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  From: Families Directly Descended from All the Royal Families in Europe.

Sir Edmund Bray, second son of John Bray, was one of the knights appointed to accompany Henry VIII  to Calais to meet the King of France. He married 1st Elizabeth Levell, married 2nd Beatrice Shirley of Wiston, Sussex Co. England by whom the Brays of Surrey are descended.

He was the sheriff of Surrey and Sussex Co. England in 1539, and a member of Parliament for Surrey under Queen Mary. he died in 1588. His brother, Reginald, founded the Brays of Gloucester Co. England.


John Bray of "Westminster" - taylor, was probably of a line from the younger son of the Brays of Surrey Co. He died in 1615.

1. Mary Bray  baptised St Margarets Church, the official church of the British House of Commons, adjacent to Westminster Abbey. She was buried St. Margarets Sept 25, 1629.  She married John Whitney 1583 England, died 1637.

(1). John Whitney 1583 England and died 1673. He married Eleanor___. By 1604 he became a member of the Merchant Taylors School after serving his apprenticeship. In 1631 he placed his son, John, in the Merchant Taylors School. In 1635 they are passengers on the "Elizabeth and Ann".  They settled in Watertown Massachusetts. He was the town Clerk.

A. John Whitney

B. Richard Whitney

C. Nathaniel Whitney

D. Thomas Whitney

E. Jonathon Whitney



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