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Eli Shirley
b. 1798. Lived South Carolina and Alabama 


Haplogroup E1b1


Info from Geneal Black

Eli E. Shirley born 1 September 1798 Laurens Co. South Carolina. He died between 1874-1880. Buried in Northport, Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama.  (date of Eli's birth is from Perry Shirley who has family Bible). His estate settlement lists: Robert, Little Berry, B.L. (Benjamin), S.V. (Biard's son), Davis, James E. Glenn, John Lewis --all surnamed... Shirley, and... Sarah E. Hocut (daughter of Biard Shirley), and William W. Watson.... all signers of the estate settlement. 

married Elizabeth Watson on 3 January 1819. She was born Feb 23, 1796.


1(i). female Shirley born 1819 Laurens Co. SC

1(ii). Little Berry Shirley born Aug 13, 1820 Laurens Co. SC; farmer; He is enumerated as "Lee B." in 1850 Tuscaloosa AL census and "Lewis B." in the 1860 Tuscaloosa census; He died Feb 6, 1891 Tuscaloosa Co. AL

married Martha Savage Aug 21, 1845 in Tuscaloosa Co AL

married Sophrona ______ (named in 1880 census household)


2(i). Nancy A. Shirley born about 1848 in Tuscaloosa Co AL (1850 census)

2(ii). Catherine Shirley born about 1847/9 in Tuscaloosa Co AL; married Marion Riley; She died 17 Jul 1934 at South Holt Tuscaloosa, age 87 (dau of Berry Shirley in death cert.); Buried Peterson Cem.

2(iii). William Shirley born about 1856 in AL (1870 Tuscaloosa Co census)

2(iv). Julia E Shirley born about 1860 in AL; She died 19 Oct 1937 in Northport, Tuscaloosa Co AL, age 76; widow of ____ Gay; buried at Macedonia, Lowndes Co AL; married

2(v). John T Shirley born about 1866 in AL (named "Joel" in 1880 census)

1(iii). Young Shirley born Aug 17, 1822 Laurens Co. SC d. Oct 25, 1864, (He is living with Lewis B. Shirley - aka Little Berry Shirley in the 1860 Tuscaloosa Co AL census; Not sure of the authority of his parentage since he was not named in Eli Shirley's estate. Young died prior to Eli's death. However, Benjamin, the son of Young may be the same named in the estate. A Descendant of this Young Shirley has a DNA haplotype of I, not E1b1)

married 1st Rebecca Jane Jordan April 8, 1847,

married 2nd Nancy South Dec 29, 1860 

1(iv).  Davis (Ezra) Ezekiel Shirley born Aug 9, 1825 Laurens Co. South Carolina. He lived in Lee County Mississippi at the time of the 1870 census. He died Dec 2, 1898 Bryan, Brazos Co. Texas.

Davis Shirley

married 1st Elizabeth J. Anders born Dec 29, 1826 AL d. June 10, 1879 Brazos Co. Texas,

married 2nd Emily Cassendra Slaughter Riley (widow) Sept 4, 1884. She was born Aug 21, 1852 Shelby Co Texas. She had 4 of her own children from previous marriage (Cassie, Will, Linnie and John J.) 

See letter below...


2(i). Martha Elizabeth Shirley born Sept 21, 1849 Tusc. Co. AL d. May 11, 1896 Brazos Co. Texas

2(ii). Nancy Margaret Shirley born Feb 4, 1851 d. young

2(iii). Henry Milton Shirley Dec 29, 1852 Jones Co. Texas d. Jan 31, 1922 Brazos Co. Texas

married ________


3(i). Robert Lee Shirley

2(iv). Eli Anders Shirley born Feb 3, 1855 Jones Co. Texas d. Mar 15, 1929 Carlton, Texas

married Elizabeth Harp


3(i). Winnie Shirley m Joseph Alonzo Allison

3(ii). Luther Eli Shirley born May 24, 1884

3(iii). Ida Mae Shirley m. Jim L. Parrish

3(iv). William Davis Shirley born April 15, 1889 d. April 4, 1974 Ft. Worth Texas

married Minnie ___

3(v). Nannie Elizabeth Shirley m. James J. Emerson

2(v). James Wilson Shirley born May 23, 1857 d. Feb 27, 1926 Las Cruces, New Mexico 

married Mary E. Hutto July 25, 1880 Texas


3(i). Willie Lee Shirley born Aug 6, 1881 Fairland, Texas  m. Eliva Trension Underwood Nov 15, 1899 Valley Spring, Texas

3(ii). Barney Franklin Shirley born Mar 20, 1887 m. Ida Mae Russell

3(iii). James D. "Pop" Shirley born Jan 23, 1892 d. Feb 1976

married Pearlie ___ born April 1, 1894 Texas d. Oct 1964. They are buried Ft. Sumner, New Mexico.


4(i). Printess Lenon Shirley m. Gladys Lee

4(ii). James Chesley "Tex" Shirley. Tex was a musician, played piano in clubs around New Mexico and surrounding states. He was blind since age of 2 years.   

m. 1st Othine Hill,  (parents of Delbert Shirley), divorced, 

m. 2nd Jerry ____, had 2 children,divorced,

m. 3rd Lorraine Wright had 3 children

4(iii). Garland Ray Shirley. He is in the house moving business with his sons. He also had polio and has a  crippled arm because of it.. 

m. Chris Joiner

4(iv). Kenneth Herman Shirley d. Dec 5, 1923 of polio and is buried in California

3(iv). Sadie Adeline Shirley born Oct 30, 1892 Burnett Co. Texas d. Dec 1978 m. Rufus Wesley Hamilton April 26, 1906 McColock Co. Texas

3(v). Mary Frances Shirley born June 21, 1885 m. Robert Hamilton

3(vi). Dora Edna Shirley born July 23, 1894 d. 1929 Brownwood Texas m. Litton Willis

3(vii). Wiley John Shirley born Feb 15, 1898 d. Mar 18, 1980

3(viii). Duel Herman Shirley born Oct 15, 1899 Field Creek, Texas m. Ollao Inez Gaulden April 3, 1926

3(ix). Archie Pop Shirley born Jan 1902 Field Creek, Texas m. Annie Hazel Morgan

3(x). Antonette "Annie" Shirley born Feb 21, 1861 d. 1934 Ft. Worth, Texas 

2(vi). Fannie "Annie"  Shirley born 1859 Jones Co. Texas d. May 25, 1927 Sudan, Texas m. Cecil Columbus Parker

2(vii). Sophronice Analoet "Annie" Shirley born Feb 21, 1861

2(viii). Ezekiel Davis Shirley born Nov 9, 1860 d. Jan 1, 1930

married Sarah "Sally" Rosalee Hutto  Aug 16, 1890 Burtram, Texas. She died July 19, 1947 Brownwood, Texas


3(i). James Allison Shirley born Sept 14, 1891 d. Feb 2, 1895 Marble Falls, Texas

3(ii). Milton Davis Shirley born Feb 1, 1896 Marble Falls, Texas d. Jan 28, 1975 Brownwood Texas,

m. Tessa Oma Staton July 7, 1928 Ft. Worth Texas


4(i). Milton Davis Shirley Jr born, April 1929 Portales, New Mexico

4(ii). Shirlee Oma Shirley

3(iii). Carl Wilson Shirley born Feb 21, 1898


4(i). Carl Wilson Shirley

4(ii). Robert Baker Shirley

3(iv). Benjamin Shirley born April 24, 1876 d. young ?

2(ix). Florence Etta Shirley born June 17, 1885

2(x). Cloanna Shirley born  Aug 2, 1887 Brazos Co Texas d. April 18, 1932 Bryan Texas m. J.C. Mathis

2(xi). Rutha Mae Shirley born Jan 27, 1891 d. 1978 m. Thurman Smith

2(xii). Ida Bell Shirley born April 18, 1892 Texas

2(xiii). Lewis Shirley born Jan 14, 1894

Ancestor of DNA Kit #12049

1(v). Biard Shirley born 1827 Laurens Co. SC, age 23 in 1850 Tuscaloosa Co AL census; He signed the US government oath of allegiance on 31 July 1865; He died sometime prior to 1870 in Tuscaloosa Co AL 

married Mary ___. She was living without husband in 1870 Tuscaloosa Co AL census, age 60.


2(i). Samuel V. Shirley born 28 June 1850 at Marcumville Tuscaloosa Co Alabama, age 19 in mother's 1870 census household. He was also enumerated in his uncle John Lewis Shirley's household in the same census, age 21. Named in his grandfather Eli Shirley's estate. He died 22 July 1922 at Marcumville, Tuscaloosa Co AL (see his bible record)

married Kizziah C Boozer on 24 December 1871 at the home of her father Andrew Boozer, Tuscaloosa Co AL. (source: marriage license). She was born 17 November 1848. She died 17 December 1927.


3(i). Sarah L. Shirley born 23 July 1874

3(ii). Mary Jennie Shirley born 1 September 1876

3(iii). Walter Mantsier Shirley born 17 September 1878

3(iv). Andrew C. Shirley born 5 March 1887

3(v). William L. Shirley born 29 January 1889

3(vi). Samuel T Shirley born 27 October 1890

2(ii). Sarah C Shirley born about 1853, age 17 in mother's 1870 census household. Named in her grandfather Eli Shirley's estate record as Sarah Hocut

1(vi). Robert Lee Shirley born Aug 20, 1829 Laurens Co. SC, died Oct 13, 1907 Tusc. Co. AL. buried Campground Cemetery, Tuscaloosa County AL

Robert enlisted as a private in Captain S. C. Freeman's Company, B.C. S. Prisons Guards, Tuscaloosa Alabama. Captain Freeman's Company was organized in Tuscaloosa Aug 16, 1862 to replace Captain Powell's Company of Prison Guards, which had been disbanded when the Federal prisoners were removed from Tuscaloosa.  Captain Freeman had been the first sergeant in Captain Powell's Company. They were soon ordered to duty at the large prison camp in Salisbury, North Carolina. From the records on file in Washington, this command must have served its entire war service in the Salisbury Prison area, as most of its members were captured on April 12, 1865 at Salisbury.

married 1st Nellie Caroline Chism Nov 3, 1852 Tusc. Co. AL. She was born Aug 17, 1836 died Dec 17, 1891 Tusc. Co. AL, daughter of Lewis David Chism and Marilla Freeman,

married 2nd Mary J. Guin after 1891 as they are listed on the 1900 census of Tusc. Co. AL She died 30 June 1921 at Pickens Co AL, Her death certificate lists her parents as Alfred Guin and Martha Lowdermil, She is listed as buried at Double Branches Church, however her name is found on Robert Shirley's tombstone at Campground Cemetery in Tuscaloosa Co

children: born Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama  (info from Bettie Simpson)

2(i). Marion Francis Shirley born Sept 1853 d. 1926,

m. 1st Anna Harkey Dec 23, 1873

m. 2nd Belle L. Hall Dec 31, 1893,

m. 3rd Lillie Corbin

2(ii). Young Neely Shirley born Oct 24, 1854 d. May 20, 1914

m. Martha M. Kyzer Dec 16, 1875 Tusc. Co. AL

2(iii). John Mitchell Shirley born June 27, 1856 d. June 9, 1915

m. 1st Mary Ellen Shirley Aug 14, 1877 Tusc Co. AL,

m. 2nd Sarah L. __ in Fayette AL

2(iv). George W. Shirley born Mar 6, 1858  d. Mar 26, 1882

2(v). Thomas O. Shirley born  Dec 10, 1859 New Lexington, Tusc. Co. AL, d. July 11, 1911

Thomas O. Shirley and wife Martha Jane Cain

m. 1st Martha Jane Cain Nov 27, 1883, daughter of Daniel P. Cain and Mary Jane Gray,

m. 2nd Queen Victoria Cain Sept 3, 1899 Tusc. Co. AL,

m. 3rd Savannah Christian ca. 1908 Tuscaloosa Co. AL,

children: born in Tuscaloosa Co. Alabama

3(i). Vernon L. Shirley born Sept 14, 1884 d. Feb 15, 1966, m. William Samuel Hysaw Nov 17, 1901 Tusc. Co. AL

3(ii). Sampson Davis Shirley born Dec 1885

3(iii). Kenneth Webster Shirley born Dec 14, 1887 d. June 9, 1968 m. Genie Lois Sparks July 23, 1921 Tusc. Co. AL Ancestor of DNA Kit #720783

3(iv). Dora Ann Shirley born Feb 21, 1890 d. April 29, 1975,  m. John Richard Cox Nov 13, 1910 Tusc. Co. AL

3(v). Lonnie Cleveland Shirley born Oct 8, 1892 d. Nov 15, 1966, m. Essie Viola Thompson Aug 19, 1917 Tusc. Co. AL

3(vi). Robert Lee Shirley born Jan 16, 1895 d. Sept 25, 1962, m. 1st Lillie Bigham Aug 12, 1915 Tusc Co. AL, m. 2nd Lucille ___.

3(vii). Thomas Oliver Shirley born April 11, 1897 d. Mar 17, 1899 Tusc. Co. AL

3(viii). Virgil Hawkins Shirley born Sept 10, 1900 d. July 14, 1947   

children by 2nd marriage to Queen

3(ix). Leonard Cain Shirley born May 16, 1903 m. Emily Mae Bennett 

3(x). Vera Victoria Shirley born Nov 5, 1905 d. July 7, 1907

children by 3rd marriage to Savannah,

3(xi). Clyde Shirley born ca 1909

2(vi). America Josephine Shirley born April 1861  m. John Hill Jones

2(vii). Robert D Shirley born. ca. 1863 

2(viii). Alexander Cameron Shirley born ca. 1866 d. ca. 1910 Washita Co. OK,

married Rachel C. Cannon Dec 5, 1889

2(ix). Mindora A. Shirley born  Nov 1, 1868  

2(x) Bolden L. Shirley born Nov 3, 1870 d. Mar 1, 1937

married Brazzie E. Pennington Jan 28, 1896

2(xi) Lucious L. Shirley born Sept 15, 1873 d. June 7, 1887

2(xii) Emma Shirley born ca. 1875

2(xiii) Edward Marvin Shirley born  April 14, 1879 d. Aug 20, 1965 Calera, Shelby Co. AL

married Ophelia Davis Dec 22, 1901

2(xiv) Samuel Benjamin Shirley born  April 1880 d. July 22, 1922 Tusc. Co. AL,

married Nettie Avery

1(vii). Sarah Elizabeth Shirley born 1830 Laurens Co. SC d. ca. 1851 m. Wiley Berry Shirley Feb 13, 1846

1(viii). James Ester Glenn Shirley born Jan 5, 1832 Laurens Co. SC, died Jan 6, 1917,


James Ester Glenn Shirley

married Sarah Ann Sykes Nov 28, 1863.

1(ix). John Lewis Shirley born Oct 2, 1835 Tusc. AL, d. Dec 13, 1905, buried in the Shirley Cemetery near Northport AL, John Lewis fought in the Civil War.

John Lewis Shirley

married 1st Anna Key Chism Nov 1, 1860. She was born Feb 9, 1842 Tusc. Co. AL and died March 25, 1889, buried along side of her husband, John.

married 2nd Sarah Jane Watson June 4, 1891 Tusc. Co. AL. She was born Feb 24, 1854 died April 17, 1937, buried at the Winders Cemetery near Samantha AL.      


2(i). Jefferson Davis Shirley born Sept 7, 1861, died Sept 1864

2(ii). Emma Alabama Shirley born Nov10, 1864, died Nov 19, 1919

2(iii). Tennesse Shirley born  Dec 9, 1866, died Jan 24, 1931

2(iv). Virginia Shirley born  Dec 17, 1868, died May 6, 1900

2(v). Ida (Idaho) Shirley born Feb 1, 1871

2(vi). William A Shirley born. Dec 30, 1872, died April 10, 1886

2(vii). Jonny A. Shirley born Oct 19, 1874, died July 4, 1889

2(viii). Annie Lee Shirley born  Oct 31, 1876

2(ix). Cherry Key Shirley born  Jan 3, 1879, died Sept 9, 1930

2(x). Bird Franklin Shirley born Mar 17, 1880, died Nov 17, 1932

Bird Franklin Shirley

2(xi). Virgil Festus Shirley born  Dec 22, 1882, died Nov 17, 1959

2(xii). Pearlie Elizabeth Shirley born Feb 22, 18892

2(xiii). Phebe Leurella Shirley born Oct 12, 1893

2(xiv). James Marvin Shirley born Oct 23,1898

1(x). Eli W. Shirley born 1840 d. June 6, 1863 in the Civil War,

married Martha Elmore Dec 19, 1860 

This letter was written by Davis Shirley's 2nd wife, Emily, to Robert Lee Shirley, brother of Davis.

Jan 2nd, 1899  Bryan, Brazos Co. Texas

Our Robert Shirley,

I will write you a few lines to let you know we are all well at present, but sorry to tell you about Mr. Shirleys death. He was taken sick on the 24th of November and died the 2nd day of Dec at 12 P.M. He had pneumonia (sic) and lagrippa. all his children was at his side except Annie and Addie. Jim, Zeak and Melvina live in Bernes Co., Henry lives in Bureson Co. Eli lives in Robertson Co. We sent a telegram to them. They all came but Mr. Shirley did not know either of them when they got here. He did not have his right mind for several days before he died, but he prayed and talked about the Bible all the time he was sick. He leaves 12 children and four step children, two boys and two girls and four little girls and one boy, the baby five years old. Mr. Shirley received your letter and answered it while before he was taken sick but we got no answer. Robert you write your brothers for I don't know their post office.

It was hard to give him up but I know he has gone home to rest to wear that shinning crown that was waiting for him. He has paid his debt we have all got to pay some time when ever our Master sees fit to call us home. Let us all be prepared to meet Him when it comes time to go.

One of my sons is married and lives on the place and the other one is going to live in the house with me.

I will send a piece that was written by one of his friends for you to read and you can send it to your brothers if you want.

Well I will close. Write so I will know wheather you got the letter or not. Write soon and so good by.

Emily Cathy Shirley


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