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Isaac Shirley
b. 1785. Lived in Kentucky; Descendants lived in Indiana and Grundy Co Missouri



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Isaac Shirley
June 19, 1785  died Sept 20, 1859 Tipton IN age 71; He served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Isaac Gray's Company, KY Militia with William Shirley; Isaac lived Washington Co. KY, Decatur Co. IN and by 1850 he is in Grundy Co. MO living with his wife and youngest daughter Quintella. He was buried at Richardson Cem, Sharpsville, Tipton Co IN 

May be a brother of William Shirley, Branch #16 Washington Co KY

married Catherine Hendrickson on 22 September 1811 in Washington Co. KY. She was born ca 1791 KY died Jan 21, 1853 Tipton IN, age 63. She was buried at Richardson Cem, Sharpsville, Tipton Co IN 



1(i). Lunenberg "Breg" Proctor Shirley born Nov 19, 1809 Mercer Co. KY; He died July 19, 1886 buried Coon Creek Cem., Grundy MO, They lived in Decatur until 1839 and then moved to Grundy Co MO settling on a farm on Coon Creek. 

L. P. SHIRLEY - Was born in Mercer county, Kentucky, November 19, 1809, where he lived about sixteen years, when his father moved to Decatur county, Indiana, and he lived there eight or ten years. They next moved to Shelby county, same State, where he lived four or five years. He married Miss Elizabeth Cole, November, 1831, in Decatur county, Indiana. They had one child. Mrs. Shirley died December, 1833. December 10, 1836, he married Miss Susannah Burns, in Bartholomew county, Indiana. He took her to his home in Decatur county, where they lived until 1839, when he moved to Grundy county, and settled on the farm where he still lives, on Coon Creek. They have ten children: Daniel G., Mary E., Isaac, Catherine J., William H., L. P., Martin, Joel C., Jonathan and Absalom Harvey. All are living except Martin. - The History of Grundy County, Missouri: an encyclopedia of useful information, and a compendium of actual facts. 1881

married 1st Elizabeth Cole Oct 6, 1831 Decatur Co. IN; She died in 1833

married 2nd Susannah Burns Dec 10, 1836 Bartholomew Co. IN.


2(i). Susanna Shirley born about 1832 (twin); daughter of first wife; unnamed in the 1881 History of Grundy Co MO

2(ii). Daniel Greenberry Shirley (twin) named as a son (alive) in the 1881 History of Grundy Co MO; He patented land in Daviess Co MO on July 1, 1857; He lived in Grand River Township in Davies Co MO in 1860

When Daniel's maternal grandfather, Robert Cole, died in 1835, Daniel inherited property, which his father, Lunenberg, petitioned the court to sell in 1836. The estate was settled about 1838.

married Matila M. Kelly 1 Oct 1853 in Daviess Co. MO


3(i). Eliza Sophrona Shirley born about 1858 in Daviess Co. MO

3(ii). Lunenberg P. Shirley born about 1859 in Daviess Co., MO

3(iii). Nancy E. Shirley born about1862 in Daviess Co., MO

3(iv). Arvilla J. Shirley born about 1866 in Daviess Co., MO

3(v). Quintilla C. Shirley born about 1868 in Daviess Co., MO

3(vi). James Shirley born about Oct 1858 in MO

2(iii). Mary Elizabeth Shirley born about 1839; She married Pleasant M. Long; Alive in 1881.

2(iv). Isaac Shirley born 7 Feb 1842; He died 10 Apr 1920 in Grundy Co MO

married Eliza Jane Craig 26 Nov 1862 in Grundy Co MO


3(i). Oliver Nelson Shirley born 21 Sep 1863 MO

3(ii). Flora O. Shirley born about 1866 MO

3(iii). Laura Nevada Shirley born about 1867 MO

3(iv). Lawrence Anderson Shirley born about Mar 1870 in Grundy County, MO

3(v). Sanford Walker Shirley born about Jul 1873 MO

3(vi). Isaac Clinton Shirley born about Jan 1875 MO

3(vii). Eliza Malinda Shirley born 28 Feb 1877 MO

3(viii). Titus Vespasus Shirley born 21 Oct 1880 MO

2(v). Catherine J. Shirley born about 1843 MO; She married George Funning (sp?)

2(vi). William Harden Shirley born Feb 4, 1844; He died Dec 18, 1918

married Mary Shaw on Apr 22, 1866 in Grundy Co. MO. After their marriage, they rode horse back to their home which at that time was a one room log house. They lived on that same farm until their death.

children: all born in Harrison Co. MO

3(i). Leonette Shirley born Jan 28, 1867; She died Jan 30, 1867 Cat Creek, Harrison Co. MO

3(ii). John Orville Shirley born Apr 26, 1868; He died Oct 19, 1955 Caldwell, Sumner Co. KS 

married Celesta Atkinson in 1900 in Oklahoma.


4(i). Ervin Shirley; he died as an infant

4(ii). Mabel Evelyn Shirley born Oct 2, 1901

4(iii). Herschel Oliver Shirley born Oct 26, 1903

4(iv). Dessie Leota Shirley born Oct 31, 1905

4(v). Jesse Oren Shirley born Nov 1, 1907

4(vi). William Orville Shirley

4(vii). Eunice Marie Shirley born July 16, 1915

Children of John Orville Shirley: standing: Mabel, Herschel, Dessie, Jesse, William Orville, and Eunice; Seated: John Oliver Shirley and wife Celesta Shirley

3(iii) Cain Shirley born Dec 26, 1869  d. June 9, 1870

3(iv). Elsie J. Shirley born May 15, 1871  d. Aug 8, 1929 KS, m. Jacob Feeser

3(v). Jasper Edmond Shirley born Mar 23, 1873  d. June 21, 1937 Cat Creek, Harrison Co. MO m. Amanda Sovern May 26, 1901 m. 2nd ___Gibler

3(vi). Emery V. Shirley born Mar 26, 1875 d. in KS, m. Maude __

3(vii). Linna Shirley born Mar 25, 1878 d. April 6, 1884

3(viii). Sarah Ada Shirley born Mar 5, 1880 d. May 10, 1882

3(ix). Jesse Benton Shirley born Oct 14, 1883 d. Nov 24, 1951 Salem, m. Pearl Ann Dowell Mar 8, 1915 Harrison Co. MO

3(x). Rhal Denton Shirley born Oct 14, 1883 (Twins?) d. Feb 1951 Colorado m. Myrtle Ellis. They lived in Greeley, Colorado

3(xi). Anna O. Shirley born Feb 6, 1885 d. Feb 9, 1886 

2(vii). Lumburg P. Shirley born about 1846; alive in 1881

2(viii). Martin Shirley - named as a son (dead) in the 1881 History of Grundy Co MO

2(ix). Joel C. Shirley born about 1851 MO; still living in parents household in the 1870 Grundy Co MO census, age 21; alive in 1881; nothing more known.

married Jennie Newman

2(ix). Rev. Jonathon Smith Shirley born Sept 1848-51? They were living in Harrison Co. MO in 1900. died 1915 age 69y 9m 9d; buried Coon Creek Cem, Grundy Co MO (had children)

married Amanda Grubb; buried Coon Creek Cem, Grundy Co MO

2(x). Absalom Harvey Shirley born about 1855 (He was known by the family as "Harve"). died 1934; buried Coon Creek Cem, Grundy Co MO (had children)

1(ii). William Hardin Shirley born Feb 19, 1812; He stayed in Indiana when other members of his family moved to Missouri; He died Nov 29, 1853 Shelby Co. IN, about age 41.Hardin patented land in Shelby County on October 20 and November 11, 1834, on Oct. 16, 1835, and in Tipton County on Jan. 1, 1850.

married Casander Moore Sept 14, 1833 in Shelby Co. IN


2(i). Martin Shirley born about 1834 IN

2(ii). Sarah "Sallie" Shirley born about 1846 IN

2(iii). Rezing Shirley born about 1835 IN

2(iv). Nancy E. Shirley born about 1837 IN

2(v). Mary Shirley born about 1840 IN

2(vi). Elizabeth Shirley born about 1842 IN

2(vii). Emeline Shirley born about 1846 IN

2(viii). Rausey Shirley born about 1849 IN

2(ix). Asenath Shirley born 20 Nov 1851 IN

1(iii). Mary Shirley born Nov 13, 1813 IN; She died Aug 20, 1872; She married Thomas Crafton on Sept 18, 1834 in Shelby Co IN

1(iv). Cinderella Shirley born May 28, 1815 Nelson Co. KY; She died June 28, 1882 at Tipton Co. IN; She married Thomas Cole on Sept 7, 1834 Decatur Co. IN

1(v). Elizabeth Shirley born Nov 14, 1817 Shelby Co. IN; She died April 30, 1886 Grundy Co. MO; She married Daniel McAtee Jan 2, 1834 in Shelby Co IN. He was born Jan 30, 1813 died Jan 29, 1883 Coon Creek, Grundy Co. MO

1(vi). Margaret "Peg" Shirley born about 1820 KY; She married Cyrus N. Kelley

1(vii). Melissa Shirley born Jan 19, 1822 KY; She died Aug 22, 1879 Howard Co. IN; She married Granville M. Wilson 29 Aug 1844 in Shelby Co IN

1(viii). Isaac Shirley born Dec 1, 1824; living in Liberty Twp, Tipton Co IN in 1850 and 1860 with wife and no children; living in Lincoln Twp, Andrew Co MO in 1870 with wife, her mother Catherine Adams (specified on census), and an adopted child named Steward Beatie, age 10 (specified on census); no children.

married Emily Adams Jan 1, 1847 in Shelby Co. IN

1(ix). Catherine Shirley; She married Richard Whitt on Jan 21, 1847 Grundy Co. MO; The family lived in Harrison Co MO

1(x). William Shirley born Jan 21, 1827 IN

married Jane Moore July 19, 1837 Shelby Co. IN (this marriage date, William's birthdate, and/or wife's name is obviously wrong; Lou Wilson tracked this family and found no apparent children)

1(xi). Nancy Ann Shirley born about 1828 IN; She married William Applegate June 6, 1845(?7) in Grundy Co MO

1(xii). Quintilla Gail Shirley born about 1832 IL; She married John Harmon on 10 Jul 1856 in Tipton Co IN and raised a family in that county.


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