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Col Charles Robertson was from Augusta VA and lived in Anson NC before moving to Watauga (Washington TN)

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The relationship existing, if any, between COL. CHARLES ROBERTSON of the Watuaga Settlement and GENERAL JAMES ROBERTSON, later of DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tennessee, has long been an unsolved mystery.

If you will forget about the way the name "ought to be spelled" and the ERRONEOUS TRADITION which has so long existed that the ROBERTSON FAMILY was of Scotch-Irish extraction, and study what is set down in these notes it will no longer be a mystery.

2. CHARLES ROBINSON (the son of the second Cornelius, grandson of the first Cornelius, and the great Grandson of CHRISTOPHER ROBINSON) lived for some years in Augusta County, Virginia, with brothers, TOWNSEND, CORNELIUS, JAMES and DAVID ROBINSON, and his sons:






The father of these children was referred to as CHARLES ROBINSON, Sr., and he was a nephew of JONATHAN ROBINSON, of ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, VA, and the first cousin of JOHN ROBINSON, who married MARY GOWER.

It was his son CHARLES ROBINSON (or ROBERTSON) who was settled on the Watauga with Gen. JAMES ROBERTSON, of whom he was a second cousin.

COL. CHARLES ROBERTSON of the Watauga, had a brother, JAMES ROBERTSON, but he was not our GEN. JAMES ROBERTSON.

This other JAMES ROBERTSON (bro. of COL. CHARLES) in March, 1753, bought two tracts of land adjoining ROBERT BREVARD, in what is now IREDELL COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, from ALEXANDER OSBOURNE and his wife, and this perhaps about marks the date that CHARLES ROBERTSON, Sr. and his family left Augusta County, Virginia, and settled in what was then ANSON COUNTY, North Carolina, where they were joined only a short time afterward by the sons of JONATHAN ROBINSON, from Brunswick County, Virginia, including the JOHN ROBINSON who married MARY GOWER.

All the deeds and other written instruments on which these notes are based, will be found on record in ANSON COUNTY, North Carolina. THE ROBINSON'S OF AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA moved to ANSON COUNTY, N. CAROLINA. The deed and will records of ANSON CO., NORTH CAROLINA, show that CHARLES ROBINSON, Sr. of Augusta County, Virginia had moved to ANSON COUNTY, by 1750. On June 25, 1750, Charles Robinson, Sr. bought 42 acres of land from
his son, CHARLES ROBINSON, Jr. located on Little River.

TOWNSEND ROBINSON (brother of CHARIES Sr.), on June 11, 1750, bought from Nicholas Smith (Isle of Wight County, Virginia), 40 acres on PEEDEE RIVER.

JAMES ROBINSON (brother of Charles Sr. or his son) bought 115 acres from JOHN McRAY (an old Constable in Augusta Co., Va.) on July 15, 1751.

HUGH ROBINSON (son of Charles Sr.) had sold to SAMUEL YOUNG, March 6,1758, 302 acres of land on the Cawtaba River.

CORNELIUS ROBINSON (brother of CHARLES ROBINSON, Sr.) bought 360 acres on PEE DEE River in ANSON COUNTY, from WILLIAM TERRY, of Lunenburg County, Va. (formerly).

CORNELIUS ROBINSON (Son of CHARLES ROBINSON Sr., and brother of CHARLES ROBINSON Jr.) (Col. Charles Robertson of Watauga later) sold to CHARLES ROBINSON Jr., on October 23, 1765 (the deed executed in Anson County, N.C.) a tract of 400 acres of land, part of a tract of 600 acres, formerly the property of CHARLES ROBINSON, Sr., and bequeathed to his son CORNELIUS ROBINSON by his last will and testament, located on the East Bank of Little River of the Great PEE DEE. Deed signed by CORNELIUS ROBINSON and his wife ELIZABETH, both signing their names.

There are dozens of other deeds by the members of the ROBINSON FAMILY all on record at Wadesboro in ANSON COUNTY N.C.

John Robinson b. 1645 Cleasby, York Co. England d. 1693 Hewick, Middlesex Co. Virginia. He came to Virginia about 1666 and settled on an estate in Middlesex Co. Virginia. He called his estate "Hewick" for his families home in York Co. England. He was a member of the House of Burgess.

He had a brother, Christopher Robinson and a sister, Frances Sheppard.

John Robinson was employed by King William and Queen Mary at the Court of Swedon and couldn't deal with his brother, Christopher's will. He appointed their sister, Frances Sheppard, to his substitute, executor of the will.

Christopher Robinson  d. 1692-3


1. Christopher of Urbanna b. 1681 d.1727 m. Judith, dau. of Christopher Wormeley of Middlesex Co. VA and widow of Wm Beverley and before of Corbin Giffin.

2. John Robinson of Picaatqua of Essex Co. VA  b. 1683 d. 1749. m. 1st Cartherine dau. of Major Robert Beverley, m. 2nd Mary, widow of Thomas Welch of Essex Co. VA, and before of Francis Merriweather, and who was dau. of Launcelot Bathurst.

The marriage record in Essex Co. VA between John Robinson of Spotsylvania Co. and Mrs. Mary Welch of Essex Co. VA Jan 5, 1731. She owned 65 negroes. 

(1). John Robinson



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