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  Edward Bennett, merchant in London, established the first large plantation in Va. He and his family at different times sent over about 800 immigrants. He was the owner of a large fleet of vessels which traded with Virginia. He was the commissioner of Virginia at the Court of England. He was the first person to advocate the prohibition of the importation of all tobacco to England except Virginia tobacco. His plantation was in Isle of Wight Co. VA. At a meeting of the Virginia Company Oct 24, 1621, the Deputy Governor said, "the first patent was for a gentleman that had deserved singularly well of the company before he was a member there of. And since his admittance he had been att a very great charge for transporting of people to Virginia, namely, Mr. Bennett who now joyns himself in this business with Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Ayers". On Nov 21, 1621 Edward Bennett obtained this patent on the settling of 200 immigrants. His associates were: Thomas Ayers, Thomas Wiseman and Richard Wiseman. _____________________________

February 1622, Capt Ralph Hamor, a member of the Virginia Council, Capt of the "Seaflower" arrived with 120 settlers. Among the names of the early settlers were: George Harrison, Rev. Wm. Bennett, Robert Bennett, brother of Edward Bennett, and Richard Bennett, nephew of Edward, Mrs. Utie and her son, John Utie. (See Otey/Utie). [Richard Bennett was Governor of Virginia 1652-53 and of Maryland in 1654]. 


1623 James City, Robert Bennett on list of dead. _____________________________

In England the Bennett family is recorded as a prolific Wiston family who lived on that estate (estate of Sir Thomas Sherley, the elder), in the 16th - 18th centuries. _____________________________

Sir Thomas Sherley, the younger, married Judith Bennett. [see page 8, Summer 1995 Shirley NEWS].


The following info from Brian Swan.

Richard Bennett was a nephew of Edward Bennett, a wealthy merchant of London and a Member of the Virginia Company. Richard Bennett was a Member of the House of Burgesses in 1629 and 1631, and a Member of the Council 1642-1649, removing in the latter year to Maryland. He returned to Virginia, and in 1651 was appointed by Parliament one of the Commissioners to reduce Virginia and Maryland. He was Governor of the Colony from 30 April 1652 to March 1655. In 1658 he was again a Member of the Council. His will is dated 15 March 1674/5, and was proved in Nansemond on 12 April 1675.

He married Mary Ann Utie, and they had issue:

(1) Richard Bennett of Greenbury Point, Maryland, who was drowned shortly before his father's death, leaving issue;

(2) Anne Bennett married Theodoric Bland. Their son, Richard Bland married Mary Swan.

After the death of Theodoric Bland, his widow, Anne, remarried to Colonel St. Leger Codd, son of William Codd of Pelicans, Kent England, and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Warham St. Leger of Ulcombe, Kent England.

Col. St. Leger Codd was Justice of Northumberland County in 1676; Presiding Justice, 1680; and a Member of the House of Burgesses 1680 and 1682. By her had a son, St. Leger Codd, and daughters Beatrix and Sarah Codd. Anne St. Leger Codd died in November 1687 at Wharton’s Creek, Kent County, Maryland. Colonel St. Leger Codd left a will dated 7 November 1706 and proved in Maryland on 9 February 1707/8, and in Lancaster, Virginia, on 8 April 1708.

(3) A daughter, married to Colonel Charles Scarborough of Accomack County, Virginia.


Robert Bennett, a brother of Edward Bennett, also came to Virginia before January 1623/4; and in 1648 Mr. Philip Bennett, administrator of Robert Bennett, had a grant of land in Nansemond County.


Bennett researcher...

I would like to share information with anybody who is working on the BENNETT family and related families in SC and Georgia.

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