Mary Ann Nagle at Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherine Shirley

married 2) Jane Nagle on 9 January 1899 at Perth, Lanark County, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Nagle. She was age 45 in 1901 census household; She died 23 September 1919. Buried at St John's Parish cemetery, Perth Lanark County

09 Jan 1899 Jnos Parinon Shirley birth: 1857 married Jane Nagle at Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherin Mchouse

married 3) Mrs. Catherine Sheridan nee O'Donnell on 16 September 1922 at Lanark, Lanark Co Ontario (both parents named) She was dauther of Aron O'Donnell and Anna Shortt; She died in 1948 Kingston, Canada.


3(i). Rose Marie Shirley born 28 May 1886 in Ontario (1901 census), age 4 in 1891 census, age 14 in 1901 census (as Mary)

3(ii). Catherine E Shirley born 5 January 1888 in Ontario (1901 census), age 3 in 1891 census, age 13 in 1901 census

3(iii). Lorette A Shirley born 14 September 1889 in Ontario (1901 census), age 1 in 1891 census, age 11 in 1901 census (as Anna L)

3(iv). William J Shirley born 31 July 1891 in Ontario (1901 census), age 10 in 1901 census

2(ii). Mary Shirley baptised 19 April 1857 at Leighlinbridge Catholic Church in County Carlow Ireland, age 13 in parent's 1871 census household, age 27 in 1881 census (single); She married Mr. James Tovey in Perth, Ontario and later moved to Bay City Michigan USA

1857 Apr 19 Leighlinbridge Catholic Parish Register County Carlow Ireland - Mary Shirley baptised d/o James Shirley and Catherine McDonald; Sponsors: Patt Cahill, Ann Dolan; Residence: Knockabrana

07 Nov 1881 Mary Shirley birth: 1857 married James Tovey at Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherine Shirley

2(iii). Paul Shirley baptised 26 September 1858 at Leighlinbridge Catholic Parish, County Carlow Ireland; age 12 in 1871 census, age 22 in 1881 census: He died single in 1883, age 24. He was killed in an accident in a shanty in upper Michigan, by a tree falling on him. His father brought his body back to Perth for burial. No children

1858 Sept 26 Leighlinbridge Catholic Parish Register, Carlow Ireland - Paul Shirley baptised s/o Jas Shirley and Cath McDonald; Sponsors: Jas Sions, Judeth [illeg] Residence: [illeg]

2(iv). Michael Joseph Shirley born 24 March 1861 in Canada; age 10 in 1871 census, age 21 in 1881 census; After the birth of their two children, they moved to Eldoro, Iowa USA. Lived Eldora, Hardin Co Iowa in 1900 census. age 40; Two years later they moved back to Michigan USA. In 1909 the family moved to Spokane, Washington USA, age 48 in 1910 Spokane Co Washington census. He died on 6 December 1920 at Colfax, Whitman Co Washington; Buried Fairmount Memorial Park, Spokane Washington .Shirleys of Spokane Washington USA

married 1) Annie Waite 29 May 1883 at Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario; She was born 1865 and died Mar 7, 1903

29 May 1883 Michael Shirley birth: 1861 married Annie Weite at Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherine Mcdonald

married 2) Clara Theresa Shandonay in Michigan in 1904. She was age 25 in 1910 census


3(i). Katherine Isabel Shirley born about 1887 at Oscodo, Michigan. age 13 in 1900 census; She died in the 1960's in Spokane WA

3(ii). Annie May Shirley born about 1890 in Michigan, age 10 in 1900 census (as Miriam). She married Edward Leo Brushey on 17 February 1909 at Sault Ste Marie, Chippewa Co Michigan

3(iii). Gerald Leslie Shirley born 1 July 1905 in Michigan (tombstone), age 4 in 1910 census; He died in 1986 in Spokane Washington

married Rita Cecilia Hall 1930. They had two children

3(iv). Estelle Marie Shirley born 1 June 1907, age 3 in 1910 census, She died 1998; She married Severn Francis Sprague 1927 & had 6 children

3(v). Eva Mae Shirley born about 1909 in Michigan, age 1 in 1910 census

3(vi). Robert M Shirley born 4 August 1910 at Spokane Washington; He died 1978 in Washington

2(v). James Joseph Shirley born 18 April 1862 in Ontario (1901 census), age 8 in 1871 census, age 18 in parent's 1881 census household, age 38 in 1910 Bathurst Lanark Co census; He died Dec 21, 1931. James is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Saskatoon Saskatchewan; Wife Elizabeth is buried in the Catholic cemetery of Perth beside their son Earl as requested. There were 10 children born to this marriage but 4 died in infancy.

married Elizabeth Jane Kearns at Perth, Ontario on Sept 26, 1888 at Perth, Lanark Co Ontario. She was born May 24, 1860 and died Nov 26, 1953. Buried at St John's Parish cemetery at Perth, Lanark Co Ontario

26 Sep 1888 James Shirley birth: 1862 married Elizabeth Kearnes at Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherine Shirley


3(i). John Patrick Shirley born 3 July 1891 in Ontario (1901 census), age 9 in 1901 census

3(ii). Vincent James Shirley born 30 August 1891 (1901 census), age 9 in 1901 census (sic)

3(iii). Thomas Charles Earl Shirley born 13 December 1898 at Perth Lanark Co Ontario, age 7 in 1901 census (b 1893, 1901 census); he died 10 November 1918, age 19

Obituary - Mr James Shirley of War Time Sask, arrived in Perth on Saturday last, with the body of his son Earl for burial. Earl Shirley had enlisted with the 1st Depot Battalion last summer and was stationed at Regina. he took ill and was sent home when pnemonia developed and he died on the 10th day of November in his 23rd year. Deceased was born in Bathurst and removed West with his parents five years ago. Besides his parents four brothers and one sister survive, Herman Shirley, Perth is his uncle.

3(iv). Mary Veronica Shirley born 1894 in Ontario (1901 censu), age 6 in 1901 census

3(v). Rev. Lawrence Herbert Shirley born 23 August 1900, age 0 in 1901 census; He was ordained a Diocisan priest on 14 June 1930. He worked in many parishes throughout Saskatchewan.

He is the original source for much of this genealogy.

3(vi). William Leo Shirley born after the 1901 census; He died 1 March 1981 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2(vi). Patrick Shirley - born 8 Jul 1864; age 7 in 1871 census, age 16 in 1881 census; He lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and died 21 Jan 1940

married 1) Bridget Nagel on 2 May 1887 at Perth Ontario

02 May 1887 Patrick Shirley birth: 1865 married Bridget Nagle at Perth, Lanark, Ontario, Canada - Parents: James Shirley, Catherine Shirley

married 2) Mary Morrison 10 Jul 1896 at British Columbia

2(vii). Annie Shirley born about 1866 in Ontario, age 5 in 1871 census, age 15 in 1881 census; She married a Mr. Cuyler of Harrisville. Annie died April 13, 1949 and is buried in Michigan. Their son Hazen Cuyler was a famous ball player nick-named Ki-Ki Cuyler who is listed in the Sport 's Hall of Fame. He died Feb 11, 1950.

2(viii). Martha Lina Shirley born about 1868 in Ontario, age 3 in 1871 census, age 13 in 1881 census; She died about 1947 at East Tawas, Michigan USA. She married Pat O'Brien 24 Apr 1894 at Au Sable, Alcona, Michigan

2(ix). Thomas Shirley born about 1871 in Ontario, age 0 in 1871 census, age 10 in 1881 census; He married and went to Winnipeg, Canada, to become proprietor of the Oriental Hotel there until his death. He is buried in Winnipeg. He has at least 2 sons. One of his sons, Albert, became famous in the early 1950's as Inspector Hearthstone of the death squad. This was sponsored by the Aspirin Tablet Company.

2(x). Richard Wilber Shirley born 24 November 1873; age 7 in 1881 census; He lived in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada and died 29 Dec 1938 at British Columbia

married Jennette ______

2(xi). Catherine (Kate) Shirley born 6 February 1878, age 5 in 1881 census; She died April 7, 1950; She married Joseph A.Poliquin on 11 September 1901 at Sault Ste Marie, Algonma County Ontario (parents named). She married next a Mr. Gill.


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