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The Wiseman family of London claim descent from Sir John Wiseman cited for his bravery in the Battle of the Spurs in 1513.   The first Baronet was Sir William Wiseman who died July 1, 1643. His Coat of Arms was in use before 1628. (The first Baronet and Coat of Arms was registered Aug 29, 1628).  


Sir Thomas Wiseman, was one of the Councillors of Lord Baltimore. He settled in St. Mary's Co. Maryland.


John Wiseman of St. Marys Co. Maryland died 1703. He married Catherine Miles, daughter of Francis Miles and Katherine_______. Catherine married 2nd Richard Shirley.


1. John Wiseman

2. Mary Wiseman  m. Cornelious Manning

3. Robert Wiseman

4. Catherine Wiseman   m. John Greenwell


HERTFORDSHIRE Co. England 1558

Inquisition post mortem on Richard Carter-West Chipping, Barnet , Hertfordshire ...before John WISEMAN of Falsted, Essex, Esquire, Escheator for the county of Hertfordshire (no doubt a lawyer representing Herts)...jury: Rich. Birchmore, Hen. Kentish, Hen. Russhley, Wm Royce, John Field, Mylams Galleway, WILLIAM SHARLEY, John Goddeson, Edmund the manor of Garston in the parish of Watford in Herts...bequeathed to son Thomas Carter and heir...William Carter is eldest son and next heir to said Richard Carter and was older than 30 yrs old.... Richard Carter had no other lands, manors in his possession at the time of his death.

info from Ken Scislaw


Posted November 26th, 2002

Info from Ken...

Passengers on the Ark and Dove


1. Thomas Cornwallis

Penelope Wiseman, second wife of Thomas Cornwallis. Cornwallis married second, by 1654, Penelope Wiseman, daughter of John Wiseman of Terrell's Hall, Essex, England. Penelope was still living in 1688. In 1656, Cornwallis claimed land for bringing his wife Penelope into the province (Patent Record Q: 451, MSA S11).

2. Henry Wiseman, son of Sir Thomas Wiseman

Thomas WISEMAN of Rivenhall, Essex was born on 27 Jan 1555-1556 in Sutton, Suffolk, England and died in 1624. Knighted 1604.

Thomas married Alice MYLES, daughter of Robert MYLES and Parnell, on 7 Nov 1594 in Canfield, Essex. (Alice MYLES was born on 24 Aug 1575 in Sutton, Suffolk, England, christened on 24 Aug 1575 in Sutton, Suffolk, England)

Their children were:

  • i. Robert (HENRY) WISEMAN Born: ABT 1595 at: Essex, Great Canfield, England Married: ABT 1610 at: Essex,  Great Canfield, England Died: BEF 16 APR 1650 at: St. Mary's Co, MD ; m. Ann Capell
  • ii Sir William WISEMAN, Bt (born Abt 1600 in London - Died 1 Jul 1643 , buried in St Peters, Oxford)
    • i. Sir William WISEMAN, Sir William, was created baronet in 1660. Samuel Wiseman, Sir Williamís brother and heir, sold RIVENHALL to Thomas Western, of London, in 1693.
    • (Shirleys of Preston and Ote Hall strongly connected to the Westerns of Rivenhall)


Richard Shirley of St. Maryís MD married Catherine Myles, the relict of John Wiseman


Robert Shirley was a passenger on the Ark and Dove to MD with Henry Wiseman


The London Goldmith Shirley family involved in the settling of America was of Essex Eng.


Wiseman/Western family connection

From:  ESSEX WORTHIES - Page:199


The Westerns of Rivenhall were a family of London merchants who settled in Essex in the last quarter of the 17th century. In 1692 Thomas Western (d.1707) bought Rivenhall Place from the executors of Sir William Wiseman. It remained the principal seat of the family until 1795, when Felix Hall took its place. 


from Betty Shirley posted Nov. 26th, 2002

I have some Wiseman data I copied from a Wiseman file folder in the Gen. Soc. in London several years ago. I just pulled it to see if I could find these people. Her is some what I have...from a hand written chart. Not real easy to follow and because it was so big, I had to copy in sections... and I don't think I got it all! I have just spent some time trying to match up the sheets. Here is some of what I can make of it.

There was a Sir William Wiseman crated a Bart. 1628, died At Oxford in 1643 in the service of Charles I.  He married Elizabeth daughter of Sir Henry capel, will dated 28, April 1659, proved 28, Nov 1660, was of (nor sure of the spelling... looks like MUCH or Inuch?) Canfield, Essex

1. Sir William Wiseman 1630, married Archella daughter of Sir Thomas Hewitt of Pishobury, Herts. They were married March 24, 1664

   (1). William

   (2). George

   (3). Sir Thomas Wiseman died 1733

   (4). Sir Charles died 1751

   (5). John  m. Penelope..... His widow proved his will Oct 1731 (I can't tell if there is a Sir in front of    John as that is where the name started.. at the edge of the paper... sorry!

and 6 daughters...

2. Sir Edmund Wiseman died 1704 m. Eliz. daughter of Daniel Waldo

3. Capel, Bishop of ?spelling again, Oromore??? Dromore??? in 1683.

4. Robert Wiseman living in 1659

and 2 daughters...


I see they have Robert Wiseman b. ca. 1595 of Great Canfield, Essex as marrying Ann CAPELL.

Also notice from our Isfield page....

John Shurley , coffer to the King, died Aug 3, 1527. He married 1st Parnell Grandford, 2nd Margery Goring

The PARNELL name is listed below under your a surname.

The CAPELL  name is also connected to Isfield Shurleys... (same page).

(2) John,  Knt. 1611 Isfield, d.____, m. 1st Eliz. Kyme, 2nd Frances CAPELL.



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