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Edward Shirley
b. 1720 England. Son lived in Fryeburg, Maine 

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Much of the following info sent years ago by Margaret Shirley of Conway, N.H.

Edward Shirley born June 12, 1720 Staffordshire England

married Barbara Philpots Feb 7, 1743 in the Cathedral at Lichfield, Stafford Co. England.

Known child:

1(i). Edward Shirley  born about 1743 died Oct 31, 1816, age 73 years at Fryeburg, Maine. Buried West Fryeburg Cemetery, Oxford Co Maine.

Edward was impressed into the British service and came to America about the time of the Revolutionary War. Disliking his impressment and sympathizing with the colonists, he deserted and went to Fryeburg Maine. He moved to Dunbarton, Merrimack Co New Hampshire about 1772 and after living there several years returned to Fryeburg, Maine.

married 1) Sally Hutchins.

married 2) Abigail Kelley about 1787. She was born July 18, 1765 Plaistow, New Hampshire and died July 11, 1815 Fryeburg, Maine. She was the daughter of Joshua and Deborah Page Kelley.

2(i). Jonathon Shirley Feb 3, 1773 Dunbarton, Merrimack Co New Hampshire; lived with son David in 1850 Oxford Co ME census; died March 11, 1854.  He served in the War of 1812. Shirleys of Merrimack NH and Oxford ME

married Mehitable Pattee Feb 25, 1796.

2(ii). William Shirley born July 6, 1775 Dunbarton New Hampshire, died Dec 18, 1845.

This family appears to have died out in the male line

married 1) Dorothy Walker Dec 23, 1803, died Mar 19, 1811.

married 2)  Betsey S. Chase March 9, 1817, she died Jan 5, 1860.

2(iii). Sally Shirley born May 21, 1778, died Jun 3, 1778

2(iv). Edward Shirley born Aug 15, 1780 Fryeburg Maine; Lived Chatham, Strafford Co New Hampshire in 1840, age 50-60. lived Carroll Co NH in 1850 and back in Fryeburg Oxford Co Maine in 1860 census, Occputation: farmer; He died Oct 5, 1870. Shirleys of Carroll Co NH

married Martha (Patty) Thompson.

2(v). Arthur Shirley born Sept 9, 1782 Fryeburg Maine, He was the publisher of the Portland Gazette and owned a book printing company. He died Jan 20, 1864 Portland Cumberland Co, Maine... (He was blind). Buried Eastern Cemetery, Portland, Cumberland Co ME Shirleys of Cumberland Co ME

married Ruth Foster; She died 25 Nov 1851, age 62 at Portland, Cumberland Co ME

2(vi). Barbara Shirley born Nov 11, 1784 Fryeburg Maine, died Jan 1787 Fryeburg, Maine

2(vii). Joshua Shirley born Sept 7, 1778 Fryeburg Maine, died April 13, 1819 Portland Maine, age about 41; He was a partner with his brother Arthur Shirley in the printing of the Portland Gazette in Cumblerland Co ME.

married Pamelia P. Phillips in 1815 in Portland Cumberland Co ME; She married 2nd James Alden in 1825 in Portland.

children, if any, unknown

2(viii). Edmond Shirley born Oct 12, 1790 Fryeburg Maine; lived Oxford Co ME in 1850 census; died April 25, 1876 Conway New Hampshire. Shirleys of Carroll Co NH

married Abigail Bliss Walker Jan 26, 1815.


3(i). Dorothy (Dolly) Shirley born Dec 10, 1815, died June 13, 1885   unmarried

3(ii). James Shirley born Dec 31, 1817, died Oct 21, 1849 unmarried

3(iii). Hannah Shirley  born Sept 3, 1820, died Dec 19, 1846 unmarried

3(iv). Maria Shirley  born Aug 18, 1822, died Oct 6, 1908. She married John Vernon Seavey Jan 22, 1852

3(v). Emily Shirley  born Sept 23, 1824, died July 3, 1891. She married Chandler G. Heath Mar 21, 1850

3(vi). Joshua Shirley  born Sept 7, 1827. He lived with son Arthur Ray Shirley in 1900 census, age 74. He died Mar 6, 1901 Conway, New Hampshire.

married Mary E. Woodward Jan 1, 1861


4(i). Arthur Ray Shirley born Feb 25, 1864. He lived at Conway, Carroll Co NH in 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census. He died Feb 24, 1934.

married Bessie Jane Moody June 6, 1892


5(i). Lela E Shirley born about 1894, age 26 in 1920 census

5(ii). Ralph W Shirley born about 1896, age 24 in 1920 census

5(iii). Leon A Shirley born about 1898, age 22 in 1920 census

5(iv). Earl A Shirley born about 1900, age 20 in 1920 census

5(v). Noyes D Shirley born about 1908, age 12 in 1920 census

5(vi). Harry A Shirley born about 1910, age 10 in 1920 census

4(ii). Mary Abbie Shirley born April 10, 1866, died Dec 21,1866 (age 8 months old)

4(iii). Edward Newton Shirley born Sept 10, 1867, died____.

married 1) Emma___

married 2) Jennie Townsend

4(iv). Marian Blanche Shirley born Jan 14, 1871, died Dec 25, 1947. She married Charles Henry Irish July 23, 1894

3(vii). Mary W Shirley. born Oct 31, 1830, died Oct 4, 1924. She married Thurston P. McKusieck Sept 24,1867

2(ix). Elizabeth Shirley born July 22, 1794 Fryeburg Maine, died Oct 31, 1843 Fryeburg, Maine. She married Seth Spring Chase June 23, 1819.

2(x). John Shirley born Aug 17, 1796, died Nov 1, 1843, age about 47. (what is our source for this death date?)

Note: Findagrave lists the following death and family for this John Shirley See link for Shirley Association lineage in the Canada section.

John Shirley died 6 February 1878, age 81 years. Buried Burton Schoolhouse Cemetery (tombstone shown on findagrave) Burton, Sunbury Co New Brunswick Canada

2(xi). Stephen Shirley born Sept 25, 1798, died Sept 10, 1818, about age 20.

2(xii). David Shirley born Sept 30, 1800,  died Dec 12, 1802, about age 2

2(xiii). Charles Shirley born June 22, 1804, died Aug 19, 1865, about age 61

may have lived Lowell Mass


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