The Thomas and Mollie Shirley
Memorial Project

Thanks to Margo Elmhorst for sending all of the following photos, articles and family information


Shirley Memorial Project

"On Thursday, August 4, 2005, thirty people from indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Virginia met at the Cracker Barrell restaurant in Cave City Kentucky for lunch, had a group picture taken, then went in covoy to the Alton Shirley farm...."

Read the full account and see the photos taken of the Shirleys who participated in a valiant effort to preserve their family history. Shirley Memorial Project, written by Margo Elmhorst > Here (pdf)

Shirley Cousins (Branch 7)
Cave City, KY 
4 August 2005

Descendants of Thomas and Molly Shirley who attended the memorial dedication last month are pictured above. Not listed in order, they are Fritz and Margo Shirley Elmhorst, Joe and Linda Storms, james Kelly Shirley, Betsy Shirley Rush, Leroy and Bertie Moore, Ed adn Barbara Bragg, Lyn and Mary Hicks, Martin and Marjorie Gibbs, Jim Gibbs, Merilyn Smalley, Sharon Carnell and triplet daughters, mary, Charlotte and Lily. Alton and nadine Shirley, Timothy Shirley and Whitney. Lavon Shirley Anderson, Ray Shirley Pedigo and wife Bobby, James Howard Young and Taylor Thistlethwaite.



Thomas and Mollie Shirley Memorial Project
Old Postings

Posted October 7th, 2003

Thomas Shirley descendents, pictured below, are standing at the site of the proposed memorial. They are Alton Shirley,  his son Timothy Shirley and his uncle, James Howard Young, all of Kentucky, Margo Shirley Elmhorst, of Florida, and Dick Moore, of Indiana. The house Thomas and Mollie built on this very site, their graves in the field in front of the picture and the nearby Granny Shirley's Spring, pictured below, will be commemorated on a stone to be erected here and surrounded by a fence. 


Part of letter from Margo Elmhorst:

Well, we are home from a 2 week vacation and part of it was to pick up the memorial stone and base in Elberton, GA and take it to the Alton Shirley (cousin of James Howard Young) farm which is between Wisdom (remember the Young and Shirley store?) and Dripping Springs Church and get it set up. This farm is part of the original homestead and in close sight of the spring, homestead and graves. What a nail-biter that all was!!! But, as they say down south, we got 'er done! The next day about 30 people from 6 states finished the work and had the dedication. It was wonderful! Most of the people were from Thomas and Mollie's sons Richard (Nancy Green) and Thomas Jr (Hannah Dale), however one group was from Thomas' brother, Richard (Dorcas Cullins). Marilyn Smally came from Missouri with her daughter and little 5 year old triplet granddaughters. She was able to tell James Howard what had become of Richard's daughter, Amy. James Howard's grandson came with him.

I will send a write up and pictures soon, if you want to post them. Thanks again for all your help with our project! It really made a difference. Several people found out about it through the Assn. website and contributed and it was so touching to see some of the Shirleys meet for the first time. Margo

James Young 

James Young knows more about Thomas and Mollie Grubbs Shirley than anyone I know. He has personal items belonging to them. He lives in the area and knows where various family members are buried and where their homes were, etc. I have had the privilege to visit his home and be taken around to many of those places by him. He is a great friend!  He is also the father of Richard and Fred Young of the Kentucky Headhunters who have their own Country Music group.


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