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  George Snelling and Edward Snelling are both merchants in London connected to each other in 1634-1641.  In 1634 "petition of Maurice and Edward Thompson and George Snelling... they have hired the "Discovery" and the "Sampson" for voyage to the Caribee (Caribbean Islands)... ask for licenses to transport goods."

In 1641, Warrant for "Sampson and Discovery" Edward Thompson, Maurice Thompson and Edward Snelling, merchants and adventurers... to go to the Caribee.


George Snelling, husband of Sissely SHIRLEY, co-heir of Thomas Shirley of West Grinstead, would be the right age to be the above George Snelling. 


1696 Payment of Tobacco to: ...a long list of "MD inhabitants" including "two hundred to Edward Snelling and James Sherley".  (This was written as though the two men were together. Other listings were written differently). Are they in business together and owed money from the crown?

This James Sherley is in several MD records.

1695, the year before. Payment of Tobacco (the same type of act initiated by the crown as above) to: a long list of men including "to Richard SHIRLEY eight hundred". Richard is two names down from Edward Snelling who is listed by himself. (no James Shirley).

The above info from Ken 


Christ Church Middlesex Co. Virginia

Children born to  Aquilla and Mary Snelling

Alex 1716, Henry 1728, Benj 1733



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