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  Sir Edward (Edwin)  Sandys, treasurer of the Virginia Company. From Northbourne, Kent Co. England.

The daughter of Sir Samuel Sandys, brother of Sir Edward, married Sir Francis Wyatt, Governor of Virginia. (see Wyatt)


Sir Edwin Sandys, Knight, was born Dec 9, 1561. He entered the Middle Temple in 1589. By 1614 he held manors in Kent Co. England of which he either purchased or that was given him by King James.

In 1617-1619, Sandys was chosen assistant to Sir Thomas Smith, on of Londons "merchant princes', who was treasurer of Chief officier of the Virginia Company.

It was at this time the Puritans at "Leyden" (Holland), sent messages to consult with Sandys in regard to their settling in Virginia.

In 1619, Sandys was elected to take the place of Sir Thomas Smith and became the treassurer of the Virginia Company. He was sympathtic to the Puritans...



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