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  Thomas Gerard, gentleman, bapt Dec 10, 1608 of New Hall, Lancaster Co. England. He was a Surgeon and planter. He immigrated to Maryland in 1638, and brought his family in 1650. He lived St. Mary Co. Md and in 1664 removed to Virginia with Giles Brent. He died in Westmoreland Co. VA in 1673. He and his wife, Susanna Snow, were the parents of:

1. Justinian Gerard m. Sarah_____
2. Thomas Gerard m. Susannah Curtis
3. John Gerard m. Eliz____
4. Susanna Gerard m. 1st Robert Slye, 2nd John Goode
5. Frances Gerard m. 1st Thomas Speke, 2nd Valentine Peyton, 3rd John Appleton, 4th John Washington, 5th William Hardwick                                                                              6.
7. Temperance Gerard m. 1st Daniel Hutt, 2nd John Crabbe, 3rd Benjamin Blanchflower
8. Elizabeth Gerard m. 1st Nehemiah Blackiston, 2nd Ralph Rymer, 3rd Joshua Guibert
9. Mary Gerard m. Kenelm Cheseldine

NOTE: 1662...William and Margaret Overed of Nominie to DANIEL HUTT (a merchant), witnessed by Robert Sherley (Westmoreland Co. VA). The widow of John Miles married William Overed.

Thomas Gerard settled first in Maryland as early as 1639 and moved to Westmoreland Co. VA with Giles Brent. His manor in St. Mary's Co. Maryland was afterwards occupied by Justinian Gerard.




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