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Champanious Shirley
Died about the close of the Revolutionary War. Lived Edgefield Co SC



Sgt. Champanious Shirley - of Edgefield Co SC; died about the close of the Revolutionary War.

1808 State of S. Carolina To the Honorable the president and members of the Honorable Edgefield District the Senate. The petition of the under signed heirs of Champanious Shirley, deceased, who died about the close of the late revolutionary War, Humbly shewith that they recently have got information that there was a return made of said Champanious Shirley's services during recent revolutionary War by his Captains Linchfield & Ryans, to Col. Leacy Hammond of the State and District aforesaid, and returned by him to the proper office and an indent now remains in said office and is not drawn. Figures add to the Amt. of said Champanious's claim. Immediately after getting such information your petitioners made application to the Comptroller General who stated that the doors have since been shut against such claims by an Act of Assembly. Petitioners being illiterate and a poor family and not having a friend that gave them information in the time limited by Assembly for such claim, prays relief from said Act and that your Honorable body establish their claim and your petitioners will ever be grateful. November 26, 1808. Signed Absalam Shurley, Anna Aldrige, Jonathan Richardson

Married Mary __________

1809 - Report on Shirley's Petition
State of Carolina To the honorable S. Warren Esq. President and the other Members of the honorable the Senate. The Comptroller General, to whom at the last session of your honorable House the Petition of the Heirs of C. Shurley was referred, respectfully reports that on a careful examination of the Books of the Treasury he finds that an Indent was paid to Capt. John Gray under an Order drawn by Mary Shirley, Administratrix of C. Shirley for 20 pounds 5 shillings 6 pence as will appear by the Order and other Papers under the hands of your Officer ready to be exhibited. Respectfully submitted Thomas Lee Campbell 2nd Dec., 1809 South Carolina Department of Archives and History, File No. 6950A, Entry No. 133:179-182.

children of Champanious Shirley (note: it is entirely possible that the children listed below are in fact the siblings of Champanious. However, since Champanious appears to have been married, then as siblings, they would not have been designated as heirs at law - only children would have been so designated.

1.i Absolom Shirley born before 1755; he died about 1817 in SC. 1810 Edgefield Census shows he had 10 children in his household

married 1) Chloe _______ ; died after 1795; She relinquished her dower rights in the sale of 240 acres between Absolam Shirley and Ephraim Franklin where Absolom lived at the time.

married 2) Delilah Eidson aka Hitson in Edgefield Co. SC; She was born in 1794 in Edgefield, Edgefield County, South Carolina; Supposedly, she married 2nd Reubin Kirtland in SC about 1819 (this may not be correct); She died in 1874 in Marshall County, Alabama.

Admin. of estate of Edward Eidson of Edgefield Co SC completed 1818; purchasers were: Absalom ' Shearly, Jonal Padget, Gorden Smith, Mark: Padget, Joshua Cates, Jobe Padget, Donice Smith, Henry Padget, Thos, Warren, Wm. Whittle, Shad rack Baley, and, significantly, one horse by son Henry Hitson and one horse by Edward Hitson, Jun,

Legacies were paid to Absolum Shirley and later to Delila Shurley, Edward Hitson, Delila Hitson, Mary Eitson, John and Henry Eitson

Edgefield SC DB 43; 29 Jan 1828 - Delilah Shirley to Josiah Padget.....400 acres on Clouds creek known as Edward Eidsons old Mill tract, the one seventh part of above stated land. 27 Aug 1825. /s/ Delilah (x) Shirley. Wit A. Heron, Mark Padget, William Sawyer, Deed Books 42 and 43 (Delilah may not have married Reubin Kirtland in 1819 as claimed?)

children (source: Quitman Echo article)

2.i Thomas Jefferson Sharley born 17 August 1814 in Edgefield SC, moved to Randolph Co GA before 1830; Lived Randolph Co GA in 1850 census, Quitman Co GA in 1860 census. He died between 1880 - 1890 in Randolph Co GA

The Shirley family was originally in South Carolina. Thomas Jefferson Shirley was born 17 August 1814, died between 1880 - 1890. His father was Absolom Shirley -- died about 1817; his mother was Delilah Hitson, she married Reubin Kirtland in South Carolina about 1819, after Absolom Shirley died. Thomas Jefferson Shirley was in Randolph County by the year 1830, in the area that is now Quitman -- Stewart Counties. Thomas Jefferson Shirley and his wife, Nancy, are both buried at the site of their family home. Ten children were born to Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Nancy Shirley. All of the children spelled the name Sharley: Source: "The Quitman Echo, Quitman County, GA" - by Jacquelyn Shephard, Page 125, Compiled by Mrs. Carolyn B. Snow, Rome, Georgia

married Nancy Alley on 14 February 1816; She was born in 1817, died 1 March 1896. Her father was James Alley, born 1785 in Maryland. Her mother was Jane Oxford, born 1793, died after 1860.

Descendants of this family often used the surname spelling SHARLEY


3.i Henry Shirley, born 6, August 1837 in GA. Age 23 and living in parents HH in 1860 census. He served in the Civil War, supposedly lived in Birmingham, Alabama. Not found

3.ii Frances Shirley, born 1839, married Green Spence.

3.iii Jane Ann Shirley, born 1841.

3.iv James Samuel Sharley, born 27 February 1843, He died on 11 Oct 1874 in Edgefield County, South Carolina., buried in Sharon Church Cemetery (tombstone provides different birth/death dates)

7 November 1887 - Randolph County Guardians Book P page 72 - Guardian bonds by John L Griffen as principal, Phillip Pearce adn H L Roberts dated 7 Nov 1887. John L Griffen appointed guardian of Eugene, Norah, Ritter and Saml Sherly, orphan children of Sam and Sarah Sherley, deceased.

married Sarah Jane Pierce Griffin, widow of Thos. Griffin. She was a widow with children in 1880 Randolph Co GA census


4.i Eugene Sharley born 14 Oct 1867. married Carrie Voneicie Shepherd and had 6 children. Lived in Randolph Co GA in 1910. He passed away on 17 Jul 1933 in Georgia

4.ii Norah Shirley born about 1871, age 9 in 1880 census

4.iii Henrietta Shirley born 5 May 1872. She married William W Pierce and had 8 children. She passed away on 22 Apr 1959 in Houston, Harris, Texas

4.iv James Samuel Sharley born 31 August 1873. He married Gertrude Maddox and had 2 children. He lived in Randolph Co GA in 1900. He died on 21 Dec 1945 in Georgia Sarah Shirley born 11 May 1875 She died on 4 Jul 1875

3.v Zachary Taylor Sharley, born August 1848. Lived in Quitman Co GA in 1880 census, age 32 with 2nd wife. Lived in Randolph Co GA in 1900 in mother in law HH. He lived in Randolph Co in 1910, age 60, married 15 years. No children.

married 1) E. Missouri _______,

married 2) Millie Shearer before 1880 census.

married 3) Marie ____ about 1895 (according to 1910 censu) Born Feb 1849 according to 1900 census

no children living in HH in 1880 or 1900 census Thomas Jefferson Sharley (Jr.) born 1 August 1851/3. He lived in Randolph Co GA in 1880 census. He died 29 September 1904, buried in Damascus Church Cemetery, Randolph County.

married Roxie Griffin. She lived with son Edgar in 1910 census

children: (1900 Randolph Co census says 8 children, 4 alive)

4.i Thomas Jefferson Shirley born 2 Sep 1874. He died on 28 Oct 1894 in Georgia, age about 20.

4.ii John G. Sharley born on 3 Feb 1876. He married Mamie Watson. He died on 4 Nov 1902 in Georgia, about age 26 (however, not shown in family 1880 census HH but is in 1900 census)

4.iii Donie M Sharley born about 1876, age 4 in 1880 census. She married Charles Lanier

4.iv Della D Shirley born about 1879, age 1 in 1880 census. She married James Brim

4.v Edgar Sharley born about 1882. He married Ruby Swann. His wife was named Maud in 1910 Randolph Co census.

3.vii Harriet Missouri Shirley, born 6 March 1852, died 28 March 1937, buried in Union Methodist Church Cemetery. Married Richard Morris.

3.viii Nancy Shirley, born 1854. Age 24 in parent's 1880 census HH.

3.ix Sarena Shirley, born 1856, Age 22 in parent's 1880 census HH. She married Samuel L Garland on 1 Sept 1885 in Quitman Co GA. She lived with sister Frances Spence family in 1900

3.x Susannah (Sudie) Shirley, born 1861, Age 20 in parent's 1880 census HH. She lived with sister Frances Spence family in 1900

1.ii Anna Shirley, married ______Aldrige; Anna Aldrige was a petitioner as heir of Champanious Shirley, decd in 1808

1.iii _____ Shirley, married Jonathan Richardson; Jonathan Richardson was a petitioner as heir of Champanious Shirley, decd in 1808


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