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  Reuben Dale was in Old Rappahannock County Virginia in 1685. The county was  divided into Essex and Richmond Counties. His wife was Elizabeth______.

children: (not listed in order of birth)

1. Thomas Dale m. 1st Frances _____ 2nd Joyce______. He was of Richmond Co. VA 

2.  Elizabeth Dale m. 1st Thomas Young , 2nd William Dodson

3. Abraham Dale born about 1690 Richmond Co. VA. Married Winifred Southern in 1714.  They lived near the boundary of Richmond and Lancaster Co. VA. They were the parents of eight children, all born in North Farnham Parish in Richmond Co. VA 

children:( not listed in order of birth)

(1) William Dale b. ca. 1715 died 1759,  married Frances Phillips

(2). Ann Dale   April 1717

(3) Frances Dale March 18, 1721-2

(4). Abraham Dale April 4, 1724

(5). Thomas Dale April 20, 1730 d. 1772

(6). Robert Dale     married Elizabeth____ (Hanks?) He died 1778 in Prince William Co. VA

(7). Isaac Dale Nov 17, 1727

(8). Reuben Dale Sept 21, 1720 He married Hannah Phillips. He transferred land in Richmond Co. VA May 28, 1741 and in Lancaster Co. VA in June 10, 1752.


A. John Dale b. about 1747  d. 1787.  He was a carpenter. He married Lucy _____.

B. George Dale b. ca. 1749, died 1830 Hamilton co. IL.

C. Isaac Dale June 17, 1751. He died in 1820 Barren Co KY. Married 1st. Eleanor_____, 2nd Margaret Frazier 1801, 3rd  Margaret Gum 1808.


(a). Rueben M. Dale Mar 17, 1774 died Oct 2, 1862, married Sally Gill May 14, 1797. She was born Mar 23, 1773 KY Co. VA. and died Oct 4, 1844 Barren Co. KY.


1. Elizabeth Dale July 30, 1799 died 1860, married Richard Shirley 1816

2. Jemima "Jennie" Dale Apr 14, 1802 Barren Co. KY. Died Dec 27, 1843 Barren Co. KY. Married Richard M. Crabb

3. Abram Dale Nov 2, 1804 Barren Co. KY. Died Dec 4, 1896. Married Martha Masters in 1837.

4. Edward Dale Oct 27, 1807 Barren Co. KY. Died Dec 3, 1884. Married 1st Patsy Hays Dale Nov 30, 1829, m. 2nd Sarah Wolcott in 1831.

5. Rebecca Dale Apr 17, 1811 Barren Co. KY, died Apr 27, 1857. Married William Anderson Jan 27, 1831

6. Sally F. Dale Jan 15, 1814, married Samuel B. Anderson Oct 15, 1832

(b). Hannah Dale b. ca. 1778 married Thomas Shirley

(c). Nancy Dale b. ca.1780 married Moses Shirley, lived Barren Co. KY and went to Hamilton Co. Illinois by 1850 census.

(d). William Dale married Jenny Shirley


1. Nancy Dale m. Alexander Faulkner in  1825

2. Parmelia Dale m. Robert Smith in 1825

3. Isaac Dale

4. Lavina Dale

5. Millie Dale

6. Martha Dale

7. Jane Dale

8. Angyline Dale

9. Ezekiel Dale

10 America E. Dale b. 1826 d. 1877 married Daniel R. Shirley (cousin)

(e). John Dale May 5, 1785 m. 1st Elizabeth Shirley Apr 2, 1804, m. 2nd Nancy Hall

(f). Milly Dale m. John Gar??? 1807

(g). Elizabeth Dale b. ca.1788 m. Nimrod Shirley

(h). Isaac M. Dale b. ca. 1796 d. Mar 5, 1867 Hart Co. KY m. 1st Sarah Shirley Sept 2, 1816 she d. Mar 18, 1831, m. 2nd Parthenia Smith, she d. 1839 Barren Co. KY, m. 3rd Elizabeth Barton and they divorced by 1850, m. 4th Louisa Hensley ca. 1840 and she d. Jan 30, 1881 Metcalf  Co. KY



Major Edward Dale, Gentleman. Probably of the ancient family of Dale of Northampton Co. and London England. He married Diana Skipwith, grandniece of Ann Kempe, wife of Sir Thomas Sherley, the elder. They settled on the northside of the Rappahannock River in Lancaster Co. VA. From 1655-1674 he served as Clerk of Lancaster Co. VA, Justice of the Peace for 14 years, two years as a member of the House of Burgess and 4 years as sheriff. He represented Lancaster Co. VA at a meeting with several others...including: Mr. Wm. Presley, Mr. Peter Presley, Major Isaac Allerton, Col. Wm. Travers, Col. Samuel Griffin, Col. George Mason and Mr. Martin Scarlett.

In 1670 Captain Thomas Carter married Katherine Dale, [daughter of Major Edward Dale and Diana Skipwith].


Sir Thomas Dale was a soldier, colonizer and naval commander. He enlisted when a youth, about 1588, as a soldier in the service of the Netherlands. On June 19, 1606, he was knighted at Richmond, as Sir Thomas Dale of Surrey. The London Company appointed him marshal of VA in 1611 and granted him leave for three years. Before departing for Virginia he married Elizabeth Throckmorton, daughter of Sir Thomas Throckmorton. In the absence of Gov. Delaware West, he ruled the colony until August when he was relieved by Sir Thomas Gates. Gates left in 1614 and Dale again assumed control. When Dale returned to London in 1616, he brought with him John Rolf and wife, Pocahontas. On Nov 28, 1617, Dale was appointed commander of a London East India Company and sailed for the East Indies Feb 26, 1618. He died Aug 9, 1619 after 20 days of languishing sickness in Masulipatam India.

Abraham Dale and wife Winifred were married about 1716 North Farnham Parish now in Richmond Co. VA. Their son Reubin Dale was born 1720 and he and his wife, Hannah Phillips, were the parents of Isaac Dale born 1751 North Farnham Parish and died in Barren County Kentucky.

Isaac Dale had several children who married Shirleys, and grandchildren who also married Shirleys who lived in Barren Co. KY and Hamilton Co. Illinois. [see April 1979 page 12, Shirley NEWS and January 1982 page 6].


Sir Thomas Dale of Surrey Co. England, entered the service of the Low Countries with Essex (just like Sir Thomas Sherley of Wiston), in 1588. Returned and remained there 1606-1611. He married Elizabeth Throckmorton, daughter of Sir Thomas  and Eliz.  (dau of Sir Richard Berkeley).




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