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Thomas Shirley
Wellington, New Zealand 

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Thomas Shirley chr. Jan 19, 1800, died Nov 13, 1886 buried 16th, Puketapu, Napier, NZ, They sailed from Dartmouth England June 15, 1841 in the "ARAB" and arrived in Wellington, New Zealand with their seven children.

married Ann Hallett Feb 14, 1825 Templecombe, Horsington Parish, Somerset Co. England. She was chr. May 24, 1795, died Dec 23, 1887 Taradale, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.


1(i). Matthew Shirley chr Aug 8, 1825 Templecombe, Horsington, Somerset,England, died May 8, 1886 Wyndham, NZ. Married Jane Whiteman July 16, 1846, The Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

1(ii). Selina Shirley chr Dec 25, 1827 Templecombe, Horsington, Somerset, England, died July 6, 1899 Rongotea, * Buil, New Zealand. Married John McHardie July 14, 1846 Wesleynn Chapel, The Hutt, Wellington, NZ.

1(iii). Henry Shirley chr Dec 25, 1829 , died Jan 10, 1879, Willowbank, Waipawa, New Zealand.

married Elizabeth Williamson June 7, 1849 St. James, Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ.


2(i). Henry Shirley born 17 Jun 1850 at Wellington New Zealand. He died 9 November 1937 at Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand

married Eleanor Cole Jun 11th, 1884, at New Plymouth, NZ.

2(ii). Sarah Ann Shirley born 14 Jun 1852 in Wellington New Zealand

2(iii). Laurence Albert Shirley born 11 August 1854 Clive, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 1854. He died 16 Nov 1935 in Hawera, Taranaki, New Zealand

2(iv). Frederick Shirley born 20 Oct 1855 at Wellington New Zealand

1(iv). Ann Shirley chr Dec 1, 1832 and chr. June 1, 1833 Somerset, England, died Nov4, 1900 Waipawa, New Zealand. Married 1st George Petherick July 23, 1846 Wesleynn Chapel, The Hutt, Wellington, NZ. Married 2nd James Avison about 1854.

1(v). Sophia Shirley chr July 18, 1835 Horsington Parish, Somerset Co. England, died Feb. 21, 1905 Dannevirke, NZ. Married James Stephen Whitehead Aug 3, 1854 St. Peters, Wellington, NZ.

1(vi). Thomas Andrew Shirley chr July 23, 1837 Horsington Parish, Somerset Co. England. died Sept 18, 1899 Napier, NZ.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts] "Mr. Thomas Andrew Shirley, sometime of “Mt. Wensley,” Taradale, was a well-known colonist, who spent almost the whole of his life in New Zealand. He was born in the year 1837 in the parish of Horsington, Somerset, England, and was a son of the late Mr. Thomas Shirley, who landed in Wellington with his family from the ship “Arab” in 1841, and leased some sections of land at the Lower Hutt. At that time it was common for all residents of the Hutt Valley to be called into barracks for protection from hostile Maoris, but Mr. Shirley was averse to yielding to them, and he and his sons carried on their farming operations under martial law, and had many narrow escapes from violence at the hands of the natives. When at length war openly broke out, the Maoris killed eleven soldiers, and one who was dangerously wounded would certainly have been a twelfth victim, but for the bravery of Mr. Shirley, senior, who ran to his assistance, and, under a hostile fire, carried him to a place of safety. After the war was over the hero of this incident continued farming at the Hutt until 1856, when he purchased land at Puketapu, near Napier, and resided there until his death in 1887, at the advanced age of eighty-six, being followed a year later by his wife, who was also eighty-six at the time of her death. Both are buried at Napier, in the family grave, which already contains four generations. Mr. T. A. Shirley, after being educated and trained to farm life, joined in Fox's “rush” to Lake Wakatipu, and for a few months kept a store at Queenstown. Going afterwards to Invercargill, he entered the employment of Messrs Morison and Law, merchants, and remained with them until 1867, when he returned to Wellington, and began farming at “Longwood,” in the Wairarapa. Three years later Mr. Shirley took Abbot's Featherson Hotel, and after a similar period there, bought the Royal Hotel in the same town. This he also conducted for three years, replacing the old building in 1874 with a fine new hotel of about forty rooms. He then retired to “Underhill,” a large private house which he had built near Featherston, but in 1880 he let this, and moved to Napier, where he bought the Masonic Hotel. Selling out of that house two years later, he bought “Korokepo,” which he farmed until 1885. Mr. Shirley afterwards lived at “Mr. Wensley,” in retirement, up to the time of his death, which took place on the 1st of September, 1899. Mrs. Shirely was also born in Somersetshire, and came to Wellington with her parents (Mr. and Mrs. Bicknell) in 1841, being then but a few months old."

Married Elizabeth Bucknell June 6, 1859 Napier, NZ.

1(vii). Elizabeth Shirley chr Aug 7, 1840 Horsington, Somerset Co,  England, died Feb 22, 1870 Napier, NZ, married John Bennett 1862 Napier, NZ.


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