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  Shirleys of Lough Fea, Ireland
Lords of the Ettington, Warwickshire
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17(iii). Evelyn John Shirley, Lord of Ettington born April 26 1788; Educated at Rugby School and later attended St John's College, Cambridge University beginning in 1807; Served as High Sheriff of Warwickshire in 1813–1814 and High Sheriff of Monaghan in 1824–1825, Shirley was elected to Parliament for County Monaghan in 1826, and held it until 1831. Represented Warwickshire South in Parliament between 1836 and 1849; He died 31 December 1856

Evelyn John Shirley
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married Eliza Stanhope, daughter and heir of Arthur Stanhope, esq.


18(i). Evelyn Phillip Shirley, Lord of Ettington born 22 January 1812, famous antiquarian; Sat as Member of Parliament for County Monaghan from 1841 to 1847 and for Warwickshire South from 1853 to 1865. He served as High Sheriff of Monaghan for 1837 and as High Sheriff of Warwickshire for 1867. He died in September 1882, aged 70

married Mary Clara Elizabeth Lechmere, daughter of Sir Edmund Hungerford Lechmere


19(i). Sewallis Evelyn Shirley, Lord of Ettington born 15 July 1844, only son. "MP for Co. Monaghan (1868–80) but gained greater recognition as a dog breeder." (Dict Irish Bio) Founder of the Kennel Club in Britain in 1873. He died in London on 7 March 1904 while there on a short visit.

Sewallis Evelyn Shirley

married Emily Jean Macdonald daughter of Colonel William Macdonald


20(i). Lt-Col. Evelyn Charles Shirley, Lord of Ettington born 27 February 1889; High Sheriff of County Monaghan in 1914; He died on 9 August 1956 at age 67

married Kathleen Mary Phyllis Cardew daughter of Lt.-Col. George Ambrose Cardew and wife Louisa Shirley


21(i). Major John Evelyn Shirley, Lord of Ettington; He was educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England. He fought in WWII and retired from the military in 1955 with the rank of Major, late of the King's Royal Rifle Corps; He lived at Ormly Hall, Ramsey, Isle of Man; He died 7 November 2009

Times of London obituary - John Evelyn Shirley, of Ettington and Lough Fea. Major retired 60th Rifles. Died peacefully at home on the Isle of Man on 7th November 2009 aged 86. Husband of Judith and father of Philip, Emily and Hugh.

married Judith Dugdale, daughter of Sir William Francis Stratford Dugdale. She died 26 February 2018, age 90

Telegraph - 28 February 2018: SHIRLEY Judith Margaret (nee Dugdale) died peacefully at home in Ramsey Isle of Man on 26 February aged 90. Widow of John Shirley of Ettington, Lough Fea and Ormly Hall. Beloved mother of Philip Emily and Hugh and also grandmother. Funeral at St Olave’s Ramsey at 11.30 on 22 March 2018. She was d of Sir William Francis Stratford DUGDALE 1st Bt (1872-1965) and Margaret (c1893-1965, d of Brig-Gen Sir Robert Gordon GILMOUR 1st Bt


22(i). Philip Evelyn Shirley, Lord of Ettington born 29 September 1955; educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire - current owner of Lough Fea

married Augusta Southern


23(i). Evelyn Robert Shirley born 1990

23(ii). Horatio John Shirley born 1993

23(iii). Nathaniel Guy Shirley born 14 July 1995

23(iv). Perdita Rose Shirley born 27 June 1997

22(ii). Emily Margaret Shirley born 3 November 1957

22(iii). Hugh Sewallis Shirley born 3 October 1961

19(ii). Selina Shirley - b Aug 5 1845

19(iii). Mary Clara Shirley - She married Rev W. K. W. Chafy

19(iv). Katharine Shirley - b Mar 20 1857

18(ii). Major General Arthur Shirley - born 8 February 1813, chr 22 March 1813 at Eatington Warwickshire to Evelyn John and Eliza Shirley; Lived at Tamworth, Warwickshire in 1841 with a much older Lydia Shirley; Enumerated as a visitor in Cole household in 1851 in Middlesex, age 38, married; He died 27 January 1877 at Samford Suffolk, age 63.

married Christine Wilkie Wardrop on 4 July 1840 at Saint James Westminster, Middlesex

no children

18(iii). Selina Shirley She married Rt. Hon. Sir William Heathcote, 5th Bt., son of Reverend William Heathcote and Elizabeth Wither, on 18 May 1841; She died on 17 July 1901

18(iv). Sewallis Shirley - b April 17 1816

18(v). George Edward Shirley - b July 24 1817; He died 22 March 1832 at Ettington Warwickshire, age 15

18(vi). Louisa Shirley She married Neil Malcolm, 13th of Poltalloch, son of Neil Malcolm, 12th of Poltalloch and Mary Anne Orme, on 2 September 1843

18(vii). Maj. Walter Devereaux Shirley b July 20 1829 at Ettington Warwickshire; He resided at Chipping Norton Oxfordshire in 1861 census, occupation: late Major Army, now landed proprietor; Lived at Parkham Devonshire at 1871; He died on 23 April 1908 at age 78 at Yeovil Somerset

married Hannah Knox Fawcete on 26 July 1856 at St Peter, Dublin Ireland. She was the daughter of W.K. Fawcette, esq.


19(i). Louisa Shirley - b Nov 27 1857 at Cains Gloucestershire, age 3 in 1861 census; She married Frank Thorwaldsen Liebich


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