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The first mention of Isaac Allerton by name is his signature attached to a letter written from Holland to the agents of the Puritans, "Mr. Carver and Robert Cushman," that "the coming of Mr. Nash and their Pilot is a great encouragement to them." This letter was signed by four people, of whom the initials only are given but obviously are...Samuel Fuller, Edward Winslow, William Bradford and Isaac Allerton.

The next that we hear of Mr. Allerton is at the formation of the memorable "compact" on board of the Mayflower in Cape Cod, or Provincetown Harbor, Nov 11, 1620. Allerton was the fifth signer, and was one of nine, on the list of forty-one, to whom Governor Bradford has given the honorable prefix of "Mr." The names Carver, Bradford, Winslow and Brewster are the only ones that precede his.

In Feb 1620 Allerton lost his wife, March 22nd, he and Miles Standish who went to meet with the Indians during their first visit to Plymouth. In April, Governor Carter died after 5 months officiating as Governor. Mr. William Bradford was chosen Governor and Mr. Isaac Allerton his assistant until at least 1624 or longer.

In 1626 Isaac Allerton married Fear Brewster, daughter of Elder William Brewster.

In the autumn of 1626 Allerton was sent to England, partly to obtain some supplies for the colony, and partly to see if he could raise money for the colony.

Isaac Allerton in 1627 managed to get a few men in London to become investors, including James Sherley, who had already shown himself to be a useful friend.

James Sherley, (a citizen and goldsmith of London), Richard Andrews and John Beauchamp, (citizens and merchants of London), signed a treaty concerning their mixing together to maintain a trade with the Governor and the rest of the partners of Plymouth Plantation in New England. The contract was signed in London June 14, 1627. Later that year Allerton was sent back to ratify a bargain made with the Adventurers and to pay them for their interest in America. He went "in a fishing vessel which was then returning there." He brought some beaver to pay for some expenses the previous year, and was instructed to obtain a patent for a trading place on the Kennebeck, and other things.

December 1627, Mr. James Sherley, one of the Adventurers, and a firm friend of the colony, writes that "bargain is fully concluded."

Early in 1628 Allerton was sent to England again to obtain a patent for a trading station for Kennebeck and in the Autumn of same year he went to obtain the enlargement and correction of the Kennebeck patent, and also another for Plymouth; and to facilitate the removal of the remainder of the church at Leyden, Holland with little success. He returned almost immediately, August 1629, and had better success. He made another voyage in 1630 and returned the next year in the ship, White Angel, and Mr. Hatherly with him. It was about this time when a difficulty arose between Mr. Allerton and the colony. Allerton was dismissed as their agent. The Leyden people had taken up some prejudice against him, and the colony complained that too much money had been lavished, by him and Mr. Sherley, to obtain a royal charter. Sept 6, 1631, the White Angel, with Mr. Allerton, sailed for Marble Harbour, now Marblehead, Massachusetts. In June 1632, Allerton formed a trading company, hired the White Angel of Mr. Sherley, and attempted to establish a rival trading house on the Kennebec River. It was broken up and destroyed by the French. In 1633 Allerton set up a trading house at Machias, consisting of 5 men and a quantity of Merchandise. "This season Mr. Allerton fished with 8 boats at Marble Harbour".

In 1634 Allerton's trading house was attacked by the French and Indians and his goods taken away. His house was destroyed by fire the same year. He removed to New Haven, Connecticut where he died the latter part of 1658.


ISAAC ALLERTON b. ca. 1586 d. 1658 New Haven, Connecticut married 1st Mary NORRIS, granddaughter of Sir Henry Norris. [John Norris who came to Virginia on the "Truelove" in 1635 was the son of Sir Henry Norris].   He married 2nd Fear Brewster, daughter of William Brewster of Plymouth Colony. He married 3rd Joanna Swinnerton (no children by Allerton)

children by Mary Norris Allerton:

1. Bartholomew Allerton 1612 Leyden, Holland


2. Remember Allerton 1614 Leyden, Holland. Died 1656    m. Moses Maverick about 1635. He was of Devon County England. He died at Marblehead, MA.

Their daughter, Elizabeth Maverick married 1st Nathaniel Grafton who died in 1671 in Barbados. She married 2nd Thomas SKINNER about 1676 who was a baker in Boston MA. By her 1st marriage she had a daughter, Eliz Grafton, who married William Hewes.

3. Mary Allerton 1616 Leyden, Holland. Died 1699 Plymouth, the last survivor of those who came of the Mayflower. She married Thomas Cushman

4. child buried at St Peter, Leyden in 1620.

5. stillborn son born Plymouth Harbour on the Mayflower Dec 22, 1620.


children by Fear Brewster Allerton:(daughter of William Brewster)

6. Sarah Allerton 1627. Died 1651

7. Isaac Allerton, Jr. born ca. 1628 at Plymouth Colony. Died 1702 Westmoreland Co. Virginia. He graduated from Harvard in 1650. He married 1st Eliz ___and she died ca. 1655 after birth of child. He married 2nd Eliz. (Willoughby), (Overzee), Colclough. She was probably born in Norfolk Co. Virginia.(She married first Simon OVERZEE, and 2nd George Colclough.

In April 1672 Governor Charles Calvert, writing to Cecilius, 2nd Lord Baltimore, regarding rights of Simon Overzee to lands in Maryland, mentioned "Mr. Allerton, now husband to Overzee's widow).

   (1). Eliz b. New Haven CT 1653 d. 1740 New Haven, CT. (mother of 6 children) m. 1st. Benj. Starr,  m. 2nd Simon AYERS/EYERS.

   (2). Isaac Allerton 1655 New Haven, CT. No further info, not in father's will.

   (3). Willoughby Allerton 1664 Westmoreland CO. Virginia. Died 1724 Westmoreland Co. VA. He m. 1st Rosamond Fitzugh (no children by Allerton given). He m. 2nd Sarah (Taverner), Travers. [She was born North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co. VA 1679. She married 1st Raleigh TRAVERS. NOTE: CAPT. RAWLEIGH TRAVERS TRANSPORTED SAMUEL SHIRLEY, LANCASTER CO. VA.]. He m. 3rd Hannah (Keene), Bushrod born St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co. VA ca. 1676

Children by Sarah, 2nd wife.

   A. Isaac Allerton 1702 Westmoreland Co. VA d. 1739 of Cople Parish, Westmoreland Co. VA. m. Ann Corbin ca. 1733, daughter of Gawin and  Jane (Lane), (Wilson), Corbin.

   B. Eliz. Allerton 1708 Westmoreland Co. VA m. Matthew Zuille

(4). Frances Allerton born 1668 Westmoreland CO. VA. Died about 1698 Richmond Co. VA m. Samuel TRAVERS who was 1660 Rappahannock Co. VA

   A. Eliz. Travers

   B. Rebecca Travers 1692

   C. Winifred Travers 1694

   D. Frances Travers 1697

(5).  Sarah Allerton b. ca. 1670 Westmoreland Co. VA. Died 1731 Wicomico, Northumberland Co. VA. She m. 1st John NEWTON (son of John Newton). She m. 2nd Hancock LEE   (son of Col. Richard Lee and Ann Constable).     [Hancock Lee m. 1st Mary Kendall by whom he had William, Richard, Anne and John Lee].


    (a). Allerton NEWTON

    (b). Isaac LEE 1701 d. 1727 Stepney, Middlesex Co. England, unmarried. He was a mariner.

    (c). Ann LEE b. Northumberland Co. VA ca. 1700   m. William Eustace

         1. John Eustace

         2. Eliz. Eustace

         3. Sarah Eustace

         4. William Eustace

         5. Isaac Eustace

         6. Hancock Eustace

         7. Ann Eustace

    (d). Eliz. LEE b. 1703 Northumberland Co. VA d. ca. 1750 Orange Co. VA             m. 1st Swan Jones,  m. 2nd Zachary Taylor

         1. John Jones

         2. Zachary Taylor 1735

         3. Eliz. Taylor 1739

         4. Hancock Taylor 1742 d. Kentucky...killed by Indians

         5. Richard Taylor 1744....Father of President ZacharyTaylor!

   (e). John LEE 1707 d. 1789 Orange Co. VA. Mentions in his will:  nephews, Hancock, Richard and Henry Lee, son of brother Hancock LEE. Nieces, Sarah Alexander Gillison and Mary Willis Madison, daughters of brother Hancock LEE.

  (f). Hancock Lee m. ______

A. Hancock Lee

B. Richard Lee

C. Henry Lee

D. Sarah Lee

E. Mary Lee


Remember Isaac Allerton Sr. married 1st Mary NORRIS! The Norris connection is important to keep in mind because of the Norris family in St. Mary Co. Maryland.



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