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Joshiah Mackie was a Prebyterian minister of Norfolk and Princess Anne Co. Virginia.

His will 1716... mentions...

Jacob Johnson, deceased, and Margarite and their children, William and Mary Johnson.  (NOTE: Jacob's 1st wife was Mary Ashall, 2nd wife was Mrs. Kemp). John and Eliz. Wishard, to the children of his 3 sisters,    Mary, Margarett and Rebecca, their father and his father Patrick Mackie, sometimes of St. Johnstone in County Donigall, King dom of Ireland. He wants their money transmitted home to Mr. John Harvey of Lond, Derry merchant, and by him transmitted to the children of his (Josiah), sisters.   He mentions money due him from William Squire and Peter Hall, merchants in Liverpool and Mr. William Bowden, merchant in London. He gives to John Sherly Sr. 150 acres of land lying in Princess Anne Co. and remainder to a Capt. Franacis Morris. He speaks of money John Sherley Sr. owes him and forgives his debt.

John Kempe and George Kempe appraise will.



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