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1668 William Sherley married Alice MOSELEY in Barbados. William is buried Oct. 1678 and Alice Shirley married Robert Archer. (Could this William be the grandfather of Gov William Shirley of MA?). The traditional story in the family is that William died in Jamaica in an earthquake.
In 1660 Westmoreland Co. VA a Robert MOSELEY, gentleman, is mentioned with Robert Shirley and Giles Brent.
MOSELEY name can also be found in early Elizabeth City Co. VA.

Recorded Nov 10, 1652...

I William Moseley of Rotterdam in Holland in the partes beyond the seas March't: And now resident and inhabittinge in the Easterne branch of the Elizabeth River in the county of Lower Norfolk, being possessed of certeine peeces of Gouldsmyths and Juellers worke to the valewe of Six hundred and twelve Gilders as namely one hatband consisting of nineteene Ies of gould, one buckle and tipp of gould all sett with Dyamonds and in part Enamelled and sett with Diamonds att sixty gilders and one gould Ringe enamelled and sett with one Deamond, one Rubie one sapher and one Emrall att Fifty two gilders  have this day sold to Capt Francis Yardley of Linhaven the said hatband, Juell and Ringe for 9 head of cattle. The cattle were two draught oxen sterres and five cowes in hand already received. Dated Aug 1, 1650...signed William Moseley, Wit: Edward Windham and Edw. Stadley.


Worthy Sir...

My husband havinge some bussiness downe the river was gone from home two horrows before your servant came soe I findinge what the contents of your letter did import, have in my husbands absence made bould to answer it and withall I knowe he referrs the sale of them to me. Sir in regarde you cannot out of your stocke no moer then   fower youge Cowes and one older and fower oxen I will not press you beyond   what you are willinge to doe, but will accept of your proffer, by reason of my greate wants of cattle, and with all I had rayther your wife should weare them than aney gentlewoman I yet know in the Country, but good Sir, have no Scruple concerninge their rightness for I went my selfe from Rotterdam to the Haguh, to inquire of the gouldsmiths and found that they weare all right therfore thats without question, and for the hatband that alone coste five hundred gelders as my husband knows verry well and will tell you soe when he sees you, for Juell and the ringe they weare made for me at Rotterdam and I paid in good Rex dollores for them sixtey gelders and for the Jewell and fivety and two gelders for the ringe, which comes to in English monny eleaven pounds fower shillings. I have sent the sute and Ringe by your servant and I wish Mrs. Yeardley health and prosperity to weare them in and give you boeth thanks for your kinde token.When my husband come home we will see to get the cattell home in the meane time I present my love and service to your selfe and wife. Mr.Chandler and his wife and the younge gentlewoman and old Cap't and commit you all to god.

and remaine your freind and sevant: Susan Moseley Ellizabeth River this last July 1650.


William Moseley m. Susanna ________. He came from Rotterdam, Holland to Virginia in 1649 and died 1655. 


1. Arthur Moseley

2. William Moseley  died 1671 Lower Norfolk Co. Virginia. m. Mary Gookin


(1). Col. Edward Moseley  m. Mrs. Bartho. Taylor,  daughter of Col. John Stringer/Shinger. Edward was a Justice of the Peace in Princess Anne Co. VA.


A. Hillary Moseley d. 1730 Princess Anne Co. VA.  m. Hannah_____.


(a). Edward Hack Moseley  He was the great grandson-in-law of Col Lewis Burwell. Edward m. Mary Bassett (gr. granddaughter of Col. Lewis Burwell)

    1.Mary  Moseley m. Anthony Walke



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