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  1613  John Carter born in London

1649  Came to America. He died in 1669 Lancaster County VA. His widow, Elizabeth nee Shirley, was his fifth wife. Her son was born after his fathers death. He was Charles Carter. They returned to England for a while and returned to Virginia sometime later.

1663  Son, Robert "KING" CARTER, born of 4th wife. He was speaker of the House of Burchess in 1659-1699, member of the Council 1699-1732, acting Governor of Virginia 1726/27. Considered the richest man in colonial America as he had 300,000 acres of prime Virginia land, 1,000 slaves, 2,000 head of cattle and a 100 horses.

1696 Birth of John Carter, son of King Carter. He had considerable land holdings patented for him by his father. He resided at Corotomon, built by his grandfather on the banks of the Rappahannock River. Here his father, King Carter, kept his land office as agent for Lord Fairfax, land proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia.

1723  John Carter married Elizabeth Hill and her father, Edward Hill III gave them SHIRLEY PLANTATION as a wedding gift and it continues in the ownership of the Carter family to the present, 1995.

1732  Charles Carter, son of John and Elizabeth Carter, was born. Charles married as his second wife, Anne Butler Moore. Her grandfather was Alexander Spotswood, Governor of Virginia.

1773 Anne Hill Carter, daughter to Charles and Anne Carter, was born at Shirley Plantation.

1793  Anne Hill married Henry "Light horse Harry" Lee who also had been Governor of Virginia.

1807  Robert E. Lee was born in Westmoreland County VA. He married Mary Custis, daughter of George Washington's adopted son, George Washington Parke Custis. 

NOTE: King Carter was Robert E. Lee's great great grandfather.

King Carter's step- mother was a Shirley and her son Charles Carter, was his half brother.



John Carter and his brother, Thomas Carter, emigrated to Virginia in 1635 on the Ship Safety. ============================

A Thomas Carter is listed at "Archers Hope" early Virginia.


Captain Thomas Carter appears in Lancaster Co. VA in 1653. He married Katherine Dale, daughter of Major Edward Dale and his wife, Diana Skipwith, grandniece of the wife of Sir Thomas Sherley, the elder. [see Dale and Skipwith]. Their children were:

1. Edward Carter

2. Thomas Carter  owned land in King George Co. VA with King Carter

3. John Carter

4. Henry Carter 1674  died 1743  married Ann Harris

5. James Carter  died 1743. Married Mary Brent, daughter of Hugh Brent of Lancaster Co. VA. They lived Stafford Co. VA   (Overwharton Parish).


John Carter was born in 1613, Christ Church, London. He died 1669, Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co. VA. He married 5 times. His wives were:

1st: Jane Glyn

2nd: Eleanor Brocas, widow of William Brocas (great grandson of Sir Thomas Sherley, the elder)

3rd: Ann Carter

4th: Sarah Ludlow, mother of King Carter who was speaker of the House of Burchess in 1659 through 1699, member of the Council 1699-1732, acting Governor of Virginia 1726/27

5th: Elizabeth Shirley, spinster (single lady) of Gloucester Co. VA, who was the mother of a son Charles Carter, born after the death of his father.

John Carter, son of King Carter, married Elizabeth Hill and they received Shirley Plantation as a wedding present from her father. They were the great grandparents of Robert E. Lee!

Elizabeth Carter, daughter of John Carter, the immigrant, married Col. Nathaniel Utie (Otey), brother of John Uite, Jr. (see Otey/Uite)


posted June 2, 2001

This info comes from a book I purchased on one of my trips to Prince William Co. VA.


page 196

CLOVERLAND...This was the home of Edward carter (1767-1806), son of Charles Carter (1733-1806) of Corotoman and Shirley and half-brother of Anne Hill Carter (1773-1829), the mother of Robert E. Lee. The estate was originally within the 12,285 acre Broad Run Tract, patented in 1724 by King Carter in the names of his sons, John (1690-1742) and Charles (1707-1764) and the portion that descended from John to Charles of Shirley. The house, with the exception of the kitchen, had been completed by 1797. Charles Carter, in his will, written in 1803 and proved in 1806 said: "I have given my son Edward 4,000 acres of my Broad Run Tract... with slaves, stock and etc, and if there is any informality to the deed to him I confirm the gift." A few months before his death in 1806 he added the codicil: "As my son Edward has lately been killed by the caving in of part of said Edward's mill race, I bequeath the part of Broad Run called Saints Hill (with 42 slaves. 6 horses, 35 head of cattle, 43 hogs now thereon) my son-in-law Robert Randolph in trust for all the sons of said Edward Carter." This Edward Carter married his kinswoman, Jane Carter (__?___-1777), the daughter of John Carter (c.1739-1789) of Sudley, and granddaughter of Landon Carter (1710-1779) of Sabine Hall. He appointed as executors his brothers-in-law, Robert Carter of Sudley and Robert Randolph of Eastern View, and later substituted Thomas Turner for Robert Carter.


page 183

Mt. Atlas... Charles B. Carter who had Mt. Atlas as a home but a short while, was a son of Charles Carter (1733-1806) of Shirley and a brother of Edward Carter of Cloverland. He married his cousin, Ann Beale Carter, the daughter of Robert Wormeley Carter ( __?__-1779) of Sabine Hall and granddaughter of Landon Carter (1710-1779), and lived at Richmond Hill in Richmond County. He made his will in 1800, bought Mt. Atlas, sold Richmond Hill, and then died without expressing any wish regarding his newly acquired home. Though he left his wife an estate in Lancaster County, in 1808 "Ann B. Carter, widow of Charles B. Carter, deceased filed in Prince William County court "an instrument in writing ... purporting to be a renunciation of the will of her said husband." However, Mt. Atlas was given to her son John Hill, who never married and who continued to live here even after the place had passed to other hands.



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