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  Abraham Shirley
b. 1813 Anderson Co SC died Franklin Co GA

Abraham Shirley Nov 1, 1813 Mills, Anderson Co. SC; He is living in Franklin Co GA in 1840 census and in nearby Hart Co in 1860 and 1870 census, living in Parker's Store PO, the same area as the family of Richard Shirley, Branch #4; Living in Grimlog PO in the 1880 Franklin Co census; He died May 1, 1893 and was buried Shoal Creek Cemetery in Franklin Co. GA

1892 Franklin Co GA Loose Estates. [Original] Will of Abraham Shirley - I Abriham Shirley of said state and county being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. Item. First I give bequeath and devise to my wife Elizer Shirley the following property to wit my intire estate real and personal free from all [ ] or limitation whatsoever to her own proper use benefit and [ ] this bequeath is made to my wife in lieu of her whole dower during her natural life. Item second. I give bequeath to my son W A Shirley forty or forty one acres of land on the east end of my land after my wife's death. Item third. I give bequeath and devise to my grand son G W Tyner the following property to with after the death of my self and wife one milk cow and calf for and during his natural life. Item fourth. After my and my wife's death the remaining of my property both real and personal to be sold and after payment of my just debts if any the remainder to be equally divided amongst my heirs - Jackson Shirley, W. A. Shirley, H. R. Shirley, M G F Shirley, Elizer Griffin, Mary Francis Vickery, Caraline Vickery and G W Tyner grand son being legal heirs of mine. Item fifith. I hereby institute and appoint my son W A Shirley executor of this my last will and testament February 19, 1892. <Abriham (his X mark) Shirley >

1893 Dec 11 - Franklin Co GA Estate Sale Bills page 608 (page 610) - Estate of Abraham Shirley, W. A. Shirley, executor. Legatees named: M. G. L Shirley, G W Tyner, H. R. Shirley, Caroline Vickery, Andrew J. Shirley, Mrs J. W Vickery, Eliza Griffin

married Eliza Downs 11 Feb 1836 in Franklin Co GA. She was born Feb 27, 1817 d. July 2, 1892 Franklin Co. GA. Both are buried Shoal Creek Cemetery Franklin Co. GA.


2(i). Andrew Jackson Shirley b 1837. He lived at Fork PO in Hall Co GA in 1880. He is named as a legatee in his father's 1892 will. He lived in Fulton Co GA (Atlanta metro) in 1900 and 1910 census.

married Elizabeth Murphy Feb10, 1857


3(i). James Henry Shirley b 1859

married Sadie Strickland

3(ii). Eliza A. Shirley b 1861 married Thomas Edmond Walker

3(iii). Jasper A Shirley b 1866

married ____ McCardle

3(iv). Rebecca E. Shirley b 1869 married Jim Bryant

3(v). William Shirley b 1873 d 1954

3(vi). Mary Elizabeth Shirley b 1878 married Collier Bannister

2(ii). Jasper ?Dean Shirley b 1839. Living in parents household in 1850 census, age 11

2(iii). Narcissa Shirley born about 1840, age 10 in 1850 census and age 18 in 1860 census. She married George W. Tyner April 30, 1864 in Hart Co GA. Their son G W Tyner was named as a legatee of his grandfather Abraham Shirley's 1892 will. He and his mother were living with his grandparents in the 1880 census, age 14

2(iv). Martha A. Shirley b 1842/1844/1851. She was age 16 in 1860 census, age 29 in 1870 census She was living with her parents in the 1880 census, age 29

2(v). Eliza Shirley born 1844, age 6 in 1850 census, age 14 in 1860 census. She is named as a legatee in her father's 1892 will. She married Pinckney Griffin

2(vi). Mary Frances Shirley born April 26, 1848, age 3 in 1850 census, age 12 in 1860 census. She is named as a legatee in her father's 1892 will. She died Jan 20, 1930. She married William J. Vickery Jan 6, 1870 in Hart Co GA. He was born Oct 9, 1851 d. Feb 6, 1919 buried Tecoa, GA

2(vii). Henry R. Shirley born 1850, age 1 month in the 1850 census. Died young.

2(viii). William A. Shirley born Nov 30, 1852. He was age 10 in 1860 census, age 18 in 1870 census. He worked in a factory in that year. He was executor of his father's 1892 will. He was living with his parents, age 27 in the 1880 census. He died Jan 15, 1916. Buried at Shoal Creek Cemetery in Hart Co GA (the same cemetery as the Benjamin Shirley family - son of Nathaniel Branch 4 - who also lived in Hart Co)

married Eliza Jane Whitworth Aug 11, 1881. She was born Aug 25, 1855 d. April 2, 1931 buried Shoal Creek.


3(i). William Cheraw/Charles Shirley b 19 July 1882 Franklin GA; lived franklin Co GA in 1910 and 1920 census. Lived Oconee Co SC in 1930 and 1940. He died in Oconee SC

married Lavada/Lavoca Randall about 1903 according to 1910 census.


4(i). Lyda L O Shirley age 6 in 1910, age 17 in 1920

4(ii). Willie Shirley (female) age 5 in 1910, age 15 in 1920

4(iii). Henry Ard Shirley b 1907 age 4 in 1910, born Franklin Co GA, age 13 in 1920 census; (see wife's obituary on the internet),

4(iv). William H Shirley age 1/12 in 1910, age 11 in 1920 census

4(v). Sarah Ruby Shirley born about 1914, age 6 in 1920 census

4(vi). William C Shirley Jr born about 1917, age 3 in 1920 census

4(vii). Flora V Shirley born about 1920, age 10 in 1930

4(viii). James Shirley born about 1923, age 7 in 1930

3(ii). David A Shirley age 21 in 1910

3(iii). Ruby Addie Shirley age 12 in 1910. She married Charlie B Bruce

2(ix). Caroline E. Shirley born 1852, age 8 in the 1860 census, age 16 in 1870 census. She worked in a factory in that year. She is named as a legatee in her father's 1892 will. She died July 27, 1930. She married James Lindsay Vickery Sept 18, 1979

2(x). Henry Robert Shirley born Oct 10, 1858 Franklin Co. GA. Age 2 in the 1860 census, and age 13 in 1870 census. He worked in a factory in that year. He is named as a legatee in his father's 1892 will. He died Feb 26, 1938

married Rhoda Artimesia Thomas April 8, 1879. She was born July 3, 1861 GA d. Aug 24, 1936, daughter of James and Sarah Ann (Clark) Thomas of Franklin Co. GA


3(i). Leile Prailee Shirley born July 19, 1880

3(ii). Robert Lee Shirley born Sept 27, 1882

married Maggie Farmer Price Dec 28, 1910


4(i). Mary Nellie Shirley

4(ii). Sarah Robbie Shirley

4(iii). Jack Warren Shirley

4(iv). Grace Margene Shirley

4(v). Henri Frances Shirley

4(vi). Betty Ann Shirley

3(iii). Eliza Anne Shirley born July 20, 1885 m. Samuel Tilman Price Dec 27, 1905

3(iv). Nancy Estelle Shirley born June 29, 1890, spinster

3(v). Bertie Blanch Shirley born April 4, 1896 d. Mar 18, 1939 Poplar Springs, Franklin Co. GA, m. G. Walker Whitworth June 16, 1918

3(vi). Dewey Lloyd Shirley born May 22, 1899

married Tinnie Andrew July 24, 1920.


4(i). Rhoda Mardelle Shirley

4(ii). Janie Marlene Shirley

4(iii). Mary Elizabeth Shirley

4(iv). Dewey Lloyd Shirley, Jr.

2(xi). Morgan G. L. Shirley born May 2, 1859. He was age 11 in the 1870 census, working on his parents' farm. He was living with his parents, age 19 in the 1880 census. He lived in Franklin Co GA in 1900. He died on May 1, 1931

married Fannie Thomas on Jan 20, 1885


3(i). Mazelle Shirley born about 1885 in GA, age 15 in 1900

3(ii). Mabell Shirley born about 1888 in GA, age 12 in 1900

3(iii). Estelle Shirley born about 1892 in GA, age 8 in 1900

3(iv). Lillie Shirley born about 1894 in GA, age 6 in 1900

3(v). Tarchie Shirley born about 1898 in GA, age 2 in 1900

2(xii). George W. Shirley born 1864 Hart Co. GA. He was age 6 in the 1870 census. (nothing more know, although it is possible he is in reality George Tyner, son of Narcissa Shirley, age 14 in Abraham's 1880 census household?)


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