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Edward Shirley
b. 1720 England. Son lived in Fryeburg, Maine 

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2(ii). William Shirley born July 6, 1775 Dunbarton New Hampshire, died Dec 18, 1845.

This family appears to have died out in the male line

married 1) Dorothy Walker Dec 23, 1803, died Mar 19, 1811.

married 2)  Betsey S. Chase March 9, 1817, she died Jan 5, 1860.


3(i). Hanna Shirley  June 18, 1803, died Aug 29, 1879 Bethel Maine. She married Enoch Folsom Chandler

3(ii). Nathaniel Walker Shirley Mar 11, 1805; lived Carroll Co NH in 1850; died Jan 27, 1875. Shirleys of Carroll Co NH

married Betsy Gordon


4(i). George G. Shirley 1832 Maine. Living with parents in 1860 census, age 28. Lived at Fryeburg ME in 1880 and 1900 censuses. He died 24 October 1905 at Fryeburg Oxford Co Maine (parents named)

married Elizabeth Colby Walker on 21 November 1861 at Fryeburg Oxford Co ME.


5(i). Elizabeth C. W. Shirley born 28 Jun 1865 at Fryeburg Oxford ME, age 4 in 1870 census, age 14 in 1880 census

4(ii). Orin Shirley born 30 March 1834 He died 20 June 1852, age 18y 2m 20d. (tombstone). Buried West Fryeburg Cemetery, Oxford Co ME

4(iii). Betsey Shirley 1836 NH

4(iv). William Shirley born 12 July 1842 at Fryeburg Oxford Co ME. He died 25 December 1860, age 18y, 5m, 13d. (tombstone).Buried West Fryeburg Cemetery Oxford Co ME

4(v). Josiah Shirley born 5 May 1845 at Fryeburg Oxford Co ME. He died 28 December 1874, age 29yrs, 7m, 23d. (tombstone).Buried at West Fryeburg Cemetery, Oxford Co ME.

3(iii). Abigail W Shirley. born Mar 30, 1808, died Jan 30, 1836

3(iv). Mary Shirley born Mar 6, 1810, died Mar 30, 1879

3(v). Thomas Chase Shirley born 5 November, 1821, He lived in the Marlboro Hotel in Boston Mass in 1850 census, age 27. Lived Fryeburg Oxford Co ME in 1880 census as boarder in Powers household, widowed, age 58, 1 daughter. He died Jan 14, 1893 at Fryeburg Oxford Co Maine. Buried Pine Grove Cemetery.

War of 1812 Pension Application File of Jacob C Emerson. 17 [ ] 1879 at Fryburg, Oxford Co ME. Age is 57 years that he resides as above and that he is son of Wm Shirley and a nephew of Edmund Shirley...Affiant's father served [ ] during the War of 1812 and affiant has often heard him speak of Jacob Emerson as having served there at same time. Affiant's uncle Edmund died about three years ago, aged about 83 years. Affiant thinks he did not go to Post C[ ] at the time the militia were called out during that war. Never heard his father say anything about his brother Edmund being not with him. Edmund Shirley was born in this town and lived here till a few years before his death. Affiant has heard his father say that Jacob Emerson went as a substitute pvt. Affiant does not remember for whom he served. To the best of my knowledge and belief the above is correc <s> Thos C. Shirley

married Abigail B. Bailey Feb 26, 1861 in Boston MA. She was dead by 1880 census


4(i). Lizzie C Shirley born 15 July 1862 at Fryeburg Oxford Co ME, age 7 in 1870 census, age 17 in 1880, occupation music teacher

3(vi). Josiah Chase Shirley born Apr 10, 1825, Lived in Portland, Cumberland Co ME in 1870, occupation: grocer wholesale and retail, and also in 1880 census, (indexed as Joseph) occupation: retail dry goods, age 53. He died 17 July 1895, age 70y 3m 2d of Renal Disease (town records). Buried Eastern Cemetery, Gorham Cumberland Co Maine Shirleys of Cumberland Co Maine

married Charlotte K. Thomas, She was the daughter of Merrill Thomas and Charlotte Knight.


4(i). Emma C Shirley born about 1866, age 14 in 1880 census

4(ii). Hellen A Shirley born about 1871, age 9 in 1880 census

4(iii). Phillip E Shirley born 30 June 1872 at Cumberland Co ME, age 7 in 1880 census. Living with widowed mother in 1900 census, age 28. Lived in Boston in 1940 census, single He died 22 June 1955 at Cumberland Co ME. Buried Eastern Cemetery, Gorham Cumberland Co Maine never married

4(iv). Alice E Shirley born about 1873, age 7 in 1880 census, Living with widowed mother in 1900 census, age 28

4(v). Frank T Shirley born 1 April 1875 at Gorham Cumberland Co ME, age 5 in 1880 census. He was age 25 at time of his marriage (parents named in record). Lived at Essex Co MA in 1910 with wife, no children and in 1920, age 44, one daughter, occupation: sales manager, and 1940 census

married Abbie C MacNeil on 22 January 1901 at Townsend Massachusetts. She was the daughter of James and Mary MacNeil


5(i). Catherine T Shirley born about 1911, age 9 in 1920 census


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