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Argeland Shirley (continued)
b. 1756. Lived in Prince William Virginia. Family to Kentucky


Misc Information for this branch
Haplogroup E3b


1(vi). William Roach Shirley born Aug 7, 1814 Scott Co. Kentucky, died Aug 5, 1864, buried at Bethel. ref. Bible Rec. Charles C. Shirley, 2124 Leland Ave. Chicago

William Roach Shirley, son of Argeland, came to Logan Co. Illinois in 1846 to homestead 120 acres of land that became known as the Shirley Plantation. That same year he built a large house on the land and lived there until he died in 1862. The house was very beautiful, with two floors  and a large balcony. People could see  the house from  miles away because the land is so flat. They'd stop and admire the house. Spencer Henry Shirley, son of William, lived in the house from 1862 until 1907. In 1869, to accommodate a growing family, Spencer built a second house about 150 yards away from the larger house. This house is the only one standing today as the plantation house was torn down in the 1920s.


House built by William Roach Shirley in Logan Co. Illinois


married Elizabeth Dorothy Alsop Jan 11, 1835 Scott Co. Kentucky. She was born Jan 27, 1819 d. Feb 9, 1903 and buried at Bethel. She was the daughter of Spencer Alsop born June 12, 1785 d. July 13m 1829 and his wife Judith Carter born Nov 16, 1785 d. 1847 married Jan 22, 1808. Judith was the daughter of Obediah Cater who died July 26, 1820 and his wife and cousin, Judith Carter born Nov 18, 1755 married March 13, 1781.

Bible of Spencer Alsop [1 page] showing the marriage of William R[oach] Shirley and Elizabeth D Alsop


2(i). James William Shirley b Dec 8, 1835 Stamping Ground, KY  d. Feb 1, 1916 Emden, IL, 

married Eliz. C. Steward Mar 17, 1859. She was born Oct 16, 1833 Scotland d. Oct 1, 1916 Emden, IL Buried at Bethel


3(i). Eva E. Shirley b Mar 26, 1860 d. Dec 30, 1861

3(ii). John O. Shirley b Nov 25, 1861 d. April 7, 1865

3(iii). William James Shirley b Mar 8, 1864 d. April 18, 1865

3(iv). Fannie Sumner Shirley b Nov 21, 1865 m. Charles Henry Scholz March 26, 1891 Meredosia, IL. He was born Sept 12, 1855. NO children.

3(v). Ulysses S. Shirley b Oct 6, 1868 d. Feb 18, 1869 

3(vi). Nellie Shirley b Dec 7, 1869   m. David S. Bruner Sept 13, 1893. He was born Sept 16, 1861 Atlanta Illinois d. Jan 5, 1930, Buried in Niblick Cemetery near Atlanta Illinois 

3(vii). Carried B. Shirley b April 21, 1872 d. Feb 6, 1876

3(viii). Nettie Shirley b Aug 7, 1875 Triplet,( yes 7th not a typeo) m. John Henry Short Feb 13, 1896

3(ix). Robert Shirley b Aug 8, 1875 d. Oct 22, 1875, Triplet

3(x). Roy Shirley b Aug 8, 1875, Triplet

2(ii). Martha Noel Shirley b July 19, 1837  d. Jan 17, 1916 m. Elisha B. Ashley May 20, 1860 born Aug 1, 1839 d. July 31, 1907

2(iii). John Wesley Shirley b Apr 28, 1839 d. Mar 10, 1920 Both buried Newton, Kansas in Greenwood Cemetery. John enlisted in Company B, 2nd Illinois Cavalry Aug 12, 1861 and was discharged Aug 11, 1864 at Baton Rouge LA.  They lived Atlanta IL until 1883, Valley Center Kansas for 1 year, Appleton City MO for 1 year, Ft. Scott Kansas 4 years and to Newton Kansas where they resided until death.

married Mary Frances Sumner Jan 19, 1865 born Jan 19, 1845 d. Jan 7, 1921.


3(i). William Norman Sumner Shirley  b Nov 19, 1865 Hartsburg, Logan Co. IL d. Jan 25, 1925 Muskogee OK. He was a telegraph operator at Valley Center, Caldwell, Wichita, Arkansas City and Newton, all in the state of Kansas. He was manager of the Western Union offices at Wellington and Arkansas City, Kansas. He was chief of  the Automatic Department of the Western Union office in Muskogee Oklahoma.     

married Elizabeth Ellen Gaut on July 3, 1886. She was born Oct 10, 1865. 


4(i). Homer Clifton Shirley born Oct 27, 1887

married June Haun Feb 17, 1915. She was born April 4, 1892

4(ii). Ray Gaut Shirley b Nov 21, 1889

4(iii). Mary Elizabeth Shirley born July 13, 1893

4(iv). Ruth Rowena Shirley born May 5, 1899 m. Harden Cowles Nelson Sept 3, 1921 who was born Jan 11, 1896

3(ii). Lena Alice Shirley b Mar 3, 1868 Logan Co. IL m. Henry O'Brien Aug 3, 1885 who was born Aug 5, 1859 Ireland died May 11, 1921 Lincoln Nebraska

3(iii). Infant son Shirley b Feb 16, 1870 died 1870

3(iv). Charles H. Shirley b Mar 27, 1871

married Mary Beulah McQuidey Dec 31, 1896 who was born Dec 30, 1872


4(i). Eucil Shirley b April 4, 1899 m. Lois

4(ii). Byron D. Shirley b Oct 18, 1901

4(iii). Orville L. Shirley b April 4, 1903

4(iv). Archie McQuidey Shirley b April 4, 1905 m. Nevada Stowe

4(v). Francis W. Shirley b Mar 9, 1907

4(vi). Delbert D. Shirley b Jan 16, 1910

4(vii). Earl Shirley b Sept 4, 1911

4(viii). Beulah Shirley b Jan 2, 1917

3(v). Margaret E. Shirley b May 5, 1873 m. Carl Munson Oct 1896 and 2nd to Mr. Decker

3(vi). Lester L Shirley b July 21, 1878

married Martha Marsh June 19, 1910


4(i). Eva A. Shirley  b April 22, 1911

4(ii). daughter Shirley

3(vii). Ethel F. Shirley b April 25, 1882 

2(iv). Spencer Henry Shirley b Jan 1, 1841 Stamping Grounds, Kentucky, d. July 16, 1918 Hartsburg, IL  Both buried at Bethel.

married Martha Ann Smallwood Apr 18, 1869 born June 18, 1848 d. Feb 14, 1907.


3(i). John Henry Shirley Sept 26, 1871 m. Luella Mae Woland Mar 24, 1897, born April 1872.


4(i). Ethel Marie Shirley b Aug 6, 1898 m. Amos Harney April 3, 1919 who was born Nov 3, 1894

3(ii). George Allen Shirley b Aug 24, 1873

married Louise C. Nall Jan 1, 1900 who was born Mar 21, 1879


4(i). Dorothy Mae Shirley b Aug 6, 1902 m. John Behrends Sept 5, 1920 who was born Feb 22, 1902,  parents of Shirley Jean Brehends born Aug. 26, 1921, d. Feb.11, 2002, m. Orvil Shaffer April 26, 1945 in Corpus Christi, Texas

4(ii). Lowell Larkin Shirley b Feb 1, 1907 d. April 29, 1933 m. Matilda Behrends June 7, 1928 who was born June 27, 1911

4(iii). Galen Shirley b Aug 12, 1910 m. Roberta Quisenberry Aug 6, 1932

3(iii). Bertha Belle Shirley b May 27, 1879 m. Rev. Galen N. Goode Nov 28, 1907 who was born July 4, 1842 died Aug 23, 1923

3(iv).  Minnie Pearl Shirley b Sept 25, 1883 m. Samuel Payne Sept 27, 1903 who was born March 8, 1877

2(v). Oliver Allen Shirley b Mar 28, 1843 Stamping Grounds, KY, d. Apr 19, 1915 Both buried at Gibson City, Illinois.

Oliver moved with his parents from Stamping Ground, Kentucky overland in a covered wagon in 1846, locating near Lincoln, Logan Co. Illinois. This one wagon contained the parents, six brothers and sisters, the grandmother and all worldly possessions. After a few years the family moved to a farm (later known as the Shirley Homestead) near what is now Hartsburg, Illinois. Here his early life was spent attending country school and helping with farm work until his enlistment Aug 12, 1861 in Company B of 2nd Illinois Volunteer Cavalry of the Union Army. He was discharged at Baton Rouge, Louisiana April 1865. Returning home he resumed farm duties at the old home and continued there until his marriage, when he and his wife moved to the raw prairie near Gibson City, Illinois where they made their home until his death.

married Mary Frances Sumner Apr 15, 1869 born Oct 22, 1843 d. Dec 2, 1922.


3(i). Harry Shirley b May 10, 1874 m. Ethel A. Goodrich Feb 3, 1910 who was born Sept 26, 1886


4(i). Mary Genevieve  Shirley

3(ii). Beatrice Shirley b May 2, 1879 m. Everett C. O'Connor April 9, 1918 who was born Aug 27, 1884

3(iii). Oliver O. Shirley b Mar 31, 1881

married Emma J. Gilmore June 26, 1919

4(i). Charlene Frances Shirley

4(ii). Robert Emerson Shirley

2(vi). Emily Ann Shirley b Apr 16, 1845  d. Jun 28, 1853 Scarlet Fever

2(vii). George Robert Shirley b June 7, 1847 d. June 24, 1912. He did not marry. He lived with his brother, Charles,  in Chicago from early manhood to his death. These brothers were very close friends and attended college together. They practiced law and he worked untiringly in the cause of Prohibition. 

2(viii). Sarah L. Shirley Jan 22, 1850 d. June 27, 1853 Scarlet Fever

2(ix). Charles Alexander Shirley Mar 9, 1852 Hartsburg, IL d. Apr 29, 1922Both are buried in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Charles attended school near the Shirley Homestead, later went to Lincoln College, Lincoln IL, graduated from Eureka College, Eureka IL, and from Albany Law School, Albany NY. He practiced law in Blue Mound, Taylorville and Chicago IL. Before going to college he taught country school in Logan County for a number of years. He also taught in the Chicago night schools. His wife also went to Eureka college and taught country school in Logan and Christian Counties of IL. They moved to Chicago in Aug 1881 and lived there until their death.

married Helen M. Caldwell  Aug  9, 1877 born Sept 10, 1853 d. Dec 14, 1925.


3(i). Mary Alsop Shirley Nov 5, 1881 m. Eldo H. Johnson Oct 24, 1905 who was born Jan 3, 1881

3(ii). Helen Garnet Shirley Feb 27, 1886 m. Edward C. Plumly June 11, 1912 who was born Sept 6, 1870

3(iii). Charles Caldwell Shirley Dec 26, 1891 m. Ruth Ethel Bond Sept 4, 1911 who was born Mar 12, 1894

2(x) Elias Shirley Dec 16, 1854 d. July 26, 1855

2(xi) Sarah Emily Shirley Sept 15, 1856 d. Feb 4, 1903

She was the constant companion of her mother throughout her life. It was the wish of mother and daughter to depart for the heavenly home at the same time and it was graciously granted. Sarah died five days before her mother. She was not aware of Sarah's death.   

2(xii) Margaret Isabell Shirley born Mar 7, 1861 m. Isaas Finlay Dunlap Mar 11, 1883 born Aug 28, 1860

This family moved to a farm near Neola Iowa where they lived from 1883 to 1889, then to a farm near Hastings Nebraska until Oct 1895. They farmed in Mills and Harrison Counties until 1899 when they moved to Des Moines. He worked as a mechanic until 1916. They moved back to a farm again until 1930 when they moved back to Des Moines.  


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